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Enhancing Mobile App User Experience With In-App Animation

App Development

Oct 2020
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enhancing mobile app user experience with in-app animation
Micro-interactions, in-app animations, and transitions do a fantastic job enhancing user experience and optimizing overall app usability. A good design is evident, but a great design is transparent, as heard several times. When it comes to in-app animations, this is a true saying for user experience design.
In this blog, we will share our expert knowledge of designing an incredible in-app animation that grabs user attention and doesn't distract using your mobile app.
Good animation vs. Bad animation
The top thing that makes for a good animation is its duration. Appropriate animation time ranges from 250ms-900ms. A good animation should be in a flow and help imagine the change in the state of a system. It renders feedback to the user on taps and gestures, offering them a sense of direct interaction.
Lousy animation is typically slow and excessive. Such animation distracts and annoys the user rather than help them understand mobile app logic and enhance usability. Awful in-app animation is uncertain with the rest of the user experience. Bad motion graphics end up confusing a user.
In-app Animation Types & Principles of design
In-app animation is one of the hottest UI design trends that is like a cherry on the cake for your mobile user experience. You must know the most well-known in-app animations, their place, and function inside an app.
Visual feedback animation
visual feedback animation
A visual animation's primary task is to notify a user if a specific action was successful or not. It is very natural for us to feel like objects respond to our interaction with them in the real world. A good motion designer should be able to replicate interaction with real objects in a mobile app.
Visualize what you would feel if you press a real button. You feel the power put into this action and the obstruction of the button. You can create the same effect using in-app animation, making the user experience even better. Engaging with sensor screens, we handle vibrations and visual signs to get an answer from a mobile app. Motion buttons, color change, switches, or tick assists a user feel or know that an action is accomplished.
Progress & Loading Animation
Animation of timelines, progress bars, and other dynamic elements can do more for the effectiveness of the overall mobile app user experience than you could visualize. Progress motion helps to notify a user that he is moving ahead in the process. Also, it helps to render psychological comfort for a user while waiting.
When you allow a user to understand the progress level and current scenario, it removes the negative user experience. Also, progress motion makes the process of waiting more delightful, being itself the entertainment element.
A good progress motion helps not only set the right user mood but even become a stunning design peculiarity that will make your mobile app stand out amongst others.
Loading motion graphics seems the most popular in mobile apps by an iOS app development company. Many times, it's considered as a subset of progress animation. Its functions are similar to a progress animation and notify a user about moving ahead in some process and even entertains while waiting. There are various types of loading motion graphics, like pull-to-fresh animations, loaders, and preloaders.
Function change
The idea is to show a user in-app element changes when they engage with it. This type of motion ideally works when you need to demonstrate how the functions of the elements can alter.
Icons and buttons typically accompany function change motion graphics. Here you can see the motion graphics showing that the icon alters alongside the content to show that the button's function has altered.
Navigation Animation
The designer's main aim is to simplify user engagement with a product as much as possible. Meaning, more intricate is the structure of an app, the more time a designer should devote to make the navigation simpler and intuitively understood. In such cases, navigation animation saves a game.
A mobile app user can effortlessly discover a hidden in-app element if you showcase it using animation.
Marketing animation
marketing animation
Both marketing animation or animated marketing constitutes a very interactive way of communication with the TA. The motion graphics of mascots, logos, and similar elements can significantly boost brand awareness.
Marketing animation is typically used to capture user attention to brand elements. It helps to build more emotional relationships between a brand & users, mainly when the in-app animation is fun and memorable.
Marketing animation is used mostly on the welcome app screens. A chance to make a first impression is on the welcome screen. So, it would be wonderful to start user interaction with an exceptional marketing animation.
Appealing and memorable, this motion logo will not be common in this mobile app. A successful logo animation can activate joy, excitement, and curiosity.
Fun animation & Storytelling
Everyone loves stories. Storytelling can make your mobile app really engaging or storytelling animation & gamification.
All the elements such as animated badges, stickers, mascots, rewards can bring life into your mobile app and make an app interface much more fascinating.
When designing a fun app motion ensure that it does not overshadow or isn't time-taking.
Animated Notifications
A very simple question to help us move ahead in our discussion: What is an app notification? It is notifying users or grabbing their attention to the updates in a mobile app. The first idea of these alerts is to keep the user updated about the most critical information. Hence, it is better not to miss out on really crucial information.
Subdued in-app animation makes notifications conspicuous, fun and helps to keep updated on important information.
Final Words
Unnoticeable and interactive animation will absolutely help your user communicate with your mobile app more naturally and effortlessly.
It can be challenging to determine how to design an outstanding UI/UX design for your mobile app if you are an entrepreneur or an app development company, considering the fierce competition and users increasing demands.
Hopefully, this blog will help you make your mobile user experience outstanding with in-app animation.
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