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You may be wondering how much it would cost to develop an app like Snapseed because the app has been included in PC Magazine's list of Top 100 Best Android App of 2015. The app is formally described as an image editing software with a Freeware license. The app was introduced in year 2011 but has undergone some changes since then.
The software is a product of Nik Software who originally designed Snapseed to function on Android and iOS platforms. The advantage with using Snapseed is that you can tweak photos that exist on your Android or iOS devices as well as use digital filters to improve the appearance of photos. As of 2015, the company Nik Software introduced a new version of Snapseed called Snapseed 2.0 which is also designed for use with Android or iOS devices. Users of the earlier version might enjoy this 2.0 version which offers a better user interface, new features and new tools. Among the many tools available are new filters that improve on HDR scape, noir, glamour glow and lens blur. One advantage of using Snapseed is that you can opt for automatic retouching of your photo or do it manually, as you see fit.
The Snapseed software can be used on either iPad or iPhone as a photo and video software. The app can be used with different languages, including Vietnamese, Ukrainian, Turkish,Thai, Swedish, Spanish, Slovak, Russian, Romanian, Portuguese, Polish, Norwegian, Malay, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Indonesian, Hungarian, HIndi, Hebrew, Greek, German, French, Finnish, Dutch, Danish, Czech, Croatian, Chinese, Catalan, Arabic and English (according to the iTunes website).
The most remarkable feature of Snapseed 2.0.3 is that the Brush is fitted with a finer tip so that more delicate renditions of photographs is achievable. You can also zoom in better with this software's iteration. You can also link to Google+ and YouTube which makes accessing online resources faster and more convenient. There are other features that may interest you such as tonal contrast, lens blur, spot healing and intelligent perspective transform. According to this link Snapseed may be even better than its existing rivals in the market such as Darkroom, Pixelmator, Enlight, VSCOcam, and the highly popular Instagram among others.
On the parent company Google's online store, Google claims that the app has been downloaded a total of 50 million times (as of July 21, 2015). This definitely means that Google finds Snapseed to be a good investment (although exact numbers about how much it costs to create a similar app are hard to get online). On the same site, Google says 189,720 reviews about Snapseed give it a five-star rating, though there are also some critics of the Snapseed system.
If you would like more in-depth training in using the app you can visit this link and see how you can benefit from Snapseed. Otherwise, you may have to be satisfied with doing a trial-and-error test of Snapseed on your mobile device or desktop. The good part about doing a trial-and-error test of the software is that it is free of charge, which may partially explain why it is so popular among fans of digital photography.
Now a days, photography apps are in demand among the youngsters as well as adults. Everyone needs to look perfect in a photograph whether it’s natural or by any editing. So these apps are in demand. If you are planning to make an app like Snapseed then don’t hesitate to contact Hyperlink InfoSystem. We can develop your app in $3000 to $9000 per platform. Contact us now!

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