Why The Advent Of Mobile Apps Is A Game Changer

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Artificial intelligence is the best technology to have seen the light of day in recent times. Every mobile app development company utilizes it to develop mind-blowing apps that have revolutionized how business is done and also changed human lives. Here are some of the applications of artificial intelligence to the development of mobile apps by app development companies.
Banking app
Mobile app development companies have drastically improved how banking is done. A lot of people hardly go to the bank anymore. This is because they can now carry out several important transactions on their phones - Thanks to mobile app development companies for developing efficient banking apps.
Right now, you can check your account balance, confirm deposits, transfer funds and even pay your utility bills right from your banking app. What you stand to gain is convenience. The main aim of mobile app development companies when developing an app is convenience of users. You can carry out these transactions as many times as you want, at any time of the day, and in the comfort of your home or on the go. 
Banks hire mobile app development companies to develop and update their apps because they also have a lot to benefits from the apps. Since the four transactions listed above are the frequently done bank transactions, the advent of apps reduced the number of people that visit the banking all drastically. This means that banks now work with fewer hands. That way, a lot of staffing cost has been saved.
Secondly, some of the transactions are not free. Each time you carry it out, a token is deducted from your account as a transaction fee. Although the amount is very small, the number of people that carry out the transactions run into millions so, it can add up to become a huge sum of money for banks. 
Banks also use the convenience brought about by apps to retain their customers. Why would you change your bank when your bank gives you all you want? Finally, banks can easily communicate with their customers through push notification. So, it is easier for them to market new products and offers. In addition, sending surveys become much easier too.
Security apps
Virtually all alarm systems now come with their own mobile apps that the user will install on the phone. The system communicates with the user through the app. For example, when there is an intrusion on any of your properties, alarms will not only go off, you will get an alert on your phone either with the picture of the intruders or a video showing the intrusion. 
No matter where you are, you will get the alert as long as there is internet connection on your phone. Even if you are in another continent, you will get it. So, it is now obsolete for alarm systems to be manufactured without mobile apps.
Home appliance apps
Most home appliances now come with their own mobile apps. This offers nothing but convenience to the user. For instance, it is possible for you to control your TV set with its app whether you are at home or not. You can monitor the channels that your kids are watching the app. Once you find out that they are watching an adult channel, you can reset it to a particular kid’s channel and also lock it to prevent them from changing the channel again. 
The same way you can turn on your air conditioning unit and set the temperature through the app. When your kids arrive home from school and you are still at work, you can turn on the air con for them. You can also warm their food that you already put in the microwave oven before you leave for work. 
Even the washing machine and the dishwasher now come with their own apps too. These apps all have all been built on artificial intelligence technology. They can all take certain decisions on their own based on your input without any human intervention.
Forex trading apps
All Forex brokers now have their own apps that make it easier for Forex traders to trade on their mobile devices. Gone are the days when Forex traders used to stay glued to their PCs for hours to trade. Now, they can trade on the go. This means that they can also do other things while trading now. 
This improvement has attracted many new traders. It also makes it easy for brokers to reach out to their traders urgently. If any broker wants to make announcements to his traders, he can make use of the push notification technology.
Apps for products
Simple products now come with their own apps now. This makes them smart. For instance, have you heard about the new smart wallet? It comes with its app that the user must install on his phone. Once there is a gap of more than 50 meters between you and your wallet, you will get a message reminding you about the wallet. It will assume that you have already forgotten your wallet. Imagine leaving your wallet in a restaurant and you receive a message about it as you are about to get into your car. You will be impressed right? It is nothing but artificial intelligence. So, you cannot forget your smart wallet except if you forget it together with your phone.
Another function of the wallet is that it makes a silent phone ring out. This is meant for a situation where you mistakenly drop your phone somewhere in your apartment but cannot remember exactly where. You can use your smart wallet to make your phone ring out. 
What if you suddenly find your phone missing in a gathering? When you ask around and everybody denies having the phone, just make sure nobody goes out of the place. You can then use your wallet to make your phone ring out loudly even if it has been switched off. You will trace it with the sound.
More life-changing apps are still being developed every day. In fact, there is virtually no sector that does not make use of mobile apps now. 

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