Why Your Business Is Not Complete Without A Mobile App?

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App developers India already understand that retailers will find it difficult to compete without a mobile app. In fact, chances are good that you are already losing customers without a functional mobile app. Here are some necessary statistics shared by some successful eCommerce app developers India.
- 78 percent of users will rather access a store via its mobile app instead of a mobile site
- 19 percent of all US online sales are completed via mobile devices and the figure may hit 27 percent in the next few months
- 56 percent of users prefer to use eCommerce apps to shop for gifts this holiday season
- Prospective buyers stay 3 to 4 times longer on mobile apps than on mobile sites and desktops put together
- There are 50 percent chances that users of an eCommerce app will return within the following 30 days
- Mobile apps have the least cart abandonment rate at 20 percent. This is against desktop cart abandonment rate of 68 percent and mobile site abandonment rate of 97 percent.
- Push notifications get customers back to online stores with an open rate of 90 percent and a click-through rate of 40 percent.
- In 2015, users who enabled push notifications returned to eCommerce apps on the average of about 14 times per month while those who didn’t enable it only returned on the average of about 5 times per month.
- Average order value on eCommerce apps is 140 percent higher than the average order value on mobile sites and 130 percent higher than the average order value on desktop sites
As mentioned earlier, the statistics outlined above were released by some app developers India and they are very reliable. But if you are still not convinced of the indispensability of mobile apps and app developers India to businesses, then you should also consider the following reasons.
Customers prefer apps to mobile browsers
Most times, when you shop from an online store, you are likely to return to the store if you enjoy the products. In that situation, you will need to remember the URL but downloading the shop’s app will not require remembering any URL. Once you have the app, you only need to sign up once and you won’t need to login anymore. Mobile sites require you to login in every time.
In addition, apps offer more security and higher speed than mobile sites. In fact, app developers India take the time to make eCommerce apps super secure because they know users will enter credit/debit card information on it.
Mobile apps boost customer loyalty
Have you wondered why app developers India make the icon of their apps very distinctive? There are two reasons for it. First, this makes an app stand out among others in any app store. The second reason is that it serves as constant reminder on the mind of the user as he navigates through his phone.
This works like the giant physical billboards that are erected in strategic locations. You know billboards are usually not erected on dead streets or streets with low traffic. They are usually erected on streets with high volume foot and vehicular traffic. This is because as people pass buy they are reminded of the brand. 
This is the same way the users of your app who navigate through their phones are reminded of your store and whenever they need to order any product, they will first hit your app. Besides, shoppers generally spend more time on eCommerce apps than on desktops, laptops, and mobile sites put together.
Simplicity of use and enhanced user experience
It is often easier to navigate through a mobile app than through a mobile site or a desktop. This is because apps have been designed with the small screen of a mobile device in mind. This is why even kids can navigate through a lot of mobile apps unlike websites.
Apps also offer faster response than mobile sites. This is an important feature because app users are generally impatient and once it takes your site more than 10 seconds to load, they will dump it. All these are to the user experience. 
Availability of push notification
Push notification is an effective tool in making customers return to your store. As mentioned above, users who enabled push notifications returned on the average of 14 times in a month in 2015 while those who didn’t enable the feature only returned on the average of 5 times in a month.
This underscores the importance of push notifications towards improving your conversion rate. Remember, some users are impulse buyers. No marketing strategy catches impulse buyers more than push notification. So, push notification is one of the reasons mobile apps are indispensable to online retailers.
Having established the fact that mobile apps promote sales more than mobile sites and websites, it is also necessary to state clearly that there are a few more tips to apply to your mobile app to improve your conversion rate. Some of them have been discussed below.
Shorten your registration form
Nothing annoys users more than unnecessarily long registration forms. This is one of the major reasons for high cart abandonment rate. You know a lot of apps now present the registration form at check out. Sometimes when a user sees the length of the form, he will just abandon his cart.
A three-field form seems to be the best. In reality, all you need is name, phone number, residential address, and Email address. However, if you need more information for profiling, you need to make it optional but incentivize users to provide more information. Whatever method you want to adopt, never forget to remove captcha. Putting captcha in online registration form has not only become obsolete, it has also become counterproductive.
Include 24/7 Advanced support
Since your online store is open 24/7, your customer support should also run 24/7. It is even better to make use of in-app live chat or chatbot. That way, customers’ problems can immediately be solved right on the app instead of having to leave the app to make a call. 
It is also better to make your phone number a calling link on your app so that the users of your app only need to tap on the number to initiate a call to you or your customer support team.

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