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31 May 2022 game developers santa ana
At the finest costs in Santa Ana, Hyperlink InfoSystem provides a complete cycle of building mobile apps and games for iOS and Android. Mobile applications have several times the number of installs as their desktop versions, and they need considerably less time and money to build. Because the number of smartphone users worldwide is rising, creating mobile games for Android and iOS is a successful investment for you both now and in the future.

Video game development cycle


Some games earn millions, if not billions, of dollars. However, to attain such success, while developing mobile games, one must do a thorough research of the market, rivals, and target audience. Following the game's debut, it is essential to monitor its dynamics to accurately set the accents and grow in the right direction.


They are created based on the terms of reference, which provide a plot synopsis and approximate mechanics. A prototype is a stage between a concept and a final game. It is tested and refined, and then a game design document is created that details the game's final features from A to Z.


Work on graphics is determined by the duties assigned and the intended outcome. To make the game design complete, game designers, 2D and 3D artists, animators, and other associated experts might be included in the process.


Despite its technical complexities, this is a fascinating and creative process. You will be able to engage in the creation of games for Android and iOS on an equal footing with specialists: attend meetings with designers, comment on completed stages of work, participate in sprints, and much more.


This is the step of polishing. We find and resolve issues and mistakes after producing games for Android and iOS. The game's functionality, performance, playability, monetization and feedback module setup, and hacker security are all examined.


The produced mobile game, like any other IT product, requires technical assistance. We provide customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and will assist you with the creation of updates and the resolution of any technical issues.

The specifications that a game must satisfy to be successful

High-quality, eye-catching graphics

When building a game for Android or iOS, current customers expect realism, undetectable frame changes, well-rendered features, and little items, as well as a vivid visual. Our designers carefully balance aesthetics and system need so that the final product is in sync with the overall style and playability of the game, and most significantly, it will appeal to the end-user - mobile device users.

Addictively fun gameplay

Attempt to create addicting gameplay that captures and then retains the user's attention. We are considering an intriguing narrative and innovative game mechanics that will outperform competitors in the mobile games industry in its sector.

Simple interfaces

The fundamental distinction between mobile game creation for iOS and Android and desktop game development is that fascinating and often complicated mechanics must be integrated with simple and intuitive controls. Those that download your game will be able to manipulate characters and interact with the environment with ease.

Outstanding technical performance

A nice mobile product is a game with an exciting plot, simple controls, and a solid operation. Systematic crashes, problems, and freezes are unlikely to delight your fans' followers. As a result, while developing games for iOS and Android, we do difficult technological work, as well as extensive testing, and only after ensuring total stability do we release the mobile game to a large audience.

Why you should develop mobile games with Hyperlink InfoSystem


We do not postpone the game's development. The length of time required for game creation is determined by its complexity. When you develop an IT product from us, you will get thorough work on the outcome, from concept to placement in the Google Play Market or AppStore.

Eye-catching graphics

We are happy to hire skilled professional designers, illustrators, and game developers for Android and iOS. They create images that you can enter and immerse yourself in with your mind. Even the most discerning users will be impressed by the aesthetics, dynamism, and utmost realism.

The embodiment of any ideas

If you already have a concept, we will develop it and construct a game around it. No issue if the concept is tied to monetization! We will include any mechanics into the development process to produce a mobile game that will make you actual money.

Reasons to create mobile games in Santa Ana

Mobile gaming is arguably one of the most promising business sectors

The number of smartphone users is increasing, and manufacturers release new, more powerful smartphones developed exclusively for gaming regularly. Some people play games to pass the time, others to make money, and still, others to have pleasure. Top-quality games may capture the interest of a large number of smartphone users.

Games are a useful teaching tool for both children and adults

You may use the game to engage kids in the learning process, keep them interested, and help them acquire knowledge in a simpler, more comprehensible game style. The mobile game is a useful tool for learning and understanding new knowledge.

Mobile games are a potential advertising and marketing strategy

Smartphone users have learned how to entirely prevent the display of advertisements on mobile devices, while still enjoying promotional games, earning bonuses and points, and participating in numerous draws.

Offering Exclusive Edge Following Custom Software Development Lifecycle

Customizing and delivering cutting-edge solutions employing the custom software development lifecycle to help businesses meet their future demands



Brainstorm creative ideas to ideate them and come up with a plan to turn them into a successful smart solution.



Define the project goals, create a timeline & milestones, and build a team based on your development requirements.



Build interactive prototypes based on sketches and wireframes to illustrate and visualize the interface of the solution.



Choose the most suited tools and technologies to build the product based on the defined timeline, project score, and more.



Perform product testing through the best possible manual and automated testing methods to deploy thoroughly tested and bug-free solutions.



Deployment and launching the product that meets all the predefined criteria to make it accessible to the target audience.

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