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When it comes to Android app development and web development, user experience matters a lot. Since over 93 percent of internet users now access it through mobile devices, you should have certain features in mind either when building your site or when developing your app. Here are some of the ways successful android app development companies are able to build great user experience. 
Research about a particular need
Android app development companies usually do a thorough research about a need before building an app to meet the need. No matter how good an app is, if it does not solve any problem, it is useless and a mere waste of time, efforts, and resources. 
It is not enough to figure out a need, you must also carry out a research to be sure of the need. Even when famous android app development companies figure out a need, they still send out a survey to be sure that there is a need for the app indeed. Android app development is not what you rush into.
Android app development companies carry out two different pieces of research before building an app. First, they carry out a research to confirm a need and secondly, they carry out a research to find out how users want the app. You must always carry prospective users along in the design of your app because they are the ultimate deciders. Your app will only succeed when they embrace it.
Test your app before launch
No matter how good you think your app is, you should subject it to a thorough assessment by some selected testers. It is normal to feel you have done a great job. Let others confirm it too. Let them test all the functions of the app and the links to be sure that everything is working fine before you launch it.
Seek feedbacks
It is not likely that you will cut it after the release of your app. You will only get better with each app. In fact, every working app is “work in progress”. So, you need to seek regular feedback from users of your app. Let them keep telling you how you can improve their experience. 
It is not enough to seek feedbacks alone. You must also back it up with regular updates. This has two major advantages. First, it will keep improving users’ experience, and secondly, it will make it difficult for a new app to just come and take over the niche. Remember BBM had been existing before the advent of WhatsApp. Blackberry slept off and WhatsApp overtook BBM. To avoid what happened to BBM from happening to your mobile app, you must always seek ways to improve your app.
Size matters
For users of mobile devices, storage space is the biggest constraint. You will never have enough space for all the apps you need. So, everyone makes judicious use of their storage space. This is why app users usually shy away from apps that are too large. 
You should make your app as small as possible. If it is too large, chances will be high that some of the prospective users may be prompted to delete several apps for your app to come in. The larger your app is, the more the number of apps they may have to delete to create space for it and the lower the chances that a prospective user will be willing to delete the apps for just one app. 
Even after installing it, anytime they want to install another app and they do not have enough space, your app will be among those suggested for deletion because of its size. So, you should make your app as small as possible. Cut off all unnecessary videos, images and functions. 
Disable Ads
Ads and popups are very frustrating on mobile devices so it is better to disable it as a default. Don’t wait for users to disable it themselves. Most users are not so tech savvy. 
Consider breadcrumb
To make your app easier to use, you should use breadcrumb for all the processes involved. It should start from the registration process. Let them know how many steps are involved in your registration. Once they are sure of the brevity, they will be more likely to go ahead. 
For every process, users should know long the process is and as they advance through the process, they should know how far they have gone and what remains. 
Use proper color contrast and bold fonts
You are punishing the users of your app if they have to strain their eyes to view any information on your app. Your fonts should be very bold and the fonts should be very conspicuous on the background color. This is why black is the ideal font color. When bold, it comes out clearly in other colors. Don’t put an ash font on a white background. It won’t be too clear.
Simplicity is great
As they say, less is more. Your app should be very easy to use. Every user should be able to navigate through your app with little or no assistance. In fact, gone are the days when users make efforts to learn how to use an app. If they can’t seem to find their way on your app after two minutes, they will drop off.
Stunning graphics
This is peculiar to game apps. Every great app should offer stunning graphics that will attract and captivate game players. If you are very observant, you will find out that all successful game apps have great graphics.
Immersive gameplay
This feature is also for game apps. A good game should be immersive enough to keep players at the edge of their chairs. 
Fast loading
Your app should be able to load under 10 seconds. Humans are naturally impatient. So, any app that loads slowly will discourage them. Apart from loading very fast, it should also be very responsive. This will boost the experience of the users of your app.
Lower your requirement
The higher the requirements of your app, the more you cut off prospective users. Right now, the latest Android operating system is Android 8 Oreo but some people still use Android 3 jellybean. This is why most of the successful games have requirements as low as Android 3. 
Your app should be free to download
Paying to download an app has become obsolete. Why will anyone even pay to download an app when there are several free alternatives? You should find other means to make money on your app but you should ensure it is free to download and install. 

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