Some Important Tips On How To Promote Your App

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Top app development companies have developed too many apps that it now takes a whole lot of strategies to promote your app unlike when apps were still few. No matter how good and beneficial your app is, people can’t use it if they are not aware of its existence. Top app development companies believe that launching an app without promoting it is like winking in the dark. Nobody knows what you are doing. 
There are several great strategies that app builders use to promote their mobile app. These strategies have been outlined one after the other here. You should adopt them so that you can also be among top app development companies too. 
Optimize it for app stores and search engines
Long before now, search engine optimization was only for web pages. But now, due to the number of apps that are available, top app development companies now dissipate a lot of resources to optimize their apps for search engines and app stores. It is very important for you to do the same. 
The number of people that will download and install your app is a function of the number of people that are aware of it. So, you should spare no expense in your optimization. In fact, some of the top app development companies usually hire search engine and app store optimization specialists.
Promote your mobile app on your website
It is not enough to just put an ad about your mobile app at the bottom of a page on your website. Even your customers will not take it seriously. You should design a particular web page for your mobile app. Break down all its advantages your app has over your website and include a call to action there.
As you explain some important steps on your website, if it is the one that can be done on your mobile app, you should include it in your explanation. Just keep hammering on the advantages of using your mobile app over your website. This will attract prospective users more.
Create a YouTube video
Videos attract attention faster than picture and text and they pass more information too. Most importantly, they linger longer on the mind of viewers. So, it is a good idea to develop a video demo on how your new mobile app works. 
The video should include clear instructions on how to use your app. Ensure you make the video brief and concise and also ensure that the most important information comes first. This is for people that may not watch it to the end.
Be unique
Unique apps are usually downloaded faster. So, try and make your app unique. The uniqueness should come in its function. It should be able to do a task no other app can handle or it should be able to do the task better than most other apps.
You need to be careful here. Don’t reinvent the wheel in your bid to be unique. It will be counterproductive. For instance, don’t change the universally accepted icons. You will make your app difficult to use. Everyone already understands that the icon for “delete” is a trash bin and the icon for “search” is a magnifying glass. Don’t change such icons. You will make it difficult for users to understand your app.
Advertise solutions not the app
Nobody uses an app for the sake of using it. Everyone uses apps to achieve something. So, you won’t attract many users if your ads are focused on the features of your app. Instead, focus on what the app can do. For instance, in advertising WhatsApp messenger, you will attract more users when you say “You can now send files and other documents through WhatsApp than when you say “WhatsApp is now new and improved. More features and functions have been added”.
Attract users with irresistible offers
People generally like promotional offers. So, you can use that to attract them to your app. For instance, if you sell products, you can give a certain discount to those that order your products through your mobile app for the first time. 
You will be amazed at how the news will fly. And when they download and install your app to make their first order, it is not likely that they will delete it afterwards.
You can also organize a contest or quiz through your app. Leave the link to the quiz on your app for a long time. You only need to advertise that the best ten or twenty participants will win certain prizes. A lot of people will install your app to participate in the quiz. Winners of the quiz will definitely become attached to your brand. Apart from the main prizes, you can also give out a lot of consolatory prizes. 
Instead of giving out expensive gifts to just a few winners, it pays more to give cheap gifts to more people. Something as small as a keyring or keyholder will do the magic.
Surprise the user of your apps always
Keep giving the users of your app surprises and they will not only stick to your app, they will also tell their friends and colleagues. For instance, you can do a regular update without notifying the user. You can just share coupons at random to some of the users of your app. Recipients of these coupons will not only stick to the use of your app. They will also invite their friends. 
Seek the help of influencers
Never underestimate the power of influencers. Having one influencer mention your app to his or her followers can lead to millions of downloads. Some influencers have over 20 million followers. If such an influencer advertises your app and half of his followers hit your link to download your app, you will receive at least ten million downloads in one fell swoop. So, you should connect to at least one influencer.
Submit your app to app review sites
A lot of users only download apps that have received positive reviews. So, you should submit your app to review sites. Remember, if your app is great, its review will be more like an advert. So, it helps to use review sites as a means of publicity.
In conclusion, if you can apply some of the tips above to the promotion of your app, then your app will have higher chances of becoming successful. 

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