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How To Create A Messaging App Like Telegram?

App Development

Aug 2022
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how to create a messaging app like telegram
It is not like no one knows about telegram here. After all, they were having 400 million monthly users in April 2019. Telegram comes after Snapchat in the most popular chat application, securing 6th position in the race. What are the best features of Telegram? We may consider message encryption, delivery speed, and user privacy as the greatest features of telegram application.
Let me not hide some extra stats of telegram. In June telegram was in the top 10 applications all over the play store. No telegram has total downloads of 500 million and by the end of 2022, they are targeting to hit the number of 1 billion users.
We are going to learn how you may actually build an application like a telegram app. But first, you need to understand what actually the telegram is? Well, I know that you know that telegram is an application, a chatting or social messaging application you would say. But what I am telling is what actually telegram is? Let me tell you this straight starting from the next paragraph.

What Is A Telegram Messaging App?

Telegram application is actually a cloud-based instant messaging application mainly focusing on texts, videos, and VIOP service. In 2015 telegram delivered almost 15 billion messages. Well that is a pretty huge number, isn't it?
Here are some interesting features which make Telegram a great application
  • Self-destruct media in normal chats
  • Add Animated stickers to videos & images
  • Slow mode for group spam
  • You can use multiple Telegram accounts

How To Create Application Like Telegram?

There are some standard features of this kind of application. To build such applications you will have to fulfill all these features in your application.
The list is pretty huge so, tighten your seatbelt. Because here it comes.
  • Voice calling
  • Video calling
  • Sign-up
  • Text messages
  • Voice and video messages
  • Themes
  • Smart searches
  • Groups
  • Export data
  • 2FA verification
  • Cloud storage
  • Syncing with contacts
You would have to consider some admin side features and user side features too. Here are some specified admin-side features.
  • Login
  • Manage users
  • Member's profile
  • Push notification 
  • User privileges
  • Reporting analytics
Not only features you will have to consider some extra key features or would say key factors to make your application more powerful.

Key Factors of an Application Like Telegram

1) File Type and Size

Telegram allows you to send any type of file, including music, videos, and other kinds of media. It's perfect for sharing snaps with family and friends, as well as sending your favorite bands' latest tracks to your mates who just made a mix tape for you. Through Telegram.

2) End-to-end Encryption

Privacy matters. This has been the one and only motto of the Telegram app to protect users’ information and conversations when across the platform. And so we understand the need to take this factor into account while building a custom Telegram app of your own.

3) Cloud Storage

Telegram is a cloud-based chat app that allows users to download data storage and accessibility on iOS, Android, Mac OSX, Windows, and Linux. While also gives users the ability to track how much time they spend on their mobile phones for both business and personal use.

4) Multiple Group Creation Options

You might actually get to make 2 types of groups on the telegram application.
  • Normal group: Which we eventually make on every social media platform. You may add 200 members or bots to this group.
  • Super groups: 10,000 people. Yes, you read it right. You may add 10,000 people to this group and it is a private group.

What Is the App Development Process For an Application Like a Telegram?

1) Market research

It's important to understand who your target audience is for any project you work on, especially something as important as a messaging app. If you don't take the time to understand who will be using your app and what they need from a messaging app, it's unlikely that anyone will want to use it. Make sure you consider your audience's needs before you start building your app, and you'll be more likely to create something that people will actually want to use.

2) Concept Creation

When developing a social media app, you must ask yourself what unique value proposition it will have compared to existing solutions like Telegram. What problem will your app solve that Telegram has not? How will your app be different, but also similar enough to Telegram that users will want to try it? These are essential questions to answer when planning your social messaging app.

3) Development Stage

First things first, you don't need to wait until your messaging app is completed to release it. However, it is important that the MVP has a crucial feature set. By releasing your minimum viable product to a limited user base, you can collect feedback and use it to make improvements.

4) Release Your App

When releasing your messaging app which developed by social media app development company to the public, you have two popular stores to choose from: Google Play Store and AppStore. Many experts recommend starting with Google Play Store because it is the most popular option, with over 3 million apps. Additionally, most global smartphone users have Android mobile phones. The Android operating system has 87% of the market.


It is not easy to build a social messaging application like Telegram. Because it requires a lot of patience and effort. You will have to be completely dedicated to your goal while building such an application. After all, it is not a piece of cake. With very basic features you might build a Telegram-like app for $30,000. So why not start with the basics.
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