Want To Develop A Taxi App Like Careem? Know The Cost And Other Details

Hyperlink Infosystem Can Make Your Taxi App Very Much In Your Budget

Careem is one of the popular taxi services in the middle east countries. KSA based taxi services “Careem” is available in many counties like Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Bahrain, Doha, Kuwait, Riyadh, Lahore etc., Careem Taxi services are safe and smooth with the help of their application. It is a very easily available taxi service app with some great features in it.

Features of "Careem" Taxi App:

1) They have two buttons “Now” to book immediate taxi booking and “Later” for a later ride on Pre- scheduled taxi service.
2) You can complete the whole process of booking a taxi within 20 seconds of your time with the use of their user friendly features.
3) Their payment system is completely hassle-free.
4) Real time GPS tracking of their drivers when they drive to your current location.
5) Rating system for your ride is also available which is beneficial for the drivers to make any improvements if needed.
Above are some features which Careem has it in their apps. You can anytime make a customized app including all the features above. Hyperlink Infosystem has made more than 10 to 15 successful taxi application in all over the world with all customized features according to your needs. Many taxi services make two different taxi application for the same service in which one is Driver's app and second is Passenger's app. Both the application have their own features which helps drives and passengers both for the smooth and safe ride.

What We Can Offer You to Build A Successful Taxi App:

1) 24/7 support
2) A budget that suits your pocket
3) Matchless app development on any platform
4) A tailor made app with all features of your choice
5) An on time delivery with finest quality
If we come to the costing part, Hyperlink Infosystem can make your taxi app very much in your budget. A taxi app like Careem will cost you between $5,000 to $15,000. But of course a detailed estimation will give you exact idea about the cost of it. So get your estimation of an app like Careem now. Contact us for more information to build any mobile application.

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Process We follow

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