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How Much Does It Cost To Create A Messenger App Like Botim?

App Development

Dec 2023
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how much does it cost to create a messenger app like botim
Have you ever considered developing a messaging app like Botim but backed off due to the expense?
Well, you are not alone, almost every developer or company plans to create a messaging app but drops the idea because of high cost.
The messaging app helps people to connect, send and receive information, and communicate fluently via video call or voice call. In short, the messaging app provides a platform for communicating.
So what if it requires a huge investment, you can still create a profitable business with the proper planning of expenses on the features and development of the app. Without wasting further time, let’s learn how to create app like Botim.

What Is Botim?

Botim is a messaging app that allows you to connect individuals or groups through messages, voice calls, and video calls. The messages can be text, picture, or video, and you can also share your location and important documents. Botim was acquired by a mobile app development company in Dubai named Astra Tech in January 2021.
The platform has surpassed 150 million users and has grown 41 times since it was launched in January 2023. So, Botim is a highly successful and one of the fastest-growing social messaging apps, and if you create app like Botim, you can reach that milestone as well.

Understanding the Need for Messenger App Development

Statistics of the Messenger App

You must be wondering, why should I invest in a massaging app? The simple answer is, that you get a huge market to target.
The Statistics of mobile users using messaging app:
  • In 2019 the number of users of messaging apps was 2.56 billion worldwide
  • In the year 2023, it increased by 3.32 billion.
  • Estimated to reach 3.51 billion users in 2025.
Quite a huge number, right?
According to data, if you build a messaging app, billions of users can use it. But, the question is, how to make them use your app?
Well, users prefer a well-developed app, and an efficient app requires valuable features and investments. Simple! People want to connect, and you just need to create an app that’ll be a bridge to their connection.

Key Features to Develop a Messenger App Like Botim

The necessary features developers should add to a messaging app:

1) Voice and Video Calling

The messaging app without voice calling and video calling is useless, No one will use the app just for messaging purposes. One needs to provide high-definition video calls and voice calls alongside texting.
Video calling app is highly appreciated among users, it is a medium that provides personalized experience and proper communication.

2) Messaging

It is obvious that the text is a part of messaging, but you need to provide additional features such as emojis, stickers, group sharing, and document sharing.
The matter of fact is, that the additional texting feature makes massaging flawless and allows users to share important information.

3) User Authentication

Privacy is always a concern, and the users don't compromise with safety of their valuable data and personal information. So make sure to provide the feature of user authentication.
This feature allows cross-checking and verification of the user and only allows users to access the data. Safety ensures the trust of users on your app.

4) Contacts Integration

Don’t leave the users in doubt about whom to connect with after downloading your app. Let them talk to the people they already know.
The contact integration allows users to sink their contacts and connect the people already existing in their contact list.

5) Cross-platform Compatibility

It is the developer’s responsibility to develop an app that works flawlessly on every device and system. Test the app on different devices and operating systems, and make sure that every feature works properly.

6) Customization Option

Users like to customize the background themes and settings of fonts, providing them options to make changes and choose their favorite layout enhances their experience. 
Don’t forget to provide multiple and fancy themes for the chat background, and funny stickers to use in chat.

Cost Consideration in App Development

The major factors that affect the cost of development

1) Development Team

The major expense should be spent on the development team, the creators of the app should be highly skilled and experienced, and also affordable.
To create an app like Botim, you need to hire app developers or an app development agency. The development of an efficient app requires a team of mobile app developers, UI/UX designers, Business development analysts, and app testers.
So, you need to figure out how much investment to put in which sector and whom to hire, for excellent app development.

2) App Features

Adding valuable features like video calling and encryption increases the cost, but that doesn’t mean you should not add those features and go for the basic messaging app.
The expense of adding advanced features is not a waste of money, it is a valuable investment. So, make a plan of what features to add and what can be avoided to reduce unnecessary expenses.

3) App Design

The app design is an important part on which you should spend some money, The visual appearance of the app makes a huge impact on the user’s mind, and the pretty design always attracts users to give it a try.

4) Multiple Platforms

You need to hire a platform-specific developer to develop an app for Android, iOS, and a website. The expenses can go higher to hire multiple developers for different platforms.
It sounds expensive, but no need to worry, you can find an app development agency that provides developers for all the platforms. So, you just need to make a one-time investment and the agency takes care of everything.

5) Backend Development

The expenses on the server-side development for data and message storage also increase the cost. The task of finding an affordable backend developer is not easy but with the proper analysis and research, you can find one.

6) Quality Assurance

In the end, testing the quality of your app is a final touch that ends your process smoothly. You need to hire an experienced quality assurance team to test the features on different platforms.
The cost of hiring a skilled quality assurance team can increase the cost, but it adds major value to your app.

7) App Maintenance

The other expenses for updating the apps or fixing bugs and errors vary based on the scale of the update needed. Maintenance of the app ensures the flawless performance of the app and enhances the user’s experience.


Developing an efficient messaging app requires amazing app development and valuable investment. Perform the cost estimation based on required features and expenses.
You can build an efficient app with the help of app developers and designers, or you can hire an app development agency. Choose the cost-efficient option that also provides big benefits.
Hire the top 3% of best-in-class developers!

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