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Top Ideas For Developing A Geolocation App

App Development

Nov 2021
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top ideas for developing a geolocation app
Developing an application with geolocation has been increasingly important for companies that want to stand out in the market. With so many gadgets out there, the idea of developing a geolocation app seems more and more promising.  It is a great opportunity to improve services, offering a different and more complete experience to users, increasing the possibility of attracting more customers.

Table Of Content:

- Understand how to develop an application with geolocation
- What you need to know to develop an application with geolocation
- Geolocation app ideas for entrepreneurs
- Conclusion

Understand How To Develop An Application With Geolocation

Geolocation is a resource that allows defining the exact point on Planet Earth where an object is located, based on a coordinate system. These coordinates can be obtained by means of different types of signals, such as:
- GPS, from data provided by satellites around the planet;
- Radio frequency, provided by towers of telephone operators;
- And even Wi-Fi.
That is, even if a signal is not connected to the internet, or with the GPS signal disabled, it can still be located via radio frequency, as long as it is with the operator's signal. The important thing here is not to locate the device itself, but rather its user, a potential consumer of various types of business.
That is why developing applications with geolocation opens up a series of possibilities, since this resource makes it possible to locate these individuals and obtain data regarding their consumption patterns. In addition, to be able to optimize a series of services that can benefit from the use of resources such as:
- Custom maps;
- Route planning;
- Calculation of delivery costs;
- Calculation of distance and travel time for a certain place;
- And so many others.

What You Need To Know To Develop An Application With Geolocation

To develop an application with geolocation, you can use the largest and most famous map platform in the world, Google Maps Platform.
This tool is nothing more than a programming interface for Google's APIs. In it, you will find a set of APIs and SDKs that will allow both the creation of your application, as well as the implementation of resources such as maps, geolocation and various other functionalities linked to Google.
The Places SDK for Android allows you to create location-aware applications for Android systems that respond contextually to local businesses and other places near the device. Now if you are developing for iOS, you will be using the Places SDK for Android.
In addition to the SDK corresponding to the system you are working with, to develop an application with geolocation you will need the Geolocation API. It is this API that will allow your application to use the function of finding devices based on data provided by GPS signals, cell towers and Wi-Fi.

Top Geolocation App Ideas For Entrepreneurs

Facebook joined others in launching a geolocation application after the success of mobile geolocation applications such as Places, Foursquare, Gowalla and Brightkite. Questions are beginning to arise about how to use these applications to generate more business. If it is true, we already know what some brands like Starbucks have done and also that the "Mayor" of each place can receive some special benefits or discounts, which motivates people to "check-in" at the places to be able to earn that position and therefore the benefits.
We can also give some other uses to geolocation applications. Today, we will talk about ideas and creative ways in which we can use geolocation applications for business especially in restaurants:

Upon Arrival At The Restaurant

Currently: You arrive at a restaurant and the hostess tells you that they have a 40-minute wait, gives them a square buzzer, the kind that vibrates and turns on when they call you, and tells you not to go too far than the radius of action.
Geolocation: You check-in at the restaurant and automatically receive a message with the following: waiting time, number of people ahead of you, list of other friends in the restaurant and in case you fancy asking for the specials at the day. As you are not limited to the radius of action, you can walk around the area or the mall, look for your friends and talk or decide what you are going to order while they send you the message telling you that your table is ready.

At The Time Of Paying The Bill

Currently: After the spectacular meal you ate, a dessert and coffee, it's time to wait for the innkeeper to bring the bill. If is very crowded, the process is usually a bit slow. After a certain wait, the innkeeper brings you the bill, you review it, put your credit card in and again wait for it to be brought to you again to sign.
Geolocation: The application recognizes that you are in the place by the GPS of your phone, after eating, dessert and coffee.You simply have to send a message to the restaurant to send you the bill. You can receive it, and if it is integrated with card acceptance, you can enter your information, pay it immediately and you Send your receipt by email or just receive the account to review it and the innkeeper comes to look for your payment method.

When Ordering Your Car

Currently: after paying the bill, you have to go to the valet and give them your ticket so they can pick up your car. You almost always have to wait a few minutes for it to be delivered, and if there are a lot of people at the same time then the wait becomes longer.
Geolocation: when you arrived and did “check-in” with the valet, they immediately assigned you a ticket number. When you send the message to pay the bill, the application sends a message to the valet to prepare your car, so when you are ready with the payment, your car is waiting for you at the door of the restaurant.


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