How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like Runkeeper?

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Turn your iPhone into a GPS Tracker with the Run Keeper. The Run Keeper is our favorite running app because of its amazing features, active community and good connection with other services.
Run Keeper can help you track or monitor your running pace, cycling speed, distance, elevation and calories that you have burned for any activities. Run Keeper keeps you motivated to hit your goal in all of your fitness activities.
With the Run Keeper, performing your physical fitness activities will always be fun because it gives you a chance to listen to your favorite music and playlist from your iTunes or Spotify. You can also check and monitor your heart rate to avoid any untoward incident regarding your health or medical condition. Run Keeper also allows you to add indoor cardio like treadmill and elliptical; gym workouts like,Yoga and Crossfit.
Run Keeper can help you set your personalized fitness plan to monitor your progress. Your training plan includes your goals or target over a specific period of time. To help you make your training plan, you can check on the four training categories: Do a Race, Learn to Run, Get Fit and Lose Weight. These four categories can help you set your training plan.What is important here is for you to choose what category you’d like to do first.
Doing your regular fitness activities or exercises will always be fun, especially if you’re assured of your health condition. For instance, knowing that your heart rate is normal (as you run and jog) can spare you the trouble of worrying and giving second thoughts if you can really achieve your goals or hit your target.
With an efficient app like the Run Keeper, some people are already showing interest to develop an app like the Run Keeper. Developing a similar app can cost less, but developing a similar app like Run Keeper should be done by a developer who really knew the concept in making an app.
Talking about the cost to develop a similar app like Run Keeper would mean considering the professional fees that the developer will require you to pay. The total cost will also include the different features that you want to be integrated to make your app more efficient and reliable. The total cost to develop the similar app will also depend on the closeness of the similar app to the original version of the app that is being copied or cloned.
There are two types of application developer: The professional app developer and the freelance app developer. The freelance developer charges lower fees compared to the professional developer. You have the option to choose your developer; hence, you have to choose wisely and smartly. The cost to create an App like Runkeeper is between $4,000 to $9,500. Inquire more with Hyperlink InfoSystem!

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