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At Hyperlink InfoSystem, we offer nothing but the best mobile apps. We can say that in the app development industry, we are second to none in Gold Coast, Australia and in other countries. All the mobile apps that we have built over the years are still making waves. This is why the number of our clients keeps increasing. 
We have built great E-Commerce apps, game apps, and enterprise apps. We have been satisfying all our clients with the apps. We have more than 500 clients for a reason and we also have offices in several countries just to be able to satisfy our teeming clients. 
For game apps
When we are building any game app, we ensure that it offers super-stunning graphics with fantastic sound effects. We have found out that the graphics of a game is what attracts players most. All other features are secondary. 
We also make the game as engaging and immersive as possible. We ensure that the missions are quite challenging and brain-tasking. Each of our games also comes with its unique concept and storyline. So, we also attract players with uniqueness of concept and storyline.
Games with few level are quite boring so our game apps usually have numerous levels that increases with the level of difficulty. In other words, higher levels are usually more difficult than lower ones. Most importantly, our game apps have simple but highly responsive controls. 
We understand that users of mobile phones are always conscious of their mobile data so most of our game apps work offline. Another reason why our game apps are successful is low requirements. Most of them support an operating system that is as low as Android 4 KitKat. 
It is more interesting for players to challenge one another so our games usually have online player-vs-player mode. We include leaderboards to support the mode. Players love to see their names appear on the leaderboards. So, the availability of leaderboards will attract more game players.
For E-Commerce apps
Our E-Commerce apps are usually very easy to use and they have recent functionalities and technology. We build mobile apps that load very fast. They have easy checkouts and they support numerous payment methods like debit/ credit cards and mobile pay technologies like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and Android Pay. 
Our mobile apps are very small in size and will not consume much of your memory space. We also ensure our apps come with analytics. This functions gives important daily reports that you should study regularly. The report covers numerous important information like the number of daily users, the number of views of your products, and the number of orders on ever product. Studying this daily reports will help you find out when the sales of a particular product begins to reduce. You will quickly launch an investigation on the possible cause of the drop in sales. Remember, a problem identified is already half solved. With the analytics, you may not find out about the drop until it is too late to reverse the trend. 
Apart from the features outlined above, there are other attractive features that make our mobile apps stand out. What are you waiting for? Why not contact us for a free quote today?

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Process We follow

Process We follow

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Ranked as #1 Top App Development Companies Since 2014

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