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What Is ASO Positioning, And How Does It Work?


Mar 2020
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what is aso positioning and how does it work
Many mobile applications are created daily by app developers, and millions of downloads are made. But how can we achieve our success with our mobile app? Here the ASO positioning becomes part, in charge of granting greater visibility.
Therefore, we will discuss what ASO is, its benefits, how it works, and much more in this article. Stay tuned and read on.
What is ASO positioning?
The competition we face is constantly growing today, with more than 9 million applications. Therefore, having a strategy is becoming increasingly essential.
The acronym of ASO refers to App Store Optimization, so to begin to understand this term, we will say that ASO positioning is like SEO positioning on web pages, but talking about mobile applications. Therefore, its main objective is based on positioning mobile applications in virtual stores such as the App Store or Google Play Store.
All this so that users can find us in an easy and fast way without changing pages or doing too much scrolling. And we must not forget that the final result we want to achieve is conversion.
How to position ourselves? Essential steps
First of all, we must take into account that each of the virtual stores has its own particularities. Therefore, we will see below in general how we can enhance our app.
On-Site ASO Positioning
on site aso positioning
These are those actions that can be carried out within the application itself and are momentary. Therefore, they are facts that depend solely on us.
* App Name: The name of the app must be attractive, but it must also contain at least one keyword that is related to it. It is recommended to do a study of keywords by which your competition is positioned and thus be able to guide you. The name must be short, attractive, and easy to remember.
* Logo: The three main keys are simplicity, clarity, and cleanliness. All of this will help your brand image. Try to be original and creative.
* Pre-video display: Video marketing is one of the factors that is gaining more strength in recent years, so attaching a promotional, explanatory video, etc., can convince your user.
* Design and structure: As on the websites, it must be usable, that is, intuitive for the user. Obviously, it must be related to the type of application, as well as adding your creative and differentiating touch.
* Label or category: Sometimes, the simplest is what is overlooked. We must not forget to classify our app within the category to which it corresponds.
* Description: We could say that we are facing an elevator pitch, but within the world of apps, since in only 255 characters, you must convince users. So you should try to transmit your differential value in just three sentences.'
* Keywords: As we have already mentioned in the first point of this section, it is recommended to do a Keyword Research that you must include both in the title, description, subtitle, and in the keywords section, but without repeating any.
* Screenshot: You must try to attract the user through screenshots. These should represent those benefits and peculiarities that differentiate your app from others.
* Author's age: One factor that has begun to be considered is the age of the author or the developer, since if you have made more than one app and without problems, you will have a better assessment within the virtual stores.
Off-Site ASO Positioning
off site aso positioning
Contrary to the previous section, this type of ASO positioning does not depend on us 100%.
* App popularity: The greater the number of downloads, the better position you will obtain. Similarly, the greater the number of uninstallations, the worse your position will be.
* Click-Through Rate: If the percentage you get from clicks based on the number of impressions (times shown) is high, your ASO positioning will be positive. One factor that helps this is the "free download".
* Reviews: What most users want is confidence, so the positive reviews will be another factor that helps the algorithm.
* Landing page: Create a landing page about your app on your website. This must be optimized to generate traffic and downloads. Its main objective must be the knowledge of the app as well as show its benefits and functionalities.
* Social networks: You must not forget to promote your app through your social networks since almost 20% of downloads come from that medium.
Help tools
As we have seen, there are many factors that help us improve our ASO. Therefore, in the same way, there are also tools that favor it as they are:
* Google Adwords, or Google Ads: For keyword searches. This tool shows us the keywords that are more relevant and which ones' position better.
* Sensor Tower: It shows us an estimate of income in a period, as well as market trends. As a differential factor, it offers us information on the level of difficulty that an app may have to position itself.
* Snippet Preview App: It shows us how our application would look before being launched in order to avoid any errors.
Therefore, once we determine the importance of having an app for our business, we must know that we must carry out an action plan that manages to position our app and thus be able to obtain a greater conversion.
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