How Much Does An App Like Viber Clone Cost?

Cost of an App like Viber. A worth investing App.

Internet has become an effective and reliable medium of communication. It has in fact made communication easy and fast. It has helped connect and link people from all parts of the world in just a short span of time, even in just one setting. What makes the Internet more amazing is that you can use it in your business activities like advertising, promotion campaign and sales.
As more people become so engrossed with the internet, different social networking sites were also created. These social networking sites have given the user a chance to enjoy the different services they are offering for free. These services include making voice and video calls, post and share information, images, videos and text messages to other people all over the world. These services can be used for free by using iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and Nokia phones.
Different social networking sites are now used by many people around the world. As these social networking sites flourished, many apps were also created to the delight of the users. These different apps offer different features which the users can use in their day to day activities. Technology has really done great wonders to all of us.
One important application which has made communications very effective is the Viber. Viber is another social networking app which has been widely used by people from all walks of life. Just like the other apps, Viber can be used without requiring the user to pay even a single centavo. However, Viber has some important features which have given the said application an edge over the other social networking apps.
Some of the important features that you can enjoy in using Viber like applications are:
It allows one on one voice and video calls.
It can be used to call landline and mobile numbers by purchasing Viber out credits.
It can be used to monitor celebrities, allowing them to have the public conversation.
Gives you a chance to agree and give a thumbs up to text and images, save photos and images, invite other people especially close friends for a public chat.
It safeguards privacy. It has a privacy setting which allows you to share status, block list people you don’t like. It also allows you to connect to Facebook and Twitter. Furthermore, it can be used to deactivate the account.
Gives notifications for any incoming communications. Its notification settings can display messages which you can easily notice. It also notifies you if any message you made has been sent.
Viber can be used to call and send messages.
Allows background chat.
It allows you to auto download photos on 3G and delete voice messages.
Viber can display status icon, display contacts.
It can restore defaults.
The Viber like apps can provide your users all the above features through only one App. So investing and deciding to create an app like Viber can definitely help you to grow and achieve your goals rapidly. If we talk about the cost of an App like Viber, Hyperlink Infosystem considers all the features you want us to add in your app. WE can give a cost range for an App like Viber and that will cost you between $5000 to $11,000 per platform. This information will surely help you to manage your cost estimation for an App like Viber. Contact us for more details on the mobile applications.

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