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How To Develop a Language Learning App Like Duolingo

App Development

Apr 2022
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develop a language learning app like duolingo
In a pandemic situation, the education sector has become an online movement. People have started to move forward with the online education system. What is the reason behind it? Why people are not looking forward to offline education now?
The answer’s clear online education is time-saving, Fuel-saving, and easy to learn. You don’t have to bear the pain of going to educational institutes every day. There are some disadvantages to it too. But if you are careful Online education is one of the best education systems.
Now about Duolingo. As we all know that Duolingo is a language learning app. That is actually one of the best language learning apps. Duolingo was not very well known before the pandemic. But what can you expect from fate huh?
The E-learning market in the USA is growing rapidly and is about to reach $12.81 billion between 2020 and 2024. Crazy enough to motivate you to develop your own Duolingo app.
But how? You must be puzzling.
It’s not that tough all you have to do is to pay 100% attention to this article and boom you will be a new mastermind in developing an educational app.

Steps To Develop A Language Learning App Like Duolingo

Before we jump into this I want to let you know that there are only 7 steps to develop your own Duolingo app.

1) Be Clear and Focused on Features

How many people are there in the world that use the Duolingo app daily?
8.2 million. Yes, The figure is pretty huge. It is very important if you think first that what are those things that you want to provide to your educational fellows. The things must be new and relevant.
Want some educational app ideas?
If you want to provide a perfect language learning app. Know your audience. In this case, let me make this easy for you, your audience will be students and new learners.

2) Need for Qualified Teachers

Finding teachers is not an on-plate thing. You need to see their qualifications and accordingly their personality too. How they talk to you. Think if they don’t communicate well how badly your app developing thing will get destroyed.
Your goal should be clear to provide proper education with minimum resources. In this kind of case, Communication is the Key.

3) What App Development Platform Will You Use?

The most brainstorming question for all developers. I am right, Ain’t I? The first thing you focus on is whether this is for Android users or iOS users. Quick Stat: There are 1.6 billion android users in the world and more than 1 billion iOS users.
Things that affect your App development Platform
Your and your users’ geographic conditions.
The time you will take to develop the application. Once developed the time you are going to take to maintain it. People like updates and graphically interesting Applications.
How complex is your development strategy is also a fair part of this process.
If you are in the USA you should go for the iOS platform as half of the market is held by Apple. But if it’s for India then surely with Android.

4) Enhanced Tech Stacks

There are different Tech Stack for different platforms. As of now let’s just focus on Android and iOS App development. The below table shows the tech stacks of both.
Type of Development iOS App development Android App Development
Designing Storyboard, XIB, SwiftUI XML
Programming Language Swift, Objective C Java
Toolkit Xcode, iOS SDK Android Studio, Android SDK
Dependency management Cocoapods -
Database Coredata, SQlite SQlite, RealM

5) UI/UX Part of Your App Development

No doubt people will download your application and will enjoy learning but one mistake in UI/UX part can lead to the uninstallation of the application. If you want to build a popular language meaning app like Duolingo then you must pay attention to some components of the UI/UX part. Let’s get into these key components.
  • The informational architecture.
  • The design that interacts with a user.
  • Does it provide the exact information that a language learner wants?
  • Wireframe of your language learning application.
  • You will have to develop a perfect and engaging visual design.

6) Developing a Language Learning App

Till now we have got the overview of making and running a language learning application successfully.
Pro tip: Offer a free language learning subscription to your users. It will attract more and more users. Because it’s a chain.
There are two parts of app development and if you want to develop your language learning app properly you must follow this accordingly.
  • Front-end App Development
  • Back-end App Development
First of all, you will have to find perfect Front-end and Back-end application developers. For the record front-end app development includes HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. While Back-end development is to get into the process of developing the app. You have to provide an enhanced learning experience to your users with the use of these two.
How Will It be Done?
Duolingo offers their users to compare in real-time, it gives them points for every win. Do brainstorming.

7) Market Your Application

What is the key to reaching the maximum audience? Marketing Duhh.
There are a few advertising and marketing strategies are given below which you may use once the app is developed.
  • Blog post
  • A landing page for your application
  • Visual introduction of you and your team as well as the application
  • Offer some exciting discount
  • Ask for personal reviews


You are now 100% eligible for developing your own Duolingo app. You will just have to follow the steps given in the article thoroughly and you will be a new mastermind behind a newly enhanced App development company. But step-by-step That’s a must to be a great app developer, If you find this article useful do write to use and share and help people to develop more applications.
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