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Why Choose Custom App Development Over Low Code Development!

App Development

Oct 2020
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why choose custom app development over low code development
Technological advancements have offered mobile app development companies several tools and ways to create a mobile app. Mobile apps help businesses to cater to their client’s and employees’ needs efficiently. Thus, it is essential to choose the right tools and frameworks while developing one.
This article will cover both custom application development and low code development to help these businesses choose the most appropriate one.
What is Custom App Development?
Custom app development is the formation of software apps to achieve particular business needs for a group of users. The custom app addresses specific user needs to more traditional & standard software utilized by most people. This one is used to add more features that lack in other available off-shelf versions.
Custom apps development is a need when one is seeking to build a unique app product idea or introduce their app business. Choosing low code app platforms in such cases is never a good option.
Benefits of Custom App Development
Tailored Solution
Building a custom app guarantees to suit your needs. In the development stage, you can find opportunities to enhance your processes leading to higher efficiency. One of the top app developers in India 2020 evaluate your set of requirements that are required to render necessary tailored solutions.
Addresses Security Concerns
The custom app makes it possible to have in-build security in the software. Cybercriminals leverage off-the-shelf software where they find flaws to enter and harm your system. However, there are fewer chances for the same to happen in custom software as the hackers are not familiar with the tools.
You or your business must be using as many tools as it can be expected. It is natural to want all the tools to interact by creating an interface that allows more effortless data transfer from one app to another. It is challenging to acquire the functionalities in a non-customizable tool. But, you can build compatibility in a custom app.
Return on Investment
The custom app development cost seems costly as you invest a massive amount of funds, but undoubtedly it will offer you good returns in the end. For instance, with custom apps, you don’t bear license costs as you own the software.
Advanced Software Support
advanced software support
Support services are fantastic with custom software compared to readymade ones. Your agreement with the iOS app development company renders constant support for a devoted team to offer maintenance services for the software. Moreover, with custom app development, the response and resolution period are quicker.
Drawbacks of Custom App Development
Creation, set-up, and implementation in custom software takes ample of time. Time is a constraint here for businesses that want prompt solutions. The time-taking nature of custom apps raises chances for unforeseen complications. But, the time it takes for building the app is worth it as it serves the company as per its unique needs.
Support & Documentation
At times, the original custom app developer is unreachable to render support. This makes it tough to find other people with similar abilities. This limits the effective working of research management systems on custom apps.
What is Low Code Development?
Low-codes are a set of tools used by programmers to develop custom app software in a drag-and-drop visual interface, which includes a total user interface, integrations, logic, and data management. Typically, a low code platform includes:
Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) software tools enable development, deployment, debugging, and software maintenance across staging, testing, & production.
Visual Integrated Development Environment (Visual IDE), an app that facilitates a developer to develop a custom app user interface, workflow models, and app data. Although a low code platform is a drag-and-drop, you can still manually script code. Connectors for services & back-end includes storage, retrieval, & data structure.
Benefits of Low-Code Platform
Less Costly
The ability to create more apps in a short time leads to reduced costs. Moreover, the low-code platform removes the need for extra developers, which lessens hiring costs.
Changes Easily
Modifying apps and aligning them with new requirements is simple with low-code development. You don’t have to perform intricate coding as the platform enables rapid changes when required. But, the modifications must go with the low-code app and not your needs. Meaning, you tailor your business requirements to the app and not the other way round.
Drawbacks of Low-Code Platform
No Customization
Low-code platforms have scalable components that restrict the personalization of apps. Meaning, you will have to fine-tune your business processes to suit the low-code platform.
Restricted Integration
restricted integration
A Low-code app creates integration problems in the later stage, and you cannot risk your business’ core systems.
Unlike custom code, you do not have control over the app as you are not the developer. This weakness can be leveraged by cybercriminals to access your system and sabotage you.
You are bound to the platform
The problem here is linking the user to their cloud. This makes it challenging to join the services of software engineers to tailor your app in the future. Even though the drag-and-drop platform is simple, you will have to seek custom code when you need to include a unique feature.
Bottom Line
A low-code platform enables new users to make crucial decisions. Users must be aware of the difficulties and risks that come with the platform. But custom app development enables custom app developers to interact with the custom app with sufficient knowledge of what they are doing. When difficulties engender, they are resolved quickly as the developer is only a call away or close enough.
Custom app development is ideal for businesses that tackle sensitive data because of its security. Unlike the low-code platform, here, it is possible to sync your system security with custom apps.
Your business might not accomplish its desired functionality due to limited customization options. Flow options and UI are very restricting, making low-code platforms inappropriate, mainly where expectations are high as with UI and UX. Thus, custom app development is the better choice when you require a novel and superior-quality app that will suit your business needs.
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