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10 Most Fascinating Metaverse Crypto Projects


Apr 2022
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most fascinating metaverse crypto projects
First and for all. None of us is unaware of the Metaverse. What is it or how does it work? We might not have the exact idea but we do have an overview of the metaverse and how this Metaverse and Metaverse studio works. Though we are going to show you what exactly the metaverse is, in particular this article. So don’t worry about it if you don’t know it already.
For the past few months, The Metaverse has been one of the Trending topics. The metaverse is another universe (A digital world) that exists beyond this world. Crazy isn’t it?
In this metaverse, you can do all the things that you are able to do in your actual world. That would be an amazing advantage, isn’t it?
So as you can do anything in this Metaverse thing then why not invest in that. That’s a very good idea. Exactly that is a mind-blowing idea. Many Metaverse development companies have already started their Metaverse Projects.
So if you are an investor and an explorer this article is for you. Because it shows the 10 best ways to invest in Metaverse Crypto Projects. So let’s get you in a whole different world with a whole different perspective.

10 Most Fascinating Metaverse Crypto Projects

1) Bloktopia (BLOK)

The members of Blok can easily create their avatars in Metaverse, They also can learn about cryptocurrency in The Metaverse, not only learning it. They can exchange this currency. You must be thinking, what is the foundation of this Bloktopia?
A polygon Blokchain is the foundation of Bloktopia. You can also produce real-time 3-dimensional engines through Bloktopia.

2) The Meta Hero (HERO)

This project creates the characters in a game and actually provides you with the avatars for playing the game. Fascinating huh? Also, they have decided not to upgrade their scanners to 8K but 16K ultra-HD. These scanners could be purchased and sold in cryptocurrency. Meta Hero is a Scanning Network service in the metaverse.
Hero is one of those projects which has been in talks for so many Days because this is a new era. The era of Metaverse Crypto Projects.

3) Epik Prime (EPIK)

Epik Prime has now become all about NFTs. This particular Crypto project is available on Huobi Global, Uniswap, and PancakeSwap. Epik Prime has partnered with AAA Games.
Epik Prime has already reached 62 million dollars of Market Cap. The collaboration with AAA Games has provided this hike to Epik Prime in this world of The Metaverse.

4) Star Atlas (ATLAS)

Want to look at the future?
Take a look at Star Atlas. It takes you to the future. Star Atlas is a game that takes you to the year 2620. This particular game works in highly precise and futuristic settings.
Also in this game, you may enjoy the advantages of the low transaction fees. The current market cap of Star Atlas is 134 Million Dollars.


When Eric Schiermeyer found this game in 2019 it was known for its newly combined non-fungible tokens. Which is now a very famous way to invest in the market. They used this to create a blockchain game ecosystem. Eric introduced the idea of exchanging NFTs to buy and trade assets of the Game.
Gala’s main target is to take this gaming industry to another level with all their unique NFT characters.

6) Decentraland (MANA)

Now let me introduce you to the biggest metaverse of all of them. Right now it has a market cap of 5.6 Billion dollars. Decentraland has already doubled its market cap since December. Regardless of being the best and the biggest metaverse of all time it is the first fully decentralized virtual world.
Decentraland was started in 2015 by Attending online virtual events, Playing online games in a whole new universe with whole new avatars also they provided a service to trade in the Metaverse.

7) The Playground (SAND)

These exclusive Sandbox technologies are only limited to their users. Although you may purchase and sell SAND like Cryptocurrency. SAND is one of the best Cryptocurrency projects in the metaverse.
SAND is a token in the world of Metaverse and with the help of it, you can buy and Sell several Non-Fungible tokens.

8) RedFox (RFOX)

RFOX VALT is the centralized point of retail, media, gaming, and reward for RedFox Company. This RFOX project provides a medium to exchange in this Metaverse Eco-system. RFOX particularly provides you the solutions for e-games, DeFi, NFTs, and more digital problems.

9) Networking (NTVRK)

NTVRK is a virtual reality and revenue prospect that serves market concerns. The best thing about this Metaverse is that it assists both the Metaverse creator and Metaverse developer simultaneously. If you are an NTVRK user, you will be able to sell or purchase the whole game in the Metaverse.

10) Seventh High Street (HIGH)

The last but not least project is HIGH. The best thing I liked about HIgh is that it provides project access to both the virtual and physical worlds. To earn these HIGH tokens the player only needs to perform tasks.


These were the well-fetched Metaverse Crypto Projects. If you are interested in metaverse as well as its crypto projects then you must try these ideas. Because it’s not about the present or the past, it's about the future. right? If you want any other articles related to the metaverse or cryptocurrency exchange development, reach out to us.
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