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Extensive Guide About 10KTF NFT Platform


Aug 2022
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extensive guide about 10ktf nft platform
Have you ever invested your efforts and money in an unnamed organization trusting their popularity? Most of you will say no as this is a foolish step to take. Well, Gucci and Puma did. Gucci and Puma announced their collaboration with an unnamed NFT Organization.
This unnamed NFT organization is 10KTF. The reason to mention it as an unnamed organization as the identity of the founder of this NFT platform is still a mystery. The only hint of the owner and founder of the 10KTF NFT platform is a fictional character Wagmi-San. As Gucci and Puma are not just foolish brands to invest millions of dollars and collaborate with an unnamed brand, 10KTF has been a topic of discussion all around the globe.
We know you are as unfamiliar with the existence of 10KTF as half of the world, we will start from the introduction while driving you through the entire journey of the 10KTF. It's time for you to get chained to this blog, as we are now going to release all-over knowledge about 10KTF, along with the reasons; why you need to know about it.

What Is 10KTF?

As we have mentioned above 10KTF is an NFT. Defining this won't be enough so, here is the explanation of what 10KTF is and how it works. Put it simply, 10KTF delivers exceptional Metaverse wearables for users of particular NFT projects.
The official website of 10KTF stated that the NFT uses a purpose-built ERC 721 agreeing smart contract to allow users to prepare derivative NFTs from their existing NFTs.
The smart contract guarantees that the owner of the existing proprietor of the NFT can fabricate the subordinate NFT and that only one NFT is minted for each connected parent NFT. Each 10KTF thing is exceptional (1 of 1) and arrives at a balanced with the parent project NFT.

Who Is Behind 10KTF?

The person behind 10KTF is Wagmi San - a digital artisan who lives in New Tokyo. Even though Wagmi San has the whole timeline of his existence and how he tries to keep his shop safe by a mafia of frogs named Cryptoadz, and their big boss, called Boss Toad.
Wagmi San owns a shop that creates accessories for Apes, Cats, Wizards, and Toadz as per his mood on that particular day. Till the date, the collection contains more than 22,200 NFTs. If you are expecting an actual big name behind the foundation of 10KTF, well, that is still unknown. Even with all this popularity, the identity of the actual founder of 10KTF is still hidden. There is a lot of guessing work though.
  • WeNew
  • Beeple
  • Gucci collab team
  • Apecoin
All these are widely suspected to be the actual founder based on their tweets and coordination with Wagmi San. So, all we can say, for now, is that we should wait until we publish another blog with more details after we get the news about the founder of the 10KTF NFT platform.

How To Browse Through 10KTF?

10KTF allows the users to browse through the battle town that only NFT owners can access.
Clients can go to participate in battles happening around the New Tokyo world by choosing different missions. Players ought to be outfitted with things to have the option to win and contend.
Level 1 is composed of Metaverse-based wearable stuff that users should have. The wearable comprises various items, such as clothing, vests, helmets and many more.
The impending Battle Town Level 2 is presenting new things that are more advanced than level one. This incorporates battle stuff like flamethrowers, firearms, and rifles. To secure level 2 things, clients should mint a carton.

What Are Missions in Battle Town?

Subsequent to interfacing your Metamask wallet, you can look over accessible missions and join by delivering your loadout of avatars stacked with 10KTF items to help Wagmi- Sam.
During the mission registration time, you ought to affirm your loadouts. Every Mission will have an unmistakable enlistment period. Players will be cautioned through a refreshed commencement meter on Battle.town before every registration meeting and during the mission.

After Effects of The Mission

When a Mission begins, no more players can join in, in any case, you can monitor the mission process. Players can earn Stockroom materials, physicals, Storypoint identifications, and different products as a reward after the mission. After every Mission, users can claim these things on Battle.town. If 10KTF decides to make missions that compensation out in apecoin, players will actually be able to collect their awards on 10kfrens.org after the mission.

What Benefits Businesses Can Get Through the 10KTF NFT Platform?

Business needs to be updated with the trends to stay in the competition. With no effort putting your business out there and trying your best to attract more customers, there are no chances of survival. We have advanced in the digital world of Metaverse and NFT, it is a perfect time to step up your game.
As we know Wagmi Sam, a fictional character came into existence in Sept 2021 and got attention from Beeple, Gucci and Puma as of now. With a little bit of guesswork, we can predict the potential NFT has. You can take advantage of this to introduce your business with advancement.


Even though it does not sound like an easy project to handle. NFT marketplace development is a tough thing to deal with. It demands a thorough understanding of all the latest and advanced technologies, such as Metaverse, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and many more.
These demand support from experts. As the NFT development itself is a complex concept dealing with cryptocurrencies and blockchain businesses should consider hiring NFT developers that can understand the project requirements thoroughly and present a solution as astonishing as the 10KTF NFT platform.
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