How Much Does An App Like Epocrates Cost?

The Cost And The Features Of "Epocrates"

Epocrates are created to provide relevant information to its users. It has placed everything on hand and right at the tip of your fingertips. Epocrates has safety information and list of harmful drugs. This app has been widely used by medical office because of its functionality. For instance, Epocrates can provide references to check medication interactions and prescribing information. Even medical assistants also find Epocrates useful. They can use the calculators, information about test ranges and costs and also the diagnostic codes.
Another feature of Epocrates that the users found useful is that it offers individual applications like Epocrates RX for free.
Epocrates have been helping medical or health professionals in giving efficient medical services to their patients. This has prompted some of the medical professionals to consider developing an app like Epocrates.
Developing an app cannot be done by a person who has no sufficient knowledge and skills in app development. If you’re really thinking to develop an app like Epocrates, you should get the services of a professional developer or a freelance developer. You have the option to choose between the two developers. What is important for you to do then is to check on the reputation of your developer. He should have the skills and experience in developing an app.
A professional developer works with a team and will most likely charged you a higher developing cost. On the other hand, a freelance developer can charge a lower development cost of your application.
Aside from the service fees you’ll have to pay to the developer, the special features that you want to be included in your app will affect the total development cost. The kind of app will also be considered before your developer will give you the computation of your total obligation.
For a simple table based app, you’ll have to prepare $1,000 to $4,000. Remember, you will provide your developer with the content, direction and etc so that your app will appear like the way you want it.
Database app will have a higher cost. It would be between $8,000 to $50,000. You will also provide the content, image, writing, sound and etc. For games, the developing cost ranges from $10,000 to $250,000.
Developing an app like Epocrates can help medical professionals to give efficient and reliable services to their patients. Epocrates have combined the medical reference library, a test interpretation database and a drug database which has combined most of the major formularies. Epocrates can also help reduce phone calls and can help you take care of your patients. This application can help you identify the drugs which are harmful to your health.
Using Epocrates application allows you to get information on medical related issues right at the comfort of your own homes by using your mobile device. With Epocrates, you will always get the current medical or health information right at the tip of your fingertips. Getting updated medical information all the time will help you avoid or prevent you from getting sick. The cost to develop an app like "Epocrates" is very much in budget. The approx cost will be $5,500 to $11,000. Inquire more with Hyperlink InfoSystem!

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