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Metaverse Is The Dawn Of A New Age. And It Is Right In Front Of Us


Mar 2022
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metaverse is the dawn of a new age
Raise your hands if you have seen Spy Kids 3! Raise your hands if you ever wanted to live that life.
As a kid, the only thing more awkward than having Alexa Vega as your sister was perhaps the lingering need to live their life.
Our parents wouldn’t get it, and our teachers wouldn’t get it. But we both know well enough that deep in our hearts, all of us yearned for that awesome drone fight. Don’t lie. I know you did it.
And now thanks to the wonders of technology, we can live through it!
In today’s article, you will learn about:
  • What is Metaverse
  • How will it be different from what we have today?
  • VR Games vs Metaverse
  • What will be included in the Metaverse
  • Problems, arising from Metaverse
Say hello to the “Metaverse”
So, what is Metaverse technology exactly?
Seriously though, with Metaverse being a buzzword these days, people tend to get a bit confused.
In layman’s terms, Metaverse is the Gen-Z version of virtual reality.
In most cases, the terms “Metaverse” “Virtual Reality” “Augmented Reality” “Cyberspace” can be used interchangeably.
These terminologies aren’t static at all. This is because these terms depend on how humans interact with these technologies. This is what is termed today, can change tomorrow.
In the real world, you might have a job, money, clothes. Well, in Metaverse development, things might exactly be the same. Think of it as your direct digital copy in the digital world.
A lot of people will say,
Then what’s the difference between an online game where we have our persona, and Metaverse?
And, well, you wouldn’t be technically wrong, but then again, you will not be right. Saying that Metaverse will be like online real-time games like Pub-G, is something akin to saying “Facebook is the internet”
I mean, if you’re like a 70-year-old retired pension-funded grandpa, then it will make sense. But at the same time, it will not encompass the entire scope of the internet.
The terms “Metaverse” “Virtual Reality” “Augmented Reality” “Cyberspace” can be used interchangeably.
Just in the same way, online video games do not encompass the entire scope of the Metaverse.
The closest video to Metaverse will be Sims. A virtual simulation that encompasses everything that happens in someone’s life.
From being a young adult and being independent, to having a stable job, getting married, and having kids and then passing on your torch forward.
But despite being an online simulation of life, Sims has its limitations. It’s extremely structured and rigid. There are certain things that you must complete.
And, we can say this from experience, this is not how real life works. This is almost the same way Metaverse is going to operate.
Alright, so, what will be included in the Metaverse?
I am glad you asked. Do you remember when we discussed earlier that “Virtual Reality” “Augmented Reality” “Cyberspace can be used interchangeably with Metaverse?
Well, all these different techs are going to be part of the Metaverse itself. I know, mind-blown, right?
Now, as of yet, we haven’t completely achieved the perfect look of the metaverse, but few examples that are close enough.
As mentioned earlier, Sims and all its games can act as very good examples of a metaverse. Though rigid and structured, they are pretty straightforward in their approach.
Along with that, all the examples of MMORPG games (Massive Multiplayer online role-playing games) such as DC heroes, the world of warcraft, elder scrolls online, Star Wars online, and the one and only, rune scape.
These are just a few examples to give you an idea of how the metaverse and metaverse developers can work.
“Ok, ok, all this metaverse is very cool, but it also gives a vibe that we might not be able to halt this train of tech once we are on it. So; I need to ask-
Are there any problems that we can face on metaverse?
Good question. From all the positive aspects of the metaverse, which includes literally doing anything you want, there are certain problems that we can face.

1) Data Theft:

Firstly, you should know that “Facebook,” very recently changed its name to “Meta” Now if this is a brand thing or a strategic move to bring Skynet to life, I don’t know.
But one thing that is synonymous with Facebook today, is “Data Theft”
And the Metaverse is extremely vulnerable to it.
Just think about it for a second. Facebook had the power to know our data, which we write in our profile, and then sell that.
Now if we think it this way, then Metaverse is Facebook’s older brother who is juiced out of mind on steroids.
There are going to be immense security protocols from the providers to give the users cyber protection.
And this brings us to our second problem.

2) What Are the Safety Precautions?

The view of the world is that growth will be prioritized over safety.
There have been numerous instances where, even in the nascent stage, Metaverse’s lack of safety is prevalent, especially true for young adults.
This news article shows us what are some of the problems issues the Metaverse.

3) Mental Health

This one is a biggie. Due to the lack of cyber security, bullying and harassment online have led to many young adults feeling isolated and insecure. This is what a lack of cyber security leads to.
The above article also shows many other examples of these cyberbullying and harassment issues in the metaverse.

Conclusion: Our Take on Metaverse

For now, Metaverse is like a small baby. It is still growing and will soon reach a digital version of a kid’s age.
This is why we need to keep all the information regarding metaverse intact and see where the road leads us.
If you liked or article, then feel free to share this with your loved ones, and have a look at our blogs.
We will see you at the next one. Thank You.
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