Why You Need To Include Email Marketing As Part Of Your Marketing Techniques

email marketing
Sales competition is so keen that no single digital marketing technique will be enough without others. So, retailers now delve into all available digital marketing techniques. Recently, one digital marketing technique earned the attention of marketing specialists and it is now trending. Probably because the technology behind email marketing has been improved or because of some of its benefits, email marketing has suddenly become a very good marketing tool.
It has suddenly become an integral part of digital marketing services. Even every app development company now includes email sending functionality in their enterprise apps. With the functionality, you can send an email to all the users of your app at once.
Some of the advantages of email marketing to businesses have been outlined below one after the other.
Email marketing is not expensive
Compared to other marketing techniques, email marketing is more cost effective. The only cost involved is sending bulk emails at once and to track the emails. Some routine emails can be automated. Affordability is the biggest reason many companies adopt it. You can send an email to over one million people at once. In addition, you don’t need the services of an expert to compose and send an email. 
You can send it to your target audience
targeted audience
Since you will be sending emails to those that have already signed up for it, you are sending it to those that have already built certain trust in your brand. It is easier to sell to people who already have an interest in your brand so each email will yield a lot of returns. The conversion rate will also be high.
This means that each email is worth the effort. Unlike several other marketing methods that allow you to advertise to every “Tom, Dick and Harry” and you will be charged for it, the emails will be directed to only your target audience. Even though you may be charged for each email, at least you know what you are paying for.
It makes market segmentation very easy
While signing up for your newsletters, all your recipients would have given you their details. This will help you profile them easily. Nothing boosts marketing efforts and increases conversion rate like proper profiling. This is because emails will be sent to only those that may likely need the product or service. 
Proper profiling includes location, gender and age. If you want to send a mail about a new hair salon, you will filter out the females living within that location or its environs. It won’t get to the male subscribers and it won’t get to female subscribers that do not live within the location. 
Apart from the fact that proper profiling increases conversion rate, it also reinforces your brand as your subscribers will not have the cause to unsubscribe to your newsletters. In other words, irrelevant emails can make people unsubscribe to newsletters. For instance, if a lady receives an email about men’s shirts and also receives another email about shaving cream, she may be forced to pull out. 
If you are observant enough, you would have realized that anytime people unsubscribe to emails from a particular company, it is usually immediately after receiving an email that they don’t like from that company.
It is very good for impulse buyers
A very good email marketing is irresistible to impulse buyers especially when it is laced with a temporary promotional offer. Whenever you receive tremendous purchase orders shortly after sending out marketing emails, the others are probably from impulse buyers.
It is very easy to implement
Sending an email is very easy. If you can type, you can send an email. Sending an email does not require any technical skill. However, the only workload lies in the content of the email. With emails, you don’t have to bother about getting messages to the target audience. They will always receive the emails. What you should focus on is composing a mail that is compelling enough to make them take action.
Recipients can also share it easily
Just by clicking a button, recipients of your emails can forward them to friends and colleagues that may also need them. The more your emails are shared the more your popularity will keep soaring. Needless to say, popularity leads to credibility.
Here is a little trick. You can include a little bit of humor in all your emails. The funnier they are the more people will share it. Even if you mistakenly send it to the wrong person, he will be glad to receive it. For instance, if you send an email about a new brand of hair extension to a man, the humor in it might take his mind off the irrelevancy of the mail to him.
You can track it easily
track it easily
Apart from the fact that you will receive an email for every mail that failed, you can also pay for email notification service so that you will be notified as each of the mails is read. The advantage of this is that it can be used to calculate the rate of success and you will get an accurate figure. Unlike a marketing video that can give a misleading figure. When a particular viewer views the same video 3 times, the view will be counted as 3 different views.
You can make it multilingual
If your services or products cut across several countries, you may have to translate the email into several international languages like French, German, Mandarin, Portuguese and Spanish just to mention a few. You can then send each of them to residents of different countries. 
Or you could send all of them as an attachment and have each recipient select an attachment based on his or her language. This means email marketing cannot be hindered by the language barrier. 
As effective as email marketing is, it has not paid off for some businesses for one reason or the other. Here is a tip to make your emails always cut it all the time.
Always advertise in a subtle way
When all your newsletters are either about a new product or a new promotional offer, some people will begin to delete them without reading them. Mix it with some informational articles. Generally, people don’t like advertisements. They prefer information. So, it is better to offer information and put a veil on the advert.
Besides, the more you dish out useful information about a problem, the more people see you as an authority on the problem and they will believe whatever you suggest as the solution to the problem.

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