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React Native Vs Swift – Complete Guide For iPhone App Development

App Development

Sep 2022
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react native vs swift complete guide for iphone app development
Do you know there are more than 3.59 million apps available on the app store? People all around the world are stepping into the world of mobile applications that can help them to reach their target audience and enhance their service offerings.
Even though all of those mobile applications serve different purposes Most iPhone app development companies use Swift and React Native to develop various kinds of mobile apps, whether they be gaming applications, e-commerce store applications or service-oriented mobile applications. But what are Swift development and React native development?

What Is Swift Development?

Swift is an Apple-introduced programming language. As this cutting-edge programming language is developed by Apple, there is no rocket science in understanding that it is one of the best ones for iPhone app development. Swift development is a top choice to develop mobile applications for Apple WatchOS, Apple TV mobile applications and various other iPhone-based mobile applications.

What is React Native Development?

Another cutting-edge programming language React Native is developed by Facebook. Unlike Swift development, React Native is one of the preferred languages for iOS development, Android development, web app development and various others. One of the reasons app development companies prefer react native app development as it minimizes the development efforts by up to 70%. Along with that, this well-known and adaptive programming language is the most convenient for cross-platform development.
If both of them are perfect on their own, which one you can choose for your next app development project? Let's discuss them.

React Native Vs Swift: App Development Comparison

Mobile App Development Coding Speed

Swift app development offers better working functionality compared to Objective C. It is one of the programming languages with fewer flaws and legacy coding functionality. It can offer an exceptional working experience for iOS app development.
When it comes to React Native app development, it utilizes JavaScript to enhance the coding functionality. This powerhouse of programming language makes it easy for iPhone app developers to get started with their development journey. Ever since the innovation of JavaScript, it has been introducing various JavaScript frameworks and tools that make it easy for developers to perform development tasks with minimal effort.

Mobile App Stability

Regardless of being upheld by one of the most notable programming languages, Respond Native does not create really native application development. To make the mobile application more stable and capable, it utilizes internal APIs and libraries. Subsequently, putting a representative between the code and the platform is significant.
Swift app development, then again, makes native application development that can make the most of the app development platform's capacities. The Swift development performs better while managing realistic impacts and computationally serious positions, as was at that point laid out. The Swift development may in this way be a superior choice to empower your application.
Yet, do all applications empower the iPhone? Furthermore, what number of Swift app developers have the essential abilities to make a mobile application that is sufficiently productive to run more reliably than a react native one? The bottom line, if you hire app developers with enough years of experience, skills and proficiency they can deliver exceptional results whether it could be Swift development or React native development.
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App Development Documentation & User Guide

Along with Apple and Facebook development teams, the tech giants keep the support and maintenance in check. Considering that, the two of them are organized and well-documented. In reality, the two innovations offer principles for remarking on the code in a style that can be immediately transformed into documentation, in this way eliminating the required time. To be exact: JSDoc for Java Jazza, which changes Swift composed markdown remarks.
Along with the documentation offered by the project owner, the accommodation and automation of documentation help the development team form their development process.
So in actuality, each ineffectively depicted code seems, by all accounts, to be a mess at first look, paying little mind to how skilled the coder is. Automated documentation capacities, which make it conceivable to add remarks and produce the whole report, may save a lot of work.
As to delivery automation of documentation or in any event, working with app developers discussion all through the development cycle, React Native gives an undeniably further developed set of features.

App Development Maturity

Introduced in 2014 and 2015, Swift and React Native respectively are recent innovations. Albeit both of these innovations are new, there aren't numerous prominent qualifications.
Another programming language called Swift was made to supplant Objective-C. Since a programming language is the underpinning of all software, it is a troublesome interaction to design one.
Then again, React Native is another innovation that is upheld by JavaScript, a demonstrated innovation. Thus, it is less complex to analyze the code, recognize issues with the structure, and track down the development flaws.
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App Development Cost

To wrap things up, while considering the development innovation to use to finish the project. The app development cost is one of the significant variables to consider. Most of the issues in this industry might be settled with a direct chart that shows how quality ascents as cost rises. Notwithstanding, it is not generally the situation, particularly considering the iOS application development.
Different appraisals demonstrate that to some degree higher development hourly pay compensation of the quick app development team little affects the hourly compensation of web developers.
Clearly, there is not much difference with regards to a single app developer, however, there is when there is a team of developers included or dealing with a big development project.
React Native is hence to some degree more reasonable while considering the development costs estimated in hard money while keeping up with every one of the benefits it offers.


The clear development compression is not enough to demonstrate every single point of React Native and Swift development. Even though it seems like one is better than the other; it totally depends on your development project requirements.
So, rather than deciding everything on your own, it is better to check with the app development team. They can help you choose the best one using their years of experience, and expertise based on your project requirements.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Just as the cost estimation, defining the time frame of the iOS mobile app development depends on various factors such as project requirements, the complexity of the development, the type of mobile app, features and functionalities of the project, the required team of developers, and many more.

You can reach out to one of the top app development companies like Hyperlink InfoSystem and hire Swift developers or Hire React Native app developers to build an iOS mobile application based on your requirements.

iOS mobile app development cost estimation does not depend on just one factor. The cost estimation of iOS mobile app development depends on various factors, such as project requirements, type of mobile app, the complexity of the development, features and functionalities of the mobile app and many more.

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