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Guide to Get Investors for Your Mobile App Startups

App Development

Apr 2024
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how to get investors for your mobile app startups

Explore this inclusive guide to chart out a strategic roadmap to secure potential investors for your mobile app startup. It informs you regarding practical tips and strategies for effective funding endeavors in the long run.

Everyone with a creative app idea seeks a piece of the lucrative mobile app market. But wait, isn't a concept just sufficient? Alright, no! You'll need a budget to develop a distinctive and highly scalable mobile app. Financial investments are needed for market research, product development, marketing campaigns, and other app development phases.

However, obtaining money for your software is undoubtedly difficult. For this reason, you have to find investors for your company. So, be sure to do some preliminary research before you present your app concept or business idea to investors. If investors believe your idea is revolutionary, they will undoubtedly invest.

Types of Investors

The market offers a range of funding options. You might have to look in various places and make different types of pitches to potential investors, depending on your app idea, the amount of money you require, and your current development stage.

Startups worldwide raised a total of $415.1 billion from investors in 2022.

Without any more delay, let's explore the many kinds of investors you might come across.

Known Circle

You can typically tell family and acquaintances that your app idea is worth the easiest. Generally speaking, though, personal connections can only initially fund the company. With that money, you could develop a prototype to present to potential investors and do market research. You must think about different options if you want to do more.


Inviting your friends or relatives to join you as co-founders is the second method. A person is more inclined to contribute to your project if they are confident that it has sufficient potential. If you have enough trust in them, you can also look for people outside of your network to co-found your company.

App Contests

Around the world, several fundraising app competitions are held. These highly competitive app competitions offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to pitch their ideas to potential investors and convince them to fund their products.


It is a type of fundraising software or website where individuals collaborate to generate funds using the Internet and other networks. To run a successful crowdsourcing campaign, you will surely need to invest in marketing as well as time and effort for a greater app development process.

Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists

These are the people you should contact if you require a large amount of money for your mobile business. These groups usually make big cash offers.

Steps to Gain the Trust of Investors for Mobile App Startups

It would not help simply to have a basic app idea; investors want to see how much you've truly thought about this. Investors want proof that you've done market research on your rivals and that your product has a chance to be successful.

1) Validate Your Idea

Coming up with a brilliant idea might be challenging. You must generate concepts that have the potential to impact and solve customers' problems. Working on your passion or area of interest is an excellent place to begin.

Thus, conduct in-depth market research and identify the level of competition in the industry for your app. Make sure your app idea is unique and not a copy of what another company is selling. Media ideas for development business may also advise you on if your idea is practical.

2) Find the Right Market

It's critical to understand the market's competitive environment. To keep ahead of the competition and learn about the latest innovations that other applications in your industry are providing, you must conduct in-depth research on them.

3) Define the Size of the Market

You may obtain an estimate of the market size by researching the competitive landscape. To give potential mobile app stakeholders accurate information about the likely opportunities and hazards, you must first identify your target market and market share.

4) Select a Reliable App Development Company

Hire app developers as these professionals can potentially help in transforming your scheme into a reality. Select a business that has completed comparable tasks and produced comparable goods with success.

A mobile app development in the USA  employs a group of skilled developers, UI/UX designers, and industry experts who provide knowledgeable recommendations while consistently considering your vision.

The organization offers access to the newest technologies for all as well as startup app development companies and the most recent industry knowledge. It assists in developing an app with the newest features and capabilities that will undoubtedly astonish investors.

Therefore, collaborating with a team of dedicated app developers and development partners is the best course of action if you want investors to support your app.

5) Create MVP

The initial iteration of a product with a minimal set of functionalities is called an MVP, or minimum viable product. It is a practical and economical method of assisting investors in comprehending how your program functions.

Before approaching app startup investors, you may determine whether your app has the potential to flourish with an MVP. Nothing is more appealing to an investor than a company whose owners have put a lot of time and money into it and that is already profitable.

6) Cost of Funding Your App

No hard and fast amount of money must be raised for the launch of the app.

The precise quantity will vary depending on the cost of developing your app idea, the team, the app's complexity, and other elements.

For example, the price of a basic MVP with few capabilities might range from $15,000 to $50,000. On the other hand, the price of a more sophisticated cross-platform application with APIs might range from $50,000 to $200,000.

However, engage with your full-cycle app development business to determine the app's principal goal, functionalities, and expected cost of app development before reaching out to app investors.

If you don't have any financial preparations in place, you run the danger of miscalculating finances and losing your ambition. If you wind up with more money than you need, you might have to give investors in your mobile app ideas business your owner's share of the business.


To get investors for your mobile app startup, it is important to have a well-developed and scalable app idea, present an MVP with minimal features to showcase your seriousness, make a good first impression, and explore different types of investors such as family and friends, co-founders, app contests, crowdfunding, angel investors, and venture capitalists.

Gain the trust of investors by validating your idea, understanding the market and competition, defining the size of the market, choosing a reliable app development partner, and creating an MVP.

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