How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Taxi App Like Uber, lyft Clone

What You Have To Spend To Make Your Own Uber Or Lyft?

Tech Market is all covered with different types of mobile application which probably are going to make you a millionaire or maybe a billionaire. Isn't it? Tech world is all about better ideas than others. You don't have to think something that no one has done but in spite of that, you need to think something better than the others which will surely take you to the top. People always want something more and by grabbing that opportunity developers can potentially serve the best to their users.


"Technology Feeds On Itself, Technology Makes More Technology Possible"

Before you start app development estimation, you must know that there are actually two mobile Apps, not one! 1) Uber, Driver App- without this app passenger will not have anybody to drive them around. 2) Uber, Passenger App. 
Let's have a look at the passenger's app first. There are few things coming out from the design of Uber are, Uber Pool, Split fare and Share my ETA. it is rather straightforward. You can
# Order car
# Adjust Payment methods
# Utilize or send vouchers
The Driver's App has all the feature that will provide a smooth and seamless ride for their customer. In this Driver's App, Drivers need to create their whole profile apart from the login part so that he can start operating. They have various options to accept the ride, request for a trip and cancellation of ride request by giving reasons.
If you know nothing about app designing than you must hire any App Development company to do it for you. The cost that App development company will take would split into various buckets.

This can be done in form of clickable mockups with the storyboard feature. Also, you will need App icon. And that will cost around 1000 to 7000 USD.
This will be needed to communicate between Apps and pass on the messages to and from the people who supervise the operation. API is required to develop for all the operating system. This will cost around 5000 to 10,000 USD
The cost of developing the mobile app itself can be between 7000 to 15,000 USD
Above are just the approximate price of developing an App like Uber. This may be different depending on the functionalities and features you want to add and the developers you choose.
There are few things which should be taken into consideration while developing a similar App
The Uber mobile app lets you enter your credit card number- this needs PCI certification or a certified partner, which will also add some cost depending on how you are structured.
# Don't forget to consider “invisible features” like In-App Analytics and Conversion Metrics.
# Consider all the “Corner cases” such as what if driver or customer loses network connectivity? Or his/her GPS starts to send wrong data? What if phones run out of battery? This is important to make a service work either on technical or business side.
So hope this article may help you to plan your budget for an App like Uber at some level. It will take around 20 to 25 days to make a basic Taxi App. So all we provided here, the cost and the time fare of a Taxi App. Keep creating!

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