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What Is the Cost of Developing Language Learning App Like Babbel?

App Development

Jul 2023
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what is the cost of developing language learning app like babbel
The idea of learning a new language is wonderful. Most people share a desire to learn a foreign language as their commonality. While picking up a new language can be exciting, it can also be extremely taxing. Choosing new words and pronunciations can be difficult, so many students drop out in the middle of the course.
Millions of users around the world now rely on language learning apps to learn new languages at their own pace and convenience as their popularity has grown over time. By providing dynamic, personalized learning experiences on the move, language learning apps like Babbel have revolutionized how people learn languages.
They make learning more entertaining through gamification while also delivering a scientific and systematic strategy that allows learners to efficiently achieve specified competency levels. As the language learning market expands, there is an enormous opportunity for new businesses to develop novel learning solutions that cater to certain languages, user groups, or learning styles. Many business owners are interested in learning how to make a language-learning application so they may support students in pursuing their interests. These apps are exciting and interactive. Many app development companies provide high-performance applications that meet project-specific requirements.
In this article, we will examine what it takes to create a successful language-learning application like Babbel, as well as walk you through the entire process, from concept to launch, and the cost of developing an app like Babbel.

What Are the Key Features of Language Learning App Like Babbel?

key features of language learning app like babbel

Features like lesson modules, progress monitoring, gamification components, speech recognition, and user profiles are frequently included in language learning apps like Babbel. The cost of development will depend on how complicated these features are.

Artificial Intelligence-Based Chatbots

An AI-powered chatbot that offers individualized language learning support and enables users to practice conversations and get immediate feedback should be incorporated into your language learning program, similar to Babbel.

Virtual Immersion

One of the unique characteristics of your language learning software can be virtual immersion using AR/VR technology. An app like Babbel should provide virtual immersion through interactive exercises, conversations, and simulations to improve the learning experience by letting users spend time in a language-rich setting.

Speech  Recognition

By incorporating speech recognition technology, you can provide users the opportunity to improve their speaking skills and practice their pronunciation. Your software can help users improve their pronunciation in real-time, allowing them to fix errors and generalize language learning more quickly.

Interactive Lesson

To keep students interested and motivated, lessons must be interactive and engaging. To enhance the learning process, lessons should be aesthetically appealing and include multimedia components like photos, audio snippets, and videos. Lessons should also include real-world examples so that students can practice their language skills in context.

Progress Monitoring

A dashboard that shows pertinent performance indicators, such as completed lessons, vocabulary acquired, and speaking fluency, should allow users to monitor their progress. Your software can help users stay motivated and dedicated to their language learning goals by providing visual representations of learning progress.

Tests and Evaluations

Assessments and quizzes are essential for determining how well users comprehend and retain the course material. Multiple-choice questions, matching tasks, and sentence completion exercises are a few examples of diverse assessment formats that can be used to test learners' abilities in many domains and provide in-depth feedback on areas that require improvement.

Social Functionalities

By incorporating social features into your app, you may boost user interaction and help them adhere to their learning objectives. The learning process can be made more pleasurable by giving users the chance to interact with friends, share progress updates, join language practice groups, or compare their achievements on leaderboards. Your language learning app may provide a compelling, user-friendly experience that distinguishes it from the competition and helps it draw in and keep a devoted user base by including these essential characteristics.

Personalized  Recommendations

Personalized recommendations, which the app makes based on the user's choices and learning objectives to create a customized learning experience, are a crucial component of an app like Babbel. If you want to create an app like Babbel, you'll need to hire app developers with a proven track record in language learning app development.

How to Develop Language Learning App Like Babbel?

It might be a challenging process, but developing mobile apps can be incredibly rewarding. If you're serious about creating an app similar to Babbel, be sure to complete your homework and assemble the best team to assist you in realizing your goals. From conceptualization through deployment, there are several steps involved in creating a successful language-learning application like Babbel. Let's examine each stage of the creation of an app.

Identify Target Audiences and Objectives

You must first specify the goals of your app and do a target market analysis. Determine the particular requirements of your users, taking into account the number of languages you intend to provide, the user profiles (beginners, intermediate, and advanced), and the target demographics.

Feature List

Make a list of the features that will distinguish and draw users to your app. This list should be based on your research of the target market, the goals of your app, and the analysis of your competitors. Consider what functions are most effective for popular language learning apps like Duolingo and Babbel.


Any app's success depends on having a fun and intuitive user experience. A language learning app's user interface should be simple to use and visually appealing. Develop a user experience that is simple to use and adheres to the tastes of your target market by working with UI/UX designers.

Selecting the Appropriate Technology Stack

Choose the best technology stack for your app while taking scalability, performance, and cost into account. The stack you choose should be compatible with the functions and features of your language-learning software. Technologies that might be used include:
  • Frontend: React, Vue.js, and Angular
  • Backend: Ruby on Rails, Django, and Node.js
  • Database: MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and MySQL
  • Speech recognition: Google Cloud Speech API, IBM Watson Speech to Text
  • AI and ML: TensorFlow, PyTorch, and Scikit-Learn
  • Frameworks for creating apps: Xamarin, React Native, and Flutter

Developing and Testing the Application

Start constructing the app by breaking the job down into smaller, more manageable tasks (using Agile techniques) once the design and technology stack is complete. Regular testing should be done when each feature is created to make sure the app functions properly and adheres to specifications. To find and resolve any problems or defects, make sure the app goes through thorough quality assurance (QA) and user acceptability testing (UAT). This is also an opportunity to get end-user input and adjust the program as necessary in light of their comments.

Launching and Deploying Apps

After development and testing are complete, get your app ready for release by adhering to app store requirements (Google Play Store, Apple App Store), then submitting it for evaluation. Once approved, publicly release your app and conduct a successful marketing effort to draw users. Many app development companies can help you create an app like Babbel. When choosing a company, be sure to ask about their experience with language learning apps and their pricing.

Factors that Affect Language Learning App Development Costs

factors that affect language learning app development costs

Target Devices and Compatibility With Platforms

Platform compatibility and target devices are the main elements that have a big impact on the development costs when creating a language learning software like Babbel. It is crucial to decide whether the software will be made available on iOS, Android, or both of these platforms. Each platform has its criteria for development, and making educational software compatible with numerous platforms might raise the cost of development. Moreover, Language learning apps like Babbel typically involve features such as lesson modules, progress tracking, gamification elements, speech recognition, and user profiles. The complexity of these features will impact the development cost.

A Multilingual Support System and Localization

One must consider localization and multilingual support while developing language learning software. The capacity to handle numerous languages in a single good or service is known as multilingual support. This can be accomplished by either offering an interface that allows users to select their favorite language or by translating the material into other languages.
The cost of developing language learning software can be influenced by several crucial elements, including localization and multilingual support. The amount spent on development will be greatly influenced by how many languages the app will support. Costs will also vary depending on how complicated the localization process is.

Integrating External Services

A language learning app's functionality and user experience can be considerably increased by integrating external services. Users can purchase premium features or subscriptions in-app by using payment gateways, for instance. Users can share their progress and accomplishments with friends thanks to integration with social networking sites, which promotes a sense of community.

Backend Programming and Database Integration

The backend development and database integration should be taken into account when estimating the cost of developing a language learning app.
You need to create a strong backend architecture that can manage user data, progress monitoring, and content delivery if you want to create a language learning application similar to Babbel. This entails creating and implementing effective databases and APIs to guarantee effective communication between the server and the app's front end.

Costs of Testing, Maintaining, and Updating

Testing and quality assurance are important considerations that have an impact on the entire development cost of language learning apps. To assure the functioning and dependability of an app like Babbel, a thorough testing procedure must be used. A smooth user experience is ensured by thorough testing, which identifies and addresses any bugs, hiccups, or usability problems. You may enhance the functionality of the app and get rid of any potential problems by running numerous testing iterations while it is being developed.
In short, The cost to develop an app like Babbel or any language learning app can vary depending on several factors such as the complexity of the app, desired features, platform (iOS, Android, or both), design requirements, and development team location.
Maintenance and updates are crucial component that affects how much it costs to design language learning software. Regular upkeep is essential to ensuring the app's smooth functionality and user happiness after it has been released. This includes taking care of bug repairs, putting security patches in place, and improving speed. Continuous upgrades are also necessary to add new features, improve existing functionalities, and take user input into account. You can keep the app current, competitive, and in line with the changing needs of your audience by continuously maintaining and updating it.

What is the Business Potential of Apps Like Babbel?

The demand for language-learning applications is expanding quickly. The requirement for English language proficiency in the workforce, the popularity of travel and tourism, and the rising interest in learning foreign languages for both personal and professional enrichment are some of the factors contributing to this growth. In 2022, Babbel reported $275 million in revenue. The popularity of Babbel and other language-learning applications demonstrates the high commercial potential of these tools.
Examine the app's potential for tailored advertising. To show users contextually appropriate adverts, work with relevant brands or language-related goods and services. While preserving a user-friendly experience, this can generate more cash. Babbel is a language-learning app, and there are many different ways to monetize it. For your app to be available, interesting, and successful in the cutthroat language learning market, it's critical to strike a balance between user delight and financial viability. Hire mobile app developers who are proficient in developing best-in-class applications.

How Does a No-Code Platform Work for Language Learning Apps?

Using a no-code platform like AppMaster to build a language-learning app has the following advantages:
  • Rapid Development

You can use drag-and-drop functionality on no-code platforms to construct a scalable and adaptable language learning app without having any coding knowledge. This frees you from having to worry about technological difficulties so that you can concentrate on improving the features and operation of your app.
  • Efficacious and Time-Saving

By streamlining the development process, no-code platforms shorten development times and lower expenses. You may launch your language-learning software more quickly and spend less money on hiring and supporting a development staff as a result.
  • Integrating Other Services Effortlessly

The development of a seamless language learning app is streamlined by no-code platforms like AppMaster, which enable the integration of third-party services like database management, AI and ML frameworks, and speech recognition technologies.
  • Constant Support and Maintenance

Platforms like AppMaster provide ongoing support and maintenance to make sure that your app is current with the most recent advances and market trends. This makes sure that your software keeps up its attraction to your target market and competitiveness. Hire mobile app development company that has a dedicated team of app developers who provide end-to-end development solutions.
  • The Empowerment of Non-Technical Users

Even non-technical users may design and release productive language-learning apps thanks to a no-code platform. As a result, app development becomes more accessible and the potential for disruptive breakthroughs increases. Understanding the market, analyzing user requirements, building a distinctive feature set, and successfully developing and promoting the app are all necessary when launching a language learning software like Babbel. Making use of a no-code platform like AppMaster makes the development process easier, lowers expenses, and makes it possible for more people to contribute to the expansion of the business.

Wrapping Up

It's critical to select the best development partner when thinking about creating a language-learning app like Babbel. As a leading mobile app development company Hyperlink InfoSystem specializes in developing feature-rich applications Due to their years of expertise in developing language learning apps, Hyperlink InfoSystem is in a position to fully comprehend the special requirements and difficulties associated with making an app like Babbel.
Additionally, we provide affordable app development costs. They emphasized providing high-quality solutions at reasonable prices, and they offer clarity on the costs associated with developing language learning apps, allowing you to efficiently plan your budget. Hire dedicated mobile app developers from to development company that can provide top-notch and highly scalable app development solutions.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Language learning software can generate income through in-app advertisements, paid subscriptions, a freemium business model, and other means.

As a top app development company, Hyperlink InfoSystem has dedicated app developers who are proficient in developing user-friendly, feature-rich, and best-in-class mobile applications that meet business-specific requirements.

To create a language learning application similar to Babbel, you must identify your target market, create appealing user interfaces, put critical features into place, incorporate language learning resources, and guarantee cross-platform and device compatibility.

A language learning software like Babbel may take longer to develop depending on the project's scale and requirements. Professional and well-functioning language-learning software can be created in an average of 4 to 15 months.

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