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Ways In Which Microcopy Can Improve The User Experience


Feb 2020
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ways in which microcopy can improve the user experience
User experience is measured based on various variables. The interface, usability, and functionality are three characteristics or elements that must be taken into account. For this reason, when designing a mobile app or website from app development companies, careful research is carried out, and different scenarios are considered as each decision can affect the user experience.
Even the smallest elements have the potential to improve the user experience. A common case is that of microcopy, "minimal" texts that can be found on apps and websites such as messages on call-to-action buttons, form labels, etc.
In this article, we explain how these small pieces of text can improve the user experience.
It can give a more human touch
At present, quality is not an exceptional attribute in products or services: customers believe that any product or service they acquire must be of quality. It is the least they expect. For this reason, brands are associated with a personality and values that allow them to differentiate themselves from the rest and connect easily with their target audience.
This personality is transmitted through graphic media and text. It is here that creative writing can make a big difference. By using different words, you can totally change the communication tone of a phrase. By giving a tone to each word you use, you can give a more human touch to your entire brand and, without a doubt, users will appreciate this effort.
Add a surprise factor to the design
add a surprise factor to the design
The surprise factor is an infallible tactic to attract your users. It implies that you have done something that the user does not expect and, therefore, generates a positive response from you. Users are usually impressed with images, or some interactive function used intelligently. However, with texts, you can also surprise your users. To do this, you not only need a well-written text based on the values, personality, and communication tone of the brand but also to locate the key points where this message can have the greatest impact.
Some common examples of these are error messages, loading screens, call-to-action-buttons, offers through pop-up windows, etc. It is also often used in 404 error pages to remove the tension that the user may feel and invite him to continue browsing the site.
It can increase user confidence
Every app or website has a specific purpose. In certain cases, you want to publicize the brand, highlight the benefits of a service, convince the visitor to subscribe to a newsletter, etc. All the organization and general design of the website are focused on this objective.
In some cases, the user is required to go through different phases or complete various steps before they can reach the goal. A clear example is an online store, where the user searches for the product that interests him, reviews the features and details, and adds it to his shopping cart. In certain cases, the texts that are added as a label on a form or the descriptions that are placed in the same field can increase the security or confidence of the user to complete an action or process. By specifying exactly the data or information that is needed, the user eliminates his doubts. In some cases, it can even encourage users to perform a particular action that will definitely increase your conversion rate.
Ending the visit to the app or site pleasantly
application and website
Adding a farewell message can be a detail that helps users feel more comfortable. Although this is a common technique in service platforms or applications, it is not used so much on websites. However, firing the user with a "See you later" or "See you soon" can be a nice detail and can be implemented through a pop-up window. In addition, in this way, you can offer a free download or subscription to a newsletter. It is also possible to add a farewell message as part of the footer.
In these cases, you should evaluate the functionality of the site and how adding that window can improve or worsen the user experience. In many pages, pop-up windows with offers are usually implemented when the user has just entered the site and also when their visit ends. If you already have this type of windows, then adding a more personalized or friendly message can increase your traffic, and hopefully, you can earn repeated visitors.
In conclusion
Although these pieces of text are minimal parts of the website, they have a great impact on the user experience and are necessary on a website. In any web page, in greater or lesser volume, these minimum texts can be found. And as such, you must be consistent with the entire design for it to become a unit. If you have found a communication tone in titles and other main texts, then you can apply that same tone in the smaller texts.
Both images, colors, and text must be associated with each other. All these elements help to communicate the message and keep the brand unified.
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