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Yelp is a multinational corporation based in San Francisco, California. As the developer of the and the Yelp mobile application, Yelp Corporation hosts and markets the and the Yelp mobile application.
Yelp is a one stop-shop which provides online reservation services SeatMe and food delivery services Eat24. It is also the place where you can get reviews about local businesses. Yelp also gives training to small businesses on how to respond to the reviews they get from their customers, hosts social events for reviewers. It also provides information and data about businesses like health inspection scores.
The Sterling Market Intelligence has considered Yelp as “one of the most important sites of the internet”. is a social networking site and a local business review site. The site has pages which are focused to restaurants or schools where Yelp users can give or submit their reviews or feedback on the products and services they have received. Aside from writing reviews, users can also give their reactions to the reviews or feedbacks they have received. They can also plan events or discuss other matters using the Yelp site. The users can rate the restaurants and schools from 1 to 5 star rating system. On the business side, Yelp is used to update important information like contact information, which will be useful to their clients and customers. Although some of the reviews are personal and below the belt, most of the reviews are amusing. In some cases, the users will just use the “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” for their review.
To build an app like Yelp, you have to consider hiring a developer who really knew what he will be doing. He should also have experience in developing sites, particularly the Yelp site. Hyperlink Infosystem is the leading Mobile app development company with experts who knows what and how they create the master pieces. You can start a small site to have a lower or cheaper development cost. From the small site, you will be able to evaluate or gauge if your site is doing well. If it’s running smoothly, then you can start developing it to a bigger site.
The development cost of developing an app will depend on how small or how big your site. The cost will also depend on the different features that you want to have on your site or app. If you want to develop a clone or an app similar to the Yelp app, you’ll probably spend 30k to 100k; however it will never be anything but just a clone.
Developing an app should be done by a good developer who can give you a good design and program for your app. He can develop the app that will meet your needs.
As earlier said, Hyperlink Infosystem can build the best apps like Yelp. It surely needs the focus and high skilled developers and we have what it exactly needs. When you associate with Hyperlink Infosystem, you are dealing with the most professional and the best quality provider. Yelp is just one app, we also make many other apps which will surely attract you.The cost to develop an App like Yelp will cost you between $3,500 to $9,500 per platform. Contacts us for more detailed information.

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