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Crackle is a digital streaming service whose parent company is Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc., (making Sony the owner of Crackle.) The company Crackle, Inc. itself is based in San Francisco, California but serves 22 countries in Central America, South America, and North America (as well as Australia). The service offers various programs to the public such as viewing of TV shows, movies produced in Hollywood, and even web videos. Because it is an advertiser-supported service, you can expect to be exposed to various advertising during screening. Only three languages are supported on the service, namely, Portuguese, Spanish and English.

Although Crackle already existed before 2007, it was only in year 2007 that the service was rebranded as Crackle. Crackle is now a subsidiary of Sony. Prior to 2007, Crackle was originally known as Grouper - but was then bought by Sony for $65 million. The advantage of being bought by Sony is that Crackle can screen movies and shows from the Sony stable. Apparently, there is strong demand for this kind of service from the viewing public. Incidentally, Crackle also screens original shows owned by Sony, giving Crackle viewers an advantage over non-viewers.

The TV and movie titles that are screened by Crackle were originally produced by Sony Pictures Classics, Screen Gems, TriStar Pictures, and Columbia Pictures. If you are already a Crackle viewer, you are in luck because Crackle offers a different line-up of titles to screen on a monthly basis. Among the latest shows introduced through Crackle are "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee" and "Sports Jeopardy". The good part is that Crackle airs its program titles for free, being an advertiser-supported site. You just need to sign in the website to get an account. (A password is required for this account). Take note that some unscrupulous individuals do run scams like asking for your credit card to sign up for the Crackle service, so be sure to only sign up for the free Crackle account.

There is some difference too between the programs aired in each continent, such as some titles being available and others unavailable. It is also possible that you can miss out on viewing certain programs because titles are taken down every month, to be replaced by other content. It pays to keep up to date about what programs and titles are being offered at certain times. Lastly, Crackle does make original content for the Internet so that is something to look forward to as well.

So if you are the type who likes the golden oldies of TV shows, or are a millennial who wants to be in the front seat of every month's movie title offerings, then perhaps the Crackle service is for you. You can be one of the millions of satisfied viewers who eagerly anticipate the offerings every month which you can enjoy in the privacy of home. And if you are lucky, you might even be able to produce a similar app of your own sometime soon.

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