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How To Patent A Mobile App Idea - Extensive Guide 2022

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Feb 2022
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how to patent a mobile app idea
So, one Friday evening, you are sitting with your friends, and you got this amazing mobile app idea. You discussed it with them, started working on it, and worked on all the other things that can support your business idea to turn in one of the amazing mobile apps, but what's next? What should you do to make others believe that this is your idea, and it was you who came up with this amazing mobile app idea? Got no clue right? You should register that mobile app idea under your name.
You can patent your mobile application idea or copyright or brand name to safeguard your application thought from getting taken. Numerous startup proprietors and business visionaries have effectively protected their mobile application thoughts to keep others from replicating your application thoughts.
Furthermore, you should be certain that your application idea is unique and new, else your persistent effort will simply go to waste assuming it is like another application. However, how should you patent your application? Also, why ought you to do that? So, here we are to answer all your doubts about mobile app idea patent registration. First, let's start with what is a mobile app idea patent registration?

What Does the Patenting A Mobile App Idea Indicate?

A patent is a licensed innovation that shields your application idea from non-consensual or illicit use. Furthermore, it limits others or organizations from selling or transforming it by considering you as the legitimate proprietor of your application idea. Additionally, Patenting your mobile application will guarantee that nobody ruins your application idea or gets benefits wrongly asserting credit for your entire application idea.

Why Should You Patent An App Idea?

With regards to, being your exceptional licensed innovation, your mobile application idea approves security. With the authority patent, you can grab the option to get compensation from any individual who endeavors to infiltrate existing patent laws.
Here are the reasons that will show you why it Is essential to patent mobile application ideas.
  • Legitimately, you can charge each clone of your presented mobile application previously or in the setup.
  • Besides, lawfully a patent shows the innovation and uniqueness of your mobile application idea.
  • Nobody can demolish your mobile application idea financially.

Types Of Patent Applications

There are two types of idea patent applications.
  • Provisional mobile application
  • Non-Provisional mobile application
Provisional Mobile app registration expires in 12 months, so try to get your app idea a non-provisional app patent before it expires. Your mobile app non-provisional app patent registration process will take around 18 months after post-filing, and it will take 24-28 months to become the patent. Non-Provisional app patent registration fees are more expensive than provisional app patent registration.

Mobile App Idea Patent Eligibility Check

Your idea could be unique, but that does not mean you should straightforwardly go for patent registration. You can face patent rejection as your mobile app idea should meet certain eligibility criteria before submitting for patent registration. Here is the list of critical points you should consider.

A Unique and Genuine Mobile App Idea

First and foremost, your mobile app idea should be unique and genuine. It should be useful for users and also helpful to settle an issue of the users. If not, your mobile app idea can face patent rejection. You should not uncover your application though that hasn't been made in a public organization through books, articles, or different sources.

Authorize Your Patent As Useful

You ought to qualify your patent as valuable. It expresses that your application ought to perform from a certain point of view. On the off chance that your application is not helpful as it ought to be, it's difficult to patent your application.

How To Know the App Idea is already Patented Or Not?

You should check to see if some other party previously licensed your application idea. For that, you would have to survey all the related application thoughts that are either registered or about to register soon. Your nation or state will hold a functional data set stored securely and efficiently.
Additionally, you can likewise break down through the International Patent Classification (IPC) Catchword Index of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) holds all the relevant information to particular global patents. Thus, you will find the act of patent mobile application ideas.

When To File For A Patent?

A mobile application idea patent is conceded to one who has first documented a patent against it, not to the person who has first concocted it. That is the reason new companies and business visionaries decide to record a temporary application before disclosing necessary details publicly.

The List of Documents to Patent an Idea for a Mobile App

There is a lot of paperwork you need to file to patent your mobile app idea. Here is the list of documents you should submit to patent your mobile application idea.
  • Pledge/Declaration
  • Entity Status Form
  • Specification
  • Data Disclosure Statement
  • Claims
  • Application Data Sheet (ADS)
  • Drawings
  • Patent Cooperation Treaty (for International Filings) (Optional)
  • Expense Sheet
  • Cover Sheet

Steps You Should Follow to Patent A Mobile App Idea

Now, As you have all the necessary documents you need to file you should move ahead with your patent registration procedure.

Hire & Consult With A Patent Attorney

To display a very much shaped, top of the line patent and increment the possibilities of your patent application getting chosen, you should enlist and counsel a mobile app patent lawyer holding great long periods of experience. As patenting is a legitimate procedure, it might incorporate lawful activities. Along these lines, you should find an expert notwithstanding attempting to perform it yourself. Thus, research well and search for whatever might be most ideal and one inside your budget plan.

Turn Your Idea Into Reality

As the court generally requests evidence. Along these lines, to give a patent for your application idea, you should be good to go with the documentation of the whole development process. Besides, you can develop a model of your application to get discernment concerning its flow.
It will help your lawyer in knowing the flowchart of your application as it is not the code, rather than the cycles and usefulness of your application that demand patenting.

Run A Deep Patent Search

You might help a patent legal lawyer who can perform worldwide analysis for applications like your mobile application or have specific functionalities and flows.

Filing Patent for Mobile Application Idea Process

As mentioned above you can choose to go for any of the patent processes:
  • Provisional
  • Non-provisional patent applications
If you choose to go for the provisional patent process, you can go ahead with the process without the declaration, patent claims or even data disclosure statement. With this patent process, you can get some benefits such as:
  • You can use the term ‘Patent Pending’ on a mobile application idea.
  • You can have 12 months of time to build the MVP.
  • You can save a lot of money on the initial stage of provisional apps compared to non-provisional apps.
If you choose to go for non-provisional apps you have to claim the app developed in the conventional nation. You have to mention the reference in the procedure. You can go for the non-provisional app with detailed written specifications and total claims. Your claim should be defined along with an in-detailed invention description so that you can define it legally.
So, which one should you prefer, provisional or non-provisional?
You should choose the ideal choice for patent registration keeping these two things in mind:
  • The urgency of making app idea patent registration.
  • The money you can spend on patent registration.
If you need the patent registration immediately and don't have much amount to spend on the go for provisional app idea patent registration. otherwise, the non-provisional is the best fit for you.

How Much It Can Cost You To Patent An App?

The cost of patent registration relies upon various different categories listed on USPTO just as the developing on-demand mobile applications. You can basically allude to the learning to know under which classification your mobile application idea succumbs to the costing part. The basic charges will be like:
  • Patent Review fee: $180-700
  • Elementary filing fee: $70-280+
  • Patent search fee: $150-600
Every four years you have to pay basic maintenance fees such as:
  • Year 4: $800-$1,600
  • Year 8: $900-$3,600
  • Year 12: $1,850-$7,400
A non-provisional patent may cost you somewhere close to $10,000 to $15,0000 and a provisional patent will cost you around $2000 to $6000 based on your app idea. The reapplication may cost you around $5,000-$15,000.


This is pretty much everything you should know before going ahead to patent your mobile app idea. So, now you know how to plan to patent your mobile app idea. Protect your app idea and bring it to our mobile app developer. We will give wings to your ideas by turning them into real mobile application development. Don't think much and reach out to hyperlink Infosystem experts with your idea!
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