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Top 6 Mobile App Ideas For Travel Business

App Development

Aug 2022
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top 6 mobile app ideas for travel business
There's no denying that people love to travel. It's one of the most popular hobbies and pastimes, which is why the travel industry is such a big moneymaker. In recent years, every travel business has been eager to get in on the trend of travel apps. They offer amazing features like quick hotel booking, flight booking, a tour guide, easy online payments, and more. After all, in today's tech-savvy world, a mobile website just isn't enough.
As consumer research shows, mobile transactions are on the rise in the travel industry. To reach and engage the present mobile generation, a mobile app is an answer.
When you're trying to figure out what kind of travel app development, it's important to think about what your target customer base needs. After all, if the app isn't useful to them, they won't be interested. However, if you can create an app that offers exactly what they want, you'll see great results. Your app will improve consumer loyalty and revenues, and you'll be able to engage new clients with your business.
There are a lot of different mobile apps out there for the travel industry. You can pick the concept that best suits your business and provide your audience with a useful and functional app accordingly.
However, before we start with the app ideas, let’s take a look at some market studies.

Market Studies

A recent research study by eMarketer found that is the seventh most popular type of app, and 60% of smartphone users prefer to use them to plan their leisure tours. According to the Statista report, in 2016 the travel and tourism industry was valued at more than 7.6 trillion US dollars. In 2017, it was valued at $1.6 trillion, with bookings making up a significant portion of that total. The tourism sector is experiencing steady growth every year and is becoming increasingly popular all over the world.
Europe is the most popular tourist destination, while the Asia Pacific region receives double the number of visitors as the second most popular region.
There is a number of sub-industries in the travel industry too.

6 App Ideas You Might Use for Your Travel Application

1) Niche Experience Travelling App

People use apps for different reasons. Some people want to travel and see the world in a different way, while others might be looking for a more unique experience. There are also people who are simply looking for a place to stay. This kind of app was developed with all of these people in mind. It provides a service that is tailored to the needs of its niche audience, ensuring that they have a great experience.

2) Hotel Booking Mobile App

This can be a travel app that allows users to find and book their accommodations while on a trip. This way, the app users will always have access to accommodation solutions, no matter where they are or what their plans are. This option can work great for people who like to travel spontaneously or who require making unexpected stops along the way. With the app’s help, even when the user is traveling, s/he can look for accommodation, such as a hotel room, couch-surfing, or homestay, whatever is desired.

3) Flight Booking Mobile App

Flight booking app allows its users to find flights to the location they want to travel to. The app can be useful in finding the upcoming flights to that location, seat availability, and flight fare (so that the users can compare it with other flight companies). The app also allows tracking flights on a phone map, by number and airport or route. Users can check for conditions like weather, current delays, check-in, boarding, take-off, and landing time. The app offers the necessary information. Here the app can be made available via Android, iPhone, Apple Watch, and the web.
Flight App is one of the best sources for Travel industries.

4) Bus Ticket Booking Mobile App

There can be apps for bus ticket booking, just as there are for flight booking. Many destinations are easily covered by bus, and some people even have a fear of flying. A bus-ticket booking app would allow users to find available buses to their destination quickly, check ticket availability, boarding time, departure time, preferable departure station, and a lot more helpful information an app can offer. Nowadays, people generally prefer not to have to make a physical visit to the bus station in order to book their tickets when they can use a mobile app to do it within minutes.

5) Audio Tour Mobile App

This is an app that functions like an audio guide, giving you a personal tour guide experience wherever you go. The app covers the most interesting attractions in the city, including museums, gardens, cafes, restaurants, etc. And it works for many cities around the world. There are several similar apps on the market, but it's all about offering something unique to take you to the top. The app works as an audio guide for planning a sightseeing trip or a museum visit.
With this app, users can download tours in advance and access the maps and content offline. This is helpful for avoiding roaming costs and getting lost during sightseeing.

6) City Tour Guide App

Offer a mobile app that is useful, interactive, and informative to users while traveling to a city. Mobile users today appreciate having easy access to information on their smartphones. City Tour Guide mobile apps serve as great companions for travelers, providing them with the information they need to make the most of their trip. In addition to being great for customer satisfaction, City Tour Guide apps can also help increase revenues.


In this blog, we discussed ideas for developing the most effective mobile app for the travel industry. If you want to develop a mobile app for your travel business, you should work with a travel app development company that has competent developers who can take your unique ideas and turn them into a money-making app. They will also help you maximize the return on investment for your travel company.
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