Get An Amazing Mobile User Experience Working On These Four Pillars

get an amazing mobile user experience working on these four pillars
It is necessary that you achieve great user experience in your app to build customer loyalty. This is because mobile devices represent the main channel of access to customer searches, comparisons, and purchases. In addition, this trend will be further emphasized in the near future.
Although the final purchase step is still mostly carried out on computers, in recent years, purchases through mobile devices are growing at a very fast pace.
Whether in your e-commerce, web, or mobile app, the user experience plays a fundamental role in promoting your services in achieving the expected conversions.
The user experience denotes not only the quality of your mobile app or website but also affects the perception of your product or service. To get the best possible user experience that allows you to retain your customers and get more sales, you must pay special attention to these four fundamental pillars.
1. Ensure the speed and smooth operation of your website and mobile app
The development aspect of the web pages and mobile app pays an essential role in the user experience. As a result, you need to communicate with the app developers properly. If the app has a slow loading time, this will badly discourage the users from retaining the app on their devices.
Fast, fluid, and error-free loading (or bugs) is an essential and the basis of good user experience. Statistics show that fast page loading is a necessity to convince Internet users in that short period of time. In addition, Google favors websites that have a fast loading time now more than ever on the mobile channel with the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages).
AMP is an open-source initiative promoted by Google along with a large number of media and other technology partners around the world. Traffic on mobile devices is already higher than desktop computers, and sometimes browsing from mobile devices can be very frustrating for the user. Because some sites are not optimized for mobile browsing, AMP was created with the aim of improving the loading speed of mobile web pages.
2. Content and functionalities are keys to the user experience
You need to consider the most important features of your app carefully. If you want to get an excellent user experience, you must know the features of your website and mobile app that the users value the most. This can be achieved by meeting with top app development companies.
content and functionalities are keys to the user experience
In addition to including the most demanded features by your users and ensuring that they easily accessible, pay special attention to the texts of your app or web pages.
The texts are a fundamental piece to get attention and direct the user through your app or website to getting a conversion (purchase, subscription, etc.).
3. The design or User Interface (UI) is the most "visual" user experience
The design or UI is the third pillar on which you must base your user experience. When we talk about design - UI, we are referring to all the screens that make up your app or website.
A good mobile design must have a well-defined focus. Every screen responds to a primary action and must be very evident in the eyes of the user. Your goal is to guide the users with very clear texts and call-to-action buttons.
A good design should include consistent buttons, icons, and navigation flows. It is very important that the icons you use are intuitive. The user should know where they will take him if he clicks on them. A good design should contextualize the user.
4. The 360º Communication of the brand is very relevant in the user experience.
The mobile channel should be one of the channels that your company is using to communicate with potential clients. As such, it must be in total harmony with all others: websites, social networks, TV ads, press, and billboards, etc.
the 360 communication of the brand is very relevant in the user experience
Make sure that any channel that direct traffics to your mobile app is greatly designed. Prepare specific landing pages on your mobile website and app (internal links to specific sections of the app) so that the content you direct to your users is perfectly adapted to these devices. Avoid breaking the "momentum" in which your customers are since they will leave your website/app before having consummated the sale or conversion that you pursue.
Remember that good design should use contrast well since it is very difficult for us to see the screen of our phone, and there are certain colors that do not favor readability when under the sunlight. Testing outdoors is a good way to ensure good visibility.
Even if you implement all these recommendations in your design, it is always advisable to do a usability test before launching your app or website. This test will give you relevant information on how your target audience uses the platform, what are their doubts, suggestions, etc.
In conclusion
The user experience is vital for the success of your mobile app and websites. Discuss what you want with the app development companies and put the criteria listed above into consideration. This will enable you to convert prospective clients into existing and returning clients.

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