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Why Should Political Leaders Use Mobile Apps?

App Development

Oct 2020
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why should political leaders use mobile apps
In today’s era, mostly everyone is using a smartphone. Imagine what you could do if you owned a mobile app. Mobile apps are burgeoning at a fast pace in every industry. It is present everywhere from medical care to the smart home, you name it, and it’s there. The future of mobile apps is apparent. During the smartphone era, television, radio, and other devices seem redundant because people can do almost anything with just a few taps on their phones.
Every device is getting switched with a smartphone. People are now streaming on their phones instead of laptops or desktops. Isn’t that enough for a proof?
Entered major sectors like entertainment, travel, healthcare, banking, and others, mobile apps have paved their way into the political arena. Mobile apps for the political domain would do good for not only the political leaders but also the country.
Barack Obama developed the first political mobile app during his presidential run. This app-enabled people to connect with other friends from different districts, has a newsfeed segment, donation interface, and other attributes to inform about events taking place.
The app launch by America’s former President Obama was a huge success and displayed shocking results. After all, no one had thought about it before. After this incident, almost all the political leaders across the globe started going for their political mobile app. This gave mobile app development companies another sector to flourish in.
In the latest news, it got observed that contemporary technology was used in other segments of politics. A while ago, it got reported that Thailand leveraged Blockchain tech for voting to make the entire process simpler and precise. This shows the importance of technology in the political domain as well. The political leaders need to reach their supporters, and the latest technology is the best way to do it without spending a lot on traveling.
This article will discuss how these mobile apps benefit political parties, and we’ll also show you some examples of well-known political apps by one of the top app developers in 2020.
Benefits of Mobile Apps for Political Parties
As much as there are benefits of using mobile apps, there are certain limitations too. However, nobody really focuses on the restrictions because the benefits outweigh the limitations much more.
1.Building Awareness
Political leaders need to build awareness about their political agendas and plans. It is essential to let the civilians know why they should vote for that party, and what they will bring to the country. A mobile app for political action can be useful to build awareness for the future events. The more the people know of the prospect’s agendas, the better they can decide to vote.
2. Fundraising
When Ex-president Obama released the first political app, he envisioned using it to generate funds for campaigns. Many political parties use mobile apps to raise funds for a noble cause. The civilians are more than willing to offer some donations for the betterment of the society. Even a small donation by a large group of people can produce huge funds. Politicians can use these funds in a significant way.
3. Disseminating Message
Narendra Modi, India’s current PM has his app he uses to deliver messages to the citizens of India. Mobile apps enable reaching a mass of crowd. Moreover, mobile apps have internet connectivity and, thus, can be accessed by anyone from anywhere.
4. Engagement
Supporters can learn more about the parties they are supporting and can engage through the app. The prospects express their original ideas, beliefs, and motivates the civils to give their opinions; this approach makes the prospects look friendly. The more the engagement in an app, the more the awareness amongst the public.
5. Spreading Awareness
spreading awareness
At times, the citizens are unaware of the issues that the political leaders have to solve. These apps can be an excellent way of spreading awareness on specific topics and making them understand the state of the nation. Politicians must be honest about their intentions. However, it was not possible in the absence of any medium. But the presence of mobile apps in this domain have made things lucid in ways unimagined.
6. Social Media Platforms
This is the most significant advantage of political apps. Politics runs on social media platforms now, and an option to share the latest news on various social media channels will attract more audience. The rise in sharing will result in more involvement in the app, thus creating more awareness.
7. Surveys
Many political parties take surveys to know their citizens' problems or know their views on particular topics. Such studies also help in collecting information about a situation that allows political parties to take essential steps. Such consistent interactions between the general public and candidates will develop a bond of trust. In case of an upcoming event, the surveys can be used to collect the required information. The same data can be used for betterment and take necessary steps.
Examples of Political Mobile Apps
1.Narendra Modi app
Narendra Modi app is the official one by the Prime Minister of India. It offers the latest information to the general public and even lets them contribute towards many causes by making donations. The next best feature of this app is to send direct messages and emails to the PM himself.
2. The White House app
This app has many attributes useful for the user. One fascinating feature is a virtual tour of the White House. This app is the one most associated with any detail related to the White House.
3. iCitizen
iCitizen, a political app, has observed more than 300k downloads. This app has fantastic features that interest the general public, and they can get knowledge about the political issues. Another impressive feature is following the preferential party and voting capabilities.
The Endnote
Mobile app development company has shown wonders in many fields and politics in one such area. In case you are a general user with a deep interest in politics, you must absolutely download an app of your taste and preference. If you are affiliated with a political party and do not have an app yet, you must consider having your app to gain access to a huge mass.
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