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WordPress Web Development: What You Need To Know

Web Development

Nov 2017
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wordpress web development
Budding entrepreneurs consider WordPress to be an excellent platform for creating websites for small business and even startups. As a highly recognized Content Management System (CMS), WordPress is currently employed by more than 100 million users all over the world. Many business owners who have decided to take their businesses online are doing so on a WordPress platform. 
Today, over 400 million websites are being powered worldwide by WordPress. These statistics include more than 100 million websites that currently sit on the WordPress platform in the United States alone. According to a global analysis, results show that posts are regularly published at every 17 seconds from most of the world’s top one million websites that are being powered and managed by WordPress which are related to business. To this end, the significance of WordPress to businesses of all sizes cannot be overlooked since it plays an important role as an excellent content management system. 
Increasingly, more than one-quarter of the total population of websites that are available on the web is powered by WordPress. This fraction includes all kinds of websites, ranging from simple to complex portals, blogs to enterprise websites as well as app development. All these are now being powered by WordPress. 
No doubt, WordPress has grown to become a very popular choice for web development not only because it is easy to use and flexible but because it combines both a user and publisher simplicity and an under-the-hood form of complexity for developers. 
Out of all the available content management systems in the industry, WordPress still remains one of the easiest and simplest CMS that remains free to use today. This is because WordPress development offers elegant and robust features with lots of amazing colorful themes to choose from. Using WordPress like SEO presents an array of advantages with easier management and other lots of exciting features. 
WordPress has shifted from merely being a blogging platform to more of an outstanding website that can be used for websites, E-commerce site, social networking site (BuddyPress), Web directory and several other uses. These features make it an excellent CMS platform for building an online business.
Benefits of using WordPress 
WordPress has dramatically evolved from a platform that was initially used for blogging to a CMS platform. Today, many online business websites prefer to employ WordPress as their preferred choice of hosting platform while many people who are not aware of the numerous benefits to which WordPress is attached with still opt for static pages. (.html websites). Here are some benefits of considering WordPress web development
Search Engine Optimization
This serves as one of the most common benefits that come along with WordPress development. There is no doubt that websites built with WordPress are easily discovered by search engines. This is because, WordPress employs several techniques and principles that are search engine-friendly and in addition to this fact, a WordPress website SEO can be increased by downloading and installing plugins and extensions that enhance Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Quick Installation
With WordPress, your website can be built through a simple one-click installation of the CMS. In fact, you don’t have to hire any web development company to do this for you. There is also no need to download WordPress installation files or using FTP to get them uploaded on the site. By visiting the control panel from the hosting provider WordPress can be installed within minutes and the site will be up and running
How to get started
When it comes to WordPress development, there are quite a few things to learn. A website looking to enjoy a good amount of traffic or exposure must have a custom URL or domain name. A custom domain name helps to support a website with good exposure in search engines. This is because search engines prefer to index domains instead of subdomains. Also, websites with custom domain names are very likely to get approved for an AdSense account
Optimize Your WordPress Website
Many startups and small businesses choose to work with WordPress because of its easy social media integration and the plethora of amazing themes it has got. However, before you can start using WordPress for your business website, there are quite a number of things that are needful to bear in mind. 
WordPress has a large network of users which include plugin creators, theme developers, bloggers, and webmasters. So, anyone can easily find quick help at any time. Both in their support forum and on YouTube, there are a lot of free resources for WordPress. 
Most web owners have found WordPress to be both simple and easy to use. It has a high level of flexibility that suitable for bloggers, creative artists, freelances and even business owners. This is why beginners are recommended to stick to WordPress. 
When it comes to creating a website, hosting is one important factor that must be considered. In order to ensure that your website is always up and running and at all times, it is expedient that you search for a hosting service that is managed by WordPress. Additionally, regular updates and backups should be provided. 
Website Configuration
Configuring your website comes next after WordPress has been successfully installed. It should be done accordingly. For instance, you should be concerned with the way and manner permalinks are set up, comments are moderated, and ensure to follow other best practices. With WordPress, these tasks are simplified and can be initialized right from the onset. 
Theme quality
WordPress has a plethora of amazing themes for anyone who desires to establish a WordPress-based website. Nevertheless, it is important that proper investigation is made before selecting any theme for your startup business website. A convenient, flexible and reliable theme is all that is needed so you can easily effect changes whenever you want. 
Be Wise in Choosing Plugins
Note that when too many plugins are installed on your WordPress website its performance will be slow. Therefore, it is recommended that you install important plugins that you will actively use. 
Search Engine Optimization
In order to enhance the visibility of your website on search engine directories such as Google, Bing etc. it is important that you consider Search Engine Optimization (SEO). To achieve this feat on WordPress, install plugins such as WordPress SEO by Yoast
Ensure Proper Security 
In case you do not know, WordPress is typically built with reliable security features, however, it is also good that you employ more advanced security measures by installing some security plugins and undertaking other best practices so as to defend against potential threats such as spyware and malware. 
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