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27 August 2020 concierge app development

Mobile apps are burgeoning with technological advancement, and this has created a massive demand for it in every field, including the hospitality sector. Did you ever imagine a technology running errands for you on your behalf? YES, that's right! The word is the concierge. The services traditionally performed by humans now have digital solutions. Besides offering seamless services, it is also economical and time-efficient.

What Are Concierge Services?

Concierge services are services rendered by professionals to run errands on behalf of the travelers. For example, reserving hotel rooms, booking dinner tables, arranging spa-services, arranging check-in and check-out, and much more. This definition is limited to the hotels' industry, but it is much more than that in reality.

As a hotelier, you are well-aware of how important it is to provide exceptional guest experience. In fact, when it comes to guest services, the hotel industry comes above all where top services are expected. Considering this, a concierge app can offer a lot to you and your guests.

Concierge Apps are a Valuable Investment---Why?

The era of telephonic conversations between concierges and guests is now over, and today is the time for the latest technology and phenomenal guest services. Hoteliers can deliver a delightful guest experience with the help of modern technology. A concierge app for guests could be a worthy investment because it can ease the intricate tasks and save ample time for both the hotelier and traveler

Guests can move freely and independently. They don't have to wait for meals, dinner reservations, room service, housekeeping, and other tasks. All the things are taken care of only with a few taps. This freedom is craved by all and thus makes your guest loyal to your brand.

However, before planning for the concierge app development services, you must have strategic planning in your hand. For instance, do you even have a target audience for such services? Moving forward without proper planning can lead to failure.

Reasons to Invest in Concierge Apps

1. Improve the Guest Experience
Customers ask questions when they feel stressed, and an instant resolution to their problems would build strong relationships. Developing a concierge app automates queries, and you can resolve it in no time.

2. Cost-effective
Conventionally, hotels have to recruit, train, and pay salaries to their staff, mainly providing concierge services each month. Now with the creation of mobile apps, a single investment could be worth it against a traditional pattern.

3. Branding and Customer Engagement
Branding and marketing play a significant role in the success of the applications. Providing successful on-time and uncomplicated services can uplift the brand's sales and help in better consumer engagement.

4. Attracting Gen Y
Most of the travelers are millennials who travel frequently. You can draw their attention by synchronizing chatbots in the concierge apps. With the assistance of Chatbots, successful and smart interaction is enabled that will positively impact the mobile app users.

5. Monetizing app
Besides offering exceptional concierge services, you can even monetize the concierge app by affiliating it with third-party vendors. Guests would like to use one app instead of multiple for multiple purposes. You can also opt for paid subscriptions to promote your app. This will lure a lot of guests to your concierge apps.

6. AI-boosted
Concierge apps are equivalent to the humans employed at the hotel lobby. Humans have limited at specific points of time, while apps can be built using several technologies. This includes tool stack, cognitive, and others.

The synchronization of cognitive technologies in concierge apps can accumulate and process requests at a quicker pace. Moreover, you can smartly allot your resources on tackling feedback and making effective strategies.

Essential Features of Concierge Apps

1. Register
The users' sign up to the mobile apps will make sure an initial step towards developing a long-term relationship. The registration process should be accurate and simple. It must save crucial information filled by guests. Moreover, you can sync social media for a quick registration process.

2. Searching
Hotels must have various facilities categorized evenly. Guests should not face troubles while seeking for a particular service. Looking out features with a few clicks on their smartphones could prove a blessing to the guest.

3. Bookings
Reserving a table, stay, or a flight with your smartphone devices is the concierge app's primary objective. This is the best feature of concierge apps where guests would be making reservations via their apps.

While reserving, you can show them extra benefits they would be receiving with a room. You can also attract them by showing them your hotel's unique selling points like a swimming pool, indoor games, gym, mini theatre, etc.

4. Payment Gateway Integration
In the digitalized world, paying through in-app systems has become popular. There are several payment gateway types like Net Banking, Debit/Credit card, PayPal, Amazon Pay, etc.

5. Personalization
This can be an excellent feature of your app wherein, with the support of Big Data, you can track the guest's activities and behavior and offer them recommendations. It will build stronger and healthier relationships.

6. Check-in/Check-out
Conventionally, the check-in and check-out process in the hotels was tedious, where you are supposed to stand in line-ups, make an entry in the register, gather keys, and whatnot. However, with technological advancement, the process has become quicker. You can use Near-Field Technology for simple check-in as most big hotels are boosted with NFC locks. Apart from better guest services, it will also save ample of time and human resources.

7. Third-party Integration
The integration of third-party vendors will lure users to concierge apps. They don't have to install multiple apps to receive benefits and can operate from a single app. This differentiates the concierge app from others in the market.

8. Navigation
Navigation is the next outstanding feature you can integrate into your app using highly advanced technology. The hotel should be having many floors, many rooms, restaurants, banquets, and many other facilities.

9. Chatbots
Successful communication can impact the business positively. No one would want to wait for a long-haul. If you deliver a quick solution or service at a faster pace, then guests would engage quickly.

Likewise, if you sync a chatbot in your application, it would render on-time service and solutions to guests' questions. The synchronization of Chatbots is possible with AI apps, and you need to feed in various languages that allow the bot to understand the problems or concerns.

Cost to Develop the Concierge App

Well, that depends on the tech stack that you opt for and the number of hours invested by mobile app development companies in developing the app. Many developers give an hourly rate based on the location. Approximate costing is as follow: 20-30 USD/hr in India, 30-60 USD/hr in UAE, 50-100 USD/hr in UK, and 100-150 USD/hr in USA. It is not that easy to evaluate the cost in the initial stage, and after adding more features, the final cost can be way different.

Final Thoughts

The hospitality industry could be driven by timely actions taken every time. Demand is a driving factor of supply, and it seems to co-relate to hotel verticals. In the era of fast-paced technology, you must be ready to embrace the innovative technology-driven hospitality industry. We are used to the multiple technology-based mobile apps, and the extent is so high that it can't be overcome.

Building concierge apps for hotels, travel, tourism, restaurants, and airlines will supplant the concierge and increase mobile apps' demand. It is successful and easy-moving. Moreover, the concierges can be assigned with back-end works like tackling mobile apps operations, offering discounts, rewarding points, sending deals, etc. and timely updating the mobile concierge apps.


The future of hotels is a digital transformation with advancements in technology and pleasant guest experience with concierge app development services.

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