How Much Does An App Like Cost?

Why You Shoud Make An App Like

Most of the web developers today have to learn how to code language for android or iOS app for the same web page they develop. The reason for this is the diversity of usage of android/iOS phones and tablets more than laptops or computers. Moreover making an app for a website is more than necessary sometimes because there are certain websites that don’t provide a very user-friendly interface on all media like a laptop, tablet or phone having messed up pixels or font sizes or whole front page of the website itself. For this reason today app development of a website goes side by side with web development.

Cost To Develop And App From A Website (

If you have a website like and you want to make an app of such website then you would’ve to hire a lot of skilled and professional personnel for the job. As such websites are extremely complicated and used worldwide by millions of users.

Type Of App For

The type of app for to develop is known as database driven custom functionality app or can also be called a fully dynamic app that is linked to and purely rely on other external information which in this case is hotels from all around the world. And for that you need to integrate it with Google maps etc. And the total cost for this type of app ranges between 40,000$ and 100,000$ depending upon the number of functions involved.

Function Layout Of The App

It is necessary to make a layout of the app’s functionality on different aspects for viewers as to give it a driven command. This is one of the most difficult job for programmers. This is the part where a user presses a button setup by the programmer and functionality of app takes place which in an app for would be typing place of a hotel. (Approx. hire cost of a professional app developing 10,000-13,000$)


The design comes once the programming and functionality have been decided and the designer is given a full view of what is to be made. is beautiful interface page who app needs to be built on the same theme as the website to make it look like a professional app. A designer is usually an illustrator and photoshop master. (Approx. hire cost 6,000-8,000$)

Buying The Appstore License

You need to have an AppStore license to upload your app on the AppStore for worldwide use. The AppStore license cost for both iOS and android are different as an android license costs around 100-150$ and iOS costs 1200$ which is far expensive than the android AppStore license.

Total Cost On App

Thus the total cost on an app with such functions as would be about 70,000-80,000$.
The reasons for such expenses are many functions included in the app and all of those increase the total cost of development the app. These functions are
-> Design
-> Function layout
-> Google Maps integration
-> App to support both iOS and android interface
-> Create personal profiles
-> To do online booking of hotels including online payments.
Further cost on app is likely to be added because of hiring people from different parts of the world to collect information about various hotels of that region. Contact us now.

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Process We follow

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