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JavaScript Vs Python: Which Is Better For Your Next Project?

Web Development

Dec 2022
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javascript vs python: which is better for your next project?
What is javascript?
What is python?
Which is better Javascript or Python?
Javascript or Python? Which one should you use for your next project?
Is Javascript better or python?
If these questions bother you as an app developer, this article is for you. In this article, we will discuss the absolute difference between these languages while looking at each of them and their performance individually. So without further ado, let us get into it!
The IT sector is highly unpredictable. Mobile app development companies hire dedicated app developers every day in order to meet the demands of their clients. The functionalities need to be as engaging and easy to use as possible as more and more people are preferring to do things online. This has led companies to take hasty decisions in order to succeed.
Some of the trends in the market have certainly helped some apps to skyrocket in terms of reach and profits while others have done well in terms of consistent performance. This is the reason why everyone is laying great stress on choosing the right platform for delivering the best product that can actually earn the maximum profits in the market. Let us now look into each of the languages individually.

Introduction to Python Development

Python is a more dynamic language that is being used for computational processes. It first hit the market in the year 1991 and since then has seen no stopping. With the help of stacks like Django, coding has become significantly easier for app developers. It is mainly used for organizing and performing tasks on databases in machine learning and has many other advantages. The main advantage of python is it is not language-bound. This means that writing code in python is extremely easy and flexible hence it remains the top choice of app development companies. It also helps to cut down any extra code that might totally be unnecessary. Python is not syntax bound. It is also very easy to master.
The main advantages of python are as follows:
  • Python is not syntax bound
  • It is faster compared to other languages
  • It is easy to adapt to
  • It has high scalability
  • It can help simplify and break down complex parts of the program
  • It is an open-source language making it free to download
  • It has multiple library functions that help to ease the task of the app developers
  • It has multimedia and animation support

Introduction to JavaScript Development

JavaScript is used in 90% of the websites that we see today. It is the bases of connecting the front end of a program to the back end to help make the process of data transfer easier and quicker. Almost all top app development companies use Javascript dues to its high reliability. Javascript is also extremely scalable. It first make its appearance in 1995 and has been growing in popularity ever since. There were many issues faced in the previous version like lagging apps and poor response time but they have now been resolved in the newer version of this platform.
It is used in both frontends as well as backend. The front end is popularly paired with React while the back end lends a hand from Node. Dedicated app developers are being hired in order to meet the rising demands of customers. The apps are expected to be more and more interactive and easy to use and Javascript helps app development companies to meet these requirements easily. This is the reason it is highly favored in the app development sector. The list below indicates the advantages of using Javascript.
The advantages of using Javascript are as follows:
  • It offers more functionality to the website or app
  • The interactive elements can be added with the help of Javascript and CSS
  • It helps in making DOM manipulation easier for the app developer
  • It can be used in the User Interface as well as the back end of the code
  • It has more control over the browser
  • It is open source and hence has no additional fees
  • It helps avoid data redundancy by sectioning the code

Comparison Between Python Development And Javascript Development

Now that we have got a brief introduction about each of the languages, let us study each of the differences that will help you pick the best one for your next project.

Speed and Performance

In terms of speed, python is faster than Javascript. It is more reliable for CPU-based calculations which might take a lot of time to be done manually. As for Javascript, it helps app developers to solve real-time problems with an object-oriented approach. The main reason for using Javascript on the web is for making the application faster and easier to use. Python is a more mathematical language that is used for sorting and performing operations on given datasets. Pythons slacks in terms of multi-functionality.

Scalability of the Language

Scalability is the ability to deal with website or application traffic and meet the demands of the complexity of the code. Due to multiple threads being executed at the same time, JS programs have high scalability than python codes. Python analyzes the code line by line and this is not helpful for more complex programming needs. It used Glocal Interpreter Lock. This feature does not support data redundancy programs efficiently. But, there are a number of libraries that can be added to the program to make it more efficient and reduce the response time wherever the app is launched.


The rise of Javascript and Python has been seen since they have been launched. Due to the fact that both are open source, they are favored highly in the sector. Top companies like Twitter, Instagram, and facebook are using these platforms in the front end as well as the back end of their application. Python is preferable for computational databases while Javascript is used to deal with heavy-traffic websites that are based to provide solutions to real-world problems. If used correctly, both are sure to being heavy profits for the app development company.
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