How Much Does It Cost Of An App Like Dubsmash Clone Cost?

What Is Dubsmash App And How Much Does An App Like Dubsmash Cost?

Dubsmash is another app which has gone viral. Users enjoyed using the said app. People who have viewed a Dubsmash act really enjoyed what they saw.
Dubsmash is another application which allows the user to dubbed or lipsync a song, a movie dialogue, quotes or anything. Good dubbers can make a particular “dubbed” scene looked real. Dubsmash allows the users to place soundtracks to some videos that they have saved on their phones. In some cases, they would add a song (Original song sang by a particular singer) to their own video, making it look as though they are really the original singer of the song.
Dubsmash can be created by selecting movie scenes that have been popular during the time when it was shown, songs that have been popular and other video clips. You can also use some of your videos that you have recorded before. After going through all the process of selecting, you can now brace yourself to lipsync or dubbed. The user records the videos or video clips that he has selected to be played using the chosen songs. They can then share it through Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram or in just a text message.
Many people have been taking interest to lipsynch or dubbing apps because it is easy to do and it can really make other people smile especially when the person who is doing the Dubsmash act looks really serious with what he is doing. Doing a Dubsmash act is not easy, it takes strong determination, guts, and “art” to be able to have an effective Dubsmash. Some people may have created a funny Dubsmash but come to think of it, doing such a comedy Dubsmash or a drama is not easy.
Tracing back the origin of Dubsmash app, it was noted that the Dubsmash app was launched in November 2014. It was created by a group of German Developers namely Jonas Druppel, Roland Grenke and Danel Taschik. Since then, the Dubsmash app has already been downloaded by more or less ten million people.
Dubsmash is a mobile application which cannot just be created by anybody. Experienced and skilled developers can create or build the Dubsmash app in your mobile unit. They say that it is not easy to create a Dubsmash, aside from being expensive, you should devote a time to carry on the whole process.
Having said that we at Hyperlink Infosystem are providing the best developers to build and create Apps like Dubsmash. As we said, it is surely not an easy task and project to work on but the range of experts that we provide to work on your project will surely serve the best out of the best. We believe in the quality, we believe in on-time delivery and we believe in providing you the world class apps across the world.
Now let's talk about the cost of an App like Dubsmash. As we said it takes lots of skills and experience to create something like this. If you are planning to create an App like Dubsmash, we have a nice rage of cost according to your budget and the feature preferences of yours. The normal App like Dubsmash will cost you between $15,000 to $30,000 per platform. Cost estimation of an App like Dubsmash will be provided to you very quickly after getting all the list of preference from you. So what are you waiting for? Contact us now for your free quote.

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