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Hire iPhone App Developers: The Most Researched and Ultimate Guide for 2024

how to hire iphone developers in 2024
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There is no denying that mobile applications have become an integral part of our daily lives. They make the user experience far more interactive, whether it involves shopping, updating bank information, or browsing social media.
Mobile apps offer businesses the chance to increase customer accessibility to their products so that customers benefit from more tailored experiences when they use mobile applications.
When talking about mobile apps, we cannot proceed without mentioning Apple. Apple is a well-known brand with a devoted following. The Apple app store has almost 2.22 million iOS apps available, according to a recent Statista report. Over the past ten years, more apps have been created due to evolving customer needs.
For business owners who want to gain access to more people or digitalize their business, it may be smart to develop an iPhone app for their brand. iPhone apps are a game-changer for your business as they come with a strong brand image, an interactive user experience, and, most importantly, higher app revenue than Android apps. However, to reap these benefits, you will need iOS developers to fabricate iOS applications accurately.
Hiring iOS developers comes with several benefits to your company, such as access to an increased number of customers and the ability to compete with market standards. Professionals allow businesses to use their expertise and create an iPhone app that serves the company and its customers. However, businesses must hire the right company and professionals to get significant results.
Not sure where to begin hiring iOS developers? Don't worry! We have made a complete guide that lists all the factors you must consider befoer you hire iPhone app developers in 2024. Let us inform you about the many uses of iPhone app developments and the options available to you should you go down this path.


Since the iPhone launched in 2007, Apple has proudly showcased applications for its many products. The company has created apps for both the iPhone and then the iPad. It's been 16 years since the first iPhone came out, and the iOS software has only grown. There are more than 1.2 billion iPhones worldwide, and they are only growing. Some reasons for the iPhone's popularity are as follows:
  • They are easy to use and have a simple operating system
  • It works efficiently even when the storage is full
  • It has exclusive features that make the user experience much more premium
The increasing growth of iPhone apps has not slowed down in the past ten years and only continues to grow as Apple adds more products to the mix. Increasing Apple products means it's beneficial for companies to try and capture the Apple market by hiring iPhone app developers and tipping their toes into the market to increase their gains. iPhone app development is a big business right now. In January of each year, Apple releases its official statistics, and for 2022, the following was true:
  • The App Store has 2.2 Million Apps on average
  • 2540 Apps are released on the app store every day
  • In 2020, customers expended 72.3 billion US dollars in-app purchases, subscriptions, and premium apps in the Apple App Store
Thus, it's beneficial for businesses to experiment with iPhone app development in 2024. In this article, we're mainly concerned with iPhone app development and how you can best hire developers that will help you with this venture.
The cost of making an iPhone app depends on several factors. However, to give you an estimate, a standard app development costs between $10,000-$25,000. It can cost anywhere from $25,000-$50,000 for a medium-complex app and more than $50,000 for a complex iPhone app development. iPhones have the major iOS apps as iPads and other Apple devices are still catching up.
Thus, we know that iPhone App development is expensive, so you must also be careful when hiring iPhone developers. However, businesses can gain a lot from hiring the proper iPhone app developers. They don't have to concern themselves with minute details, as an app developer's expertise can help business growth via iPhone app development.
When a business considers hiring an iPhone app development company, several factors must be considered for iPhone app development. The most crucial step is ensuring that your business hires the right iOS app development company.

What Is iPhone App Development?

iPhone app development involves the process of developing an app for iPhones. If you are a business owner, there is a high chance that you will offer a product or service. Can you solve a social or financial problem by digitizing that service? If you can, voila, you've got an app idea! A business must first have an idea of what they want to develop. Then, they may hire an iPhone app development company to turn this idea into an app.
what is iphone app development
iPhone apps offer the advantages of digitization, which include the following:
  • Increased Access
  • Generating Income
  • Ease of searchability
  • Greater Brand Value and Recognition
  • Increased User Interaction
  • Higher Customer Satisfaction Ratio
  • Better Disaster Recovery
  • Complete Integration
Further, a business must know all the features they want in their app and the function they would like it to serve. Having a defined purpose for the app can help them define the functionality they must bring in the app design. They must then relate this to the iPhone app development company they're hiring so that developers may map out the app from start to finish. They must also ask questions regarding how developers will accomplish everything mentioned in the app brief. If you can find developers or a development company that will notice a gap in app designs, you're well on your way to creating novel products.
One thing you must remember when hiring a development company is that iPhone developers must have sound knowledge of the swift programming language or the objective-C language before you can hire them. The leading developers must be experienced as complex programming can become challenging to understand.

Is it Expensive?

iPhone app development may cost you more than Android app development. However, the total cost also depends on the level of complexity your business app requires.
You must know your costs before going into iOS or iPhone app development. However, suppose you have mapped out your business model in a way that allows you to have a budget for iOS app development. In that case, investing in creating an iPhone app makes sense, as the returns are pretty favorable, even if the barriers to entry are high. With careful planning and engaging a good amount of resources, you can take the actions you need to become a competitor in the app market.
The cost of your iPhone App depends on the following:
  1. App Development Type
  2. The complexity of the app
  3. App developer location
  4. App developer expertise and experience

Types of iPhone Apps

Before we discuss app development, you must be aware of the different types of iPhone apps. A business may decide to make a custom app for its own needs. Custom apps can help simplify matters for businesses. Many companies currently use customized attendance, KPI, and work progression apps. Apart from custom apps, specific broad categories are the most popular:
  • Games Apps
  • Wellness Apps
  • Time Management Apps
  • Education Apps
  • Business Apps
  • Entertainment Apps
  • Food and Drinks Apps
  • Productivity Apps
  • Health and Fitness Apps
  • Finance Apps
  • Shopping Apps
  • Social Networking Apps
However, the degree of complexity in your apps dictates the app development company you will hire. Every app has its purpose, but it can be categorized according to the similarities in its premise. Businesses must create apps that are easy to use and work well with the iPhone layout. Only an experienced professional can ensure this.

iOS Programming Languages for iPhone App Development

Like any application, iOS app development requires developers to choose an iOS programming language. Thus, one of the first things a business must tell the app development company they're hiring is their choice of programming languages. Businesses may decide the programming language they want the developers to opt for or leave the choice up to the company. If you're relatively new at iPhone app development, it may be better to take professional recommendations.
When programmers are deciding on the programming language, they may use the following major languages.
  • Objective-C
  • Swift
  • C#
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Dart
To simplify matters, we'll look into the two languages used most often in iPhone app development: Objective C and Swift.

Objective C

Objective C was first developed in the 1980s and has been the primary language for all apple and iOS coding for several decades. With the addition of Small Talk computer language capabilities, Objective-C was created as an object-oriented, general-purpose language based on the C computer language. It is mainly utilized in creating the Mac OS and iOS operating systems and their associated applications. NeXT originally conceived Objective-C because of its NeXTSTEP OS, after which Apple acquired it for iOS and Mac OS X.
Objective-C is an object-oriented programming language, as the name suggests, and it can also follow all four pillars of object-oriented software development. These four pillars include:
  • Data Hiding
  • Polymorphism
  • Encapsulation
  • Inheritance
In app development, learning or using objective C is all about paying attention to the concepts instead of trying to implement the syntax. Developers may learn methods to become better programmers when using this code. They get more efficient at creating new codes and maintaining older ones. This language has served iOS developers for quite a while, and many older programmers maintain their codes in this language. However, the Swift framework is the one that most newer developers must work with.

Swift: The Most Popular Language for iPhone App Development

Swift has many more uses than Objective-C, which is why most iOS developers you hire today work with this language. It shifts through multiple paradigms and is open-source, making it perfect for developing applications for different Apple products. Apple created Swift to take over all the programming languages based on C. Ever since then, it has become the major language Swift developers use in App development. The language has been around for 9 years, but in a short time, it has become the 20th most popular language worldwide and the 14th most popular with programmers.
Features of Swift:
Swift is popular among programmers because it has certain features that make it much easier to use and replicate. We have mentioned some of these features below.
1) Automatic Reference Counting
Identifies instances that are not being used any longer and deletes them.
2) Generics
This feature limits errors in code by allowing the usage of types as parameters. Generics apply recycling to functions and types and may work with any type per the requirements.
3) Structs With Support for Extensions, Protocols, and Methods
Developers soon find that writing code becomes more accessible due to naming, using, and creating structs, allowing the programmer to add more functionality with extensions. Swift allows you to the extent of the types, even if you can't access the initial code.
Advantages of Swift:
Apart from the technical features mentioned above, Swift also has many advantages, including;
1) Safety
Apple has primarily designed Swift to be much safer than the other C-based languages as it deletes the entire class of unsafe programs and makes the code much cleaner.
Swift does this by initializing the variables before using them. It also checks any arrays and integers to restrict overflowing and handles memory accordingly. Developers can easily note any major bugs in the code, so there is less time wasted on debugging, leading to much safer codes.
2) Speed
Apple states that the search algorithms in Swift complete about 2.6 times quicker than Objective-C and almost 8.4 quicker than Python 2.7. Swift applies LLVM for compiling, which converts the assembly language to machine code, making it much quicker.
The code is much shorter than Objective C, which makes it much quicker to write.
3) Accessibility
Swift is easily available and free to use. It's an open-source language, so developers can use any third-party tools and help when required. All swift users also build a helpful community that solves problems and issues easily.

Should Businesses Hire iPhone Developers?

Yes, they should. Hiring iPhone developers is a sure way for a business to develop an iPhone app to diversify its online presence. iPhone App Development is essential for businesses as they can capitalize on their iPhone apps to grow a steadier business model. To do so, they must hire right iPhone development company to build appropriate apps. The iPhone App market is increasing exponentially, and if you want to stay with the curve, it's necessary to have an iPhone App for your business. However, the apps must also be competitive, so hiring competent iPhone developers is essential.

Reasons Businesses Should Invest in iPhone App Development

You need the right app and app developers to penetrate the competitive iPhone App Development market. We have listed some reasons businesses should invest in developing iPhone applications in 2024.
reasons businesses should invest in iphone app development

1. Better Security

iPhone apps are much more secure than Android apps since they include a high-end security layer that helps with code security. Data protection is exceptionally necessary when you're a business. Thus, it's an added benefit that iPhone app development comes with this notable feature. iPhone users are better protected against malware and threats that may stop people from purchasing things on these apps otherwise since iOS doesn't leave any gaps for infiltration. Android is open-source, meaning users are much more likely to encounter viruses that may harm their devices.
Apps in the Apple Store are also rendered through a rigorous testing and vetting process to ensure they're safe compared to Android apps.

2. Providing Better Customer Service

When you're developing an app for iPhone, you're doing it with the resources provided by Apple, so you can provide a service that caters more specifically to iPhone users. During app development, you have the amalgamation of feedback from all iPhone users to help you with the process. Apple's hardware, software, and customer support standards are strongly vetted, so you find reasonably happy customers who will engage with your app. Apple and iOS ensure that it holds all the apps to incredibly high standards, which helps Apple apps stand out from Android apps. They will buy your app if it's fruitful for them, and thus you will profit from it.

3. Easy Penetration of the International Market

If you're a business that wants to capture more markets, then developing an iPhone app will automatically position your company as an international dealer. iPhone apps are a gold mine in places like the US, UK, Japan, and throughout Europe, which is why they can broaden the horizons of your businesses. Most entrepreneurs dream of going international with their businesses, and it's relatively easy with iPhone app development. Android apps are also great for businesses to capture a global audience. However, Apple users are more affluent and likely to invest in apps allowing greater revenue for your company.

4. Less Fragmentation and Easier Test Opportunities

The fact that there are many different manufacturers and screen sizes for Android-based smartphones is one problem with the platform. This makes it difficult and exhausting for app developers to adjust interface design to existing Android phones with varying screen resolutions and hardware requirements. In contrast, iOS provides a far more straightforward approach.
This is due to the limited variety of Apple iPhones available. Consequently, determining whether the user experience of your software will fit on the screen won't be difficult.
Additionally, specialized device emulators (such as Apple iOS Simulator) enable mobile developers to test programs under various iOS versions and hardware configurations, simplifying their work.
Furthermore, developing apps for different versions of phones can take time. It also makes it much more difficult to get a standardized version. If you look at Apple or iPhones, they only have 30 or more functional mobile versions in the market. The fewer number of devices ensures lesser fragmentation and simple app testing. Thus, it's easier for businesses to decide which path they want to travel. If they want to spend time testing out Android for less-than-stellar results, that's a choice. But many decide on iPhone app development and receive better results.

5. Higher Return on Investment

Whenever businesses invest, they focus on the return they would get, and in iPhone app development, the return is much higher than in Android. With iPhone App Development, businesses hoping for sustainable growth have a more sophisticated trajectory. Apple iOS also produces more in-app revenue compared to Android. The higher return on investment is because the quality of iPhone apps is much better than Android. iOS is a closed platform by Apple that ensures that systems meet high-quality standards. It amplifies the user experience and wants customers to come back for more.
iOS is much simpler and more stable, allowing developers to achieve greater functionalities. Furthermore, Apple products also cater to a premium market that results in higher returns.

6. Secure Transactions

Apple and iOS developers ensure that any transactions made with an Apple ID are secure. Many of the apps that people use through the iPhone require purchases. For businesses that want to monetize their apps, secure transactions are necessary for sustainable growth. iPhone App developments have security features embedded into the software of the apps due to rigorous testing before apps are accepted by the app store, which makes them safe from any external hacking threats. Since Android is open-source, it's much easier for hackers to access Apple platforms making transactions less secure than iPhone apps. Thus, as a business, you're at less risk of loss using iOS apps than Android.

Benefits of Hiring iPhone App Developers

Designing a business app through iOS is much easier than Android since developers acknowledge that Swift is a much easier language to learn and implement. Thus, there remain benefits for hiring professionals that have experience providing deliverables. Many companies can't seem to gain the position they want in their desired market because their apps don't stand up against the other thousands of apps that Apple has available on the app store.
benefits of hiring iphone app developers
And so, it may be better to hire iPhone app developers to get the job done when developing an iPhone app, as they know how to bring quality and functions to your business app. We have mentioned some benefits of hiring iPhone App Developers below:

1. They Can Fulfill the Requirements for App Development

Professional iPhone developers know the process and layout of the task they're setting out to accomplish. You won't have to micromanage them as they will be aware of the major requirements you need. You would have to sign off on the solutions and processes they provide rather than spend time developing them.
Before constructing an iPhone app, you will undergo an entire process of creating the app design and deciding the options you want within the app. There are various guidelines and app standards that you must follow before you can enter the iPhone app market, and professional developers will know all about these. They know how to write in Swift, and they know about Xcode and tapping into APIs and libraries so you can lay back and relax.

2. They Build You a Competitive App

iPhone apps are quite competitive, so your app must stand out to be noticed. If you don't work on countering the competition, you'll waste all the money and effort that went into iPhone app development. Furthermore, you also want to give yourself the greatest shot at penetrating the market, and this can only happen if you hire iPhone developers who know what they're doing. Building a competitive app leads to a better return on investment, as businesses will find it much easier to retain their audience once they gain it. Competitive apps are necessary for sustainable growth and ensuring that the business follows the trajectory it has laid out. Developers must include the following features to make apps competitive:
  • Dark Mode
  • Swift UI
  • Siri Shortcuts
  • Core NFC
  • Sign in With Apple

3. App Development Practices Are Transparent and Secure

When hiring iPhone app developers; you have a clear understanding of the ethics that they will be following in developing the app. They will follow transparent and secure practices as that is what you require of them. Furthermore, you can always mention what you require from this individual when hiring them so that they're contractually obligated to inform you about the reasoning and ethics followed during app development.
You can get authoritative awareness since these iPhone app developers are working under you and are thus answerable to you. When hiring iPhone developers, you must ensure they come from a reliable source and have reliable experience. Many businesses thus hire iPhone app development companies for the best experience.

4. Use of the Newest Technologies

Experienced iPhone developers will always know what new technologies they can apply to iPhone app development as they're supposed to work with these regularly. It's essentially their job to understand the newest technologies and updates offered by Apple and apply them to the apps they're developing for you.

5. Defined Timelines for Each Project

When hiring professionals, you're hiring them for their services, and thus, you can also ask for a defined timeline once you're done informing them of what you want from the app. Timelines are necessary as app development is a holistic process, and you have significant advantages by being the first to develop a certain type of app. Defined timelines ensure that your company remains ahead of the game. Timelines also help you stick to a schedule for a marketing plan or rollout that you would not have been aware of otherwise.

6. Less Stress

Hiring a professional means that you can essentially outsource your stress. The professionals will inform you what they require from you, and you will deliver, but apart from that, you don't have to concern yourself with the nitty-gritty details of the project until they have executed it.

7. It's Economical

When you hire professional iPhone app developers, you get all their experience, so you generally don't have to spend on their education. You must provide them with the resources they need, which is much more economically beneficial. If you hire an in-house team, you'll have to invest a fair bit in their education. If you hire freelancers, you can lose a lot of money on the hours they invest in your app development. Freelancers charge by the hour, and thus it's an economical option.

8. Better Control and Integration

When hiring a professional team, you can hire experts in the app structure you develop. Doing so makes matters much smoother for you and even the professionals you hire. Furthermore, you can gain access to specialists that will inform you about all the ways you can go with your apps, such as iPhone app development. So you are not only getting their work, but you're also getting new and improved ideas for improving your app.
If you decide to make some changes in the overall dynamics of your application, then depending on the people you hire, they will know how to execute it and integrate your design into the application. It makes app development much easier for you and allows you to have a greater degree of control overall.

Hiring iPhone Developers: In-House vs. Outsourcing professionals vs. Freelancers

Once you decide to hire iPhone developers, you have certain hiring options in front of you. These are as follows:
  • In-House Team
  • Outsourcing Professionals
  • Freelancers

In-House Team

In-House Teams are app professionals that you hire on your own as permanent employees. An in-house team is necessary if you constantly need an iOS app development team. One of the best things about having an in-house team is that you can always make changes to the app, and the communication is free-flowing, so any changes you want to make are shot down or implemented. You will have more control and integration with app development with an in-house team than with other options.
We have listed some pros and cons of this option.
  • Better engagement with your team leads to a more closely-knit operation. There are also increased chances of collaboration as the in-house team is often present in the same building.
  • These developers have time to thoroughly study the product brief and discuss the method you want to opt for so that the final product meets your requirements much more closely.
  • It's easier to manage an in-house team as proximity helps with any major issues that may develop.
  • An in-house team will also focus on your project instead of being preoccupied with several projects simultaneously. The increased focus can often lead to better results than the scattered attention that your project would get if you were to outsource.
  • You can have a mix of senior and junior software developers, meaning it's easier for the team to swap expertise and communicate with each other. 
  • You can develop a team from the ground up, hiring specialists for newer technologies you want to follow. This team can also collaborate with a research and development team to create holistic apps.
  • Recruiting an in-house team is trickier because not everyone will have the skills that you require. You may have to ask for external help, which can increase costs. 
  • You depend on the in-house team, so if one person quits or falls ill, it can throw a wrench in your plans. You may have to hire a replacement, which can slow down the project's chemistry.
  • You must invest time and money in training new hires around your company. It would help if you made them feel familiar and secure before asking them to deliver certain goals. You also must train your hires regularly, which requires money and time.
  • Once the project is completed, you will need people to ensure that the software keeps running, which can be costly.

When Should You Choose an In-House Team?

If hiring an in-house team, you must understand that doing so is quite a long-term commitment. You shouldn't opt for an in-house team if iPhone app development is not at the core of your business. If you know that you're constantly going to need a team to take on projects for iPhone app development, then it's time to choose this option. Your iOS app will require upgrades, and an in-house team makes sense if you want to truly focus on your app.

Outsourcing Professionals

If you want to develop an app in the best and most quick way possible, you'll find it better to hire professionals with experience. These professionals must know what they're doing and have significant experience with iOS development, including programming languages, structures, and processes. Often outsourcing involves outshore software development companies where you can hire people full-time or part-time. It can also occur on a project-by-project basis. Hiring these professionals can often save you a lot of time and money. You can also be more stringent regarding your expectations since professionals are well-versed in their skills.
  • You can include anything you want in that contract. With offshore companies, you must sign a formal contract that includes features like timelines, development costs, and privacy policies.
  • Outsourcing professionals can give you the best results if you want to hire developers immediately for quicker gains.
  • You don't have to concern yourself with organizational problems, as the company you're hiring is in charge of the project and deliverables. The project managers for that company will work with you and manage everything at the backend instead.
  • It's cost-effective as you don't have to worry about in-house expenses like rent, software, and hardware management. The expenses are limited and so you can invest more time and money in your launch or rollout process instead.
  • The business must pay for no training expenses, so you're revenue won't be spent on such activities.
  • You can increase or decrease the team working for you in an outsourcing project. It has to do with the project; thus, your project can have flexible changes in all the ways you want.
  • You can also hire developers that are exceptionally good at their job to get the best results possible. You won't have to concern yourself with their training or investment in them otherwise. You can hire professionals for the skill that they possess to maximize the gain for your company.
  • The major con is the time difference when hiring an offshore company.
  • There may be communication issues. Not all of the experts that you seek out will know the English language since many of them work in countries that aren't familiar. It can alter communication and make it a lengthy process.
  • It may take longer to hire an external professional company as you have to chalk up a contract with them, and it's a more official process than hiring freelancers, for instance.
  • Hiring a dedicated company instead of a freelancer can also be much more expensive, as they require much more time and effort to get the hang of your project before they officially begin.

Reasons to Outsource Professionals

If you have decided that you want a fixed team for a single model, you may find outsourcing professionals valuable. They know their way around iPhone app development. They are well-versed in Swift and the timelines they must follow. The best reasons to outsource professionals are the following:

You Have Strict Deadlines

Suppose there's something that you want to be completed within a specific timeframe. In that case, you may hire a professional company to do so. With professionals, you can easily map out the timeline. They are skilled and have years of experience with Cloud management and APIs, which means they can easily provide a finished product. Managing an in-house team can be downright intense for strict deadlines, and freelancers will take more time than required. Thus, outsourcing to a professional company is the best way to get your desired outcome.
Additionally, they can help you prepare the project in a timeline that suits you most because most companies are aware of potential problems. They can then take measures to oversee the process with care. iPhone App development companies also have project managers well-versed in programs such as Hive, Asana, and Basecamp for maximum efficiency.

Tight Budget

There may also be times when you may not have the financial resources within the company to execute the plan that you had in mind. Outsourcing can help you with budget constraints as we find that most outsourced professionals are in other foreign countries, which will cost you much less due to the exchange rate. Furthermore, you don't have to pay them for extra work like vacation days, so having professional hires on a tight budget is the way to go about it.

Lack of Talent Nearby

Sometimes you require expertise on a very niche subject, and you may find that no one can help you with that work nearby. Thus, you may have outsourced that particular brand of work to serve you better. You can hire various dynamic individuals who complete the project professionally. They can ensure you get the best product features and layout per your app.

End-to-End Assistance

One of the major benefits of Outsourcing a development company is that you can get complete assistance at all times. An in-house team is spread thin across all IT projects. However, outsourcing allows the development company to be in charge of one project at a time. They can help you with project ideation, execution, and wireframing to have the best app at the end of the contract.


Hiring freelancers is also a new option for companies since the internet has become much more widespread. Freelancing websites allow companies to hire work experts that don't have to be tied to them but can individually do some of the best work possible. A credible source for freelancers includes (GitHub, Fiverr, or Upwork). When hiring a freelance iOS developer, many companies will also require an in-house project manager who manages the freelancers. We have listed some pros and cons of freelancing:
  • Hire anyone from anywhere. A business can hire people who are the best with a particular skill. You have greater chances of this as you're also likely to get more people with a global talent pool.
  • Freelancers will cost you less than the in-house team, as there are no monthly salaries. You pay them for the project or as per the hours they are working for. You don't require a physical workplace for these freelancers. If you have a small project or some minute changes that you must make, then freelancers are more economical, but for big projects, they may cost you more.
  • Freelancers often work out of hours, too, so you can pay them more to complete the coding much quicker.
  • You don't require any official documentation when hiring them. The HR department doesn't need external paperwork when hiring a freelance project developer. Thus, when you don't have to deal with these things, you can focus on the work you're being shown, allowing you to hire people based on their skills.
  • They are not always available. If you need them, they may be away. Remote workers can be unreliable in terms of deadlines. They likely don't have someone managing them, which can create issues.
  • Freelancers require a great degree of trust. You are entrusting someone with your intellectual property. Thus, your entire project is not very secure. Thus, you have to be careful when hiring freelancers.
  • Less communication. Freelancers are used to working independently, which is why they need help to grow and learn in teams. Thus, if you do hire freelancers, collaboration on your project must be limited. If you're hiring freelancers to do different parts of the coding, then you will need a third freelancer who ties it all together. It could create a lot of issues.
  • Hiring developers has become easier for companies since the surge of websites like Fiverr and Upwork. However, the simple fact is that you have more options which can also make it much more difficult to know which people you must hire. Nationality and working styles can be difficult to map.
  • No quality control. You don't know how well your app development is coming together.
  • Freelancers also work from home, and one of the major issues with working from home is that many distractions of working from home may significantly harm the quality of work.
  • They don't have any contractual obligation to you. Thus, they are more likely to leave you completely and never return.
  • As a business owner, you can't ensure their 100% commitment to your idea. You can also not ensure they will not sell parts of the code they wrote for you to someone else, so the risks will only increase.

When is Hiring Freelancers a Good Option?

Hiring freelancers is a good choice once you're app development is complete and you want someone to test it for bugs. You may also hire freelancers if you need a temporary replacement for an employee. Even for short-form projects, it may be valuable to hire freelancers. However, you may not want to hire freelancers when hiring remote iOS developers for longer periods. It will take more money since freelancer rates are high, and it limits the quality control that a business may have with app development.

Technical Skills iPhone Developers Must Have

iPhone App development is no joke; you want to get the most out of a developer when hiring. There are certain things that all hiring managers must look out for to ensure that they're hiring the right people. Technical skills are the most important things you must look out for in app development.

Experience in Swift 3.0

We have mentioned how important Swift is when a business hires iPhone developers, but knowing Swift 3.0 is of the utmost importance as it is the newest software version. Swift is an object-oriented programming language that is quite easy to use, and you must ensure that the person you're hiring knows the ins and outs. They must be well-versed in its function and how to use it maximally.
For iOS or iPhone application developers, it's necessary to have a firm knowledge of Swift 3.0, so they don't take time familiarizing themselves before they can provide results, as this may increase timelines and lower app quality. A developer must know how to write if and switch statements, initialize, handle classes, and work through errors that come up.

Practical Knowledge of the XCode IDE

If you're an iOS developer, you must use the XCode IDE to get the most out of your app. An IDE or an Integrated Development Environment contains tools and programming basics for debugging, automation, interpretation, and programming so that it's much easier for your hired people to create apps that fit your requirements. This development environment has all the things that an iOS developer would want. Thus, this IDE ensures that it takes them much less time to develop and perfect an app for your company can prepare for its launch in public.

Spatial Reasoning

Spatial reasoning allows developers to know what an app layout looks like. You may not think that spatial reasoning is something that app developers may have a problem with, but the layout of the apps is extremely important. Your developers must be aware of the Apple user interface and how an app will look on Apple watches, iPhones, and iPads.
UX or user experience is a skill that app developers must have to make it easier for customers to use this app. You want to ensure that you hire iPhone app developers who have an idea about how icons and widgets will appear on the app so that the aesthetic of their screen is preserved.
The aesthetic is incredibly important to iOS users, which developers must be aware of. The aesthetic can make or break your app. These developers must be able to put themselves in the place of a user to understand the design of an interface and how to make things much more convenient for customers. Doing so will ensure that more people will access and engage with your app once you launch it.

Core Data

Core Data is a type of framework aiding iOS development. It eases how we develop data-driven applications as it can help simplify matters by managing model objects and their relationships in one go. A developer generally has to deal with object life cycles and the managing of graphs. However, with core data, these responsibilities are severely diminished.
Core Data makes coding much simpler for iPhone app developers, who have to write much less code than before. It also allows them to work offline and, thus, allows work from anywhere in the world. Core Data can also be saved on iCloud and accessed through a cloud when the programmer may need it.
Companies should, thus, look for people who are well-versed in these technical skills when they hire iPhone developers.

Design Guidelines

App developers must keep in mind that Apple iPhone users often demand perfection. The unique designs of the Apple iPhones engage users. It's the thing that sets them apart, makes them functional and delivers high value to these products. Thus, your iPhone app developers must know how to create the app in a way that accounts for all user sensitivities and follows all the design guidelines. These design guidelines can be broken down into the following: feedback, aesthetic integrity, direct manipulation, metaphors, consistency, and user control. It's also essential to note that there's no way to check this skill for most people you're hiring unless you check the previous apps they have designed for other companies.

Practical Memory Management Modules

Data is everything in today's world, and it only becomes more important to have systems that can manage memory, especially in apps. Memory is a hardware unit in any Apple iPhone or iPad that tracks the user's data. An iPhone's primary short-term memory depends on the RAM, which can store data for a bit. iOS can handle the memory dynamically. However, most Apple products don't have a lot of memory which is why the app must manage the memory effectively.
Applications can only get a certain amount of memory from the system. If it requires more, crashes are likely to occur. Most senior developers know that if this occurrence happens often, the app is just constantly going to crash, giving your app a horrible reputation. Developers can curtail it with proper memory management.

Skill With User Interface and User Experience

We mentioned this before, but it remains one of the most prominent features an iPhone app developer must take care of. UI has more to do with the app's appearance and how the user helps it to function, whereas UX has more to do with navigation. UI and UX are both necessary for engagement. The more users engage with the app, the more feedback you gain. Feedback allows your app to grow.

Source Control Skills

Source control is a strategy that allows the device to keep track of changes in the system's source code. App developers must know how to manage this, as it's an essential step in developing apps. This technique ensures that the overlap or conflict can remain limited if multiple people work on the same app.
With source control skills, most developers can collaborate better with each other and can ensure that their codes don't get too complicated. When well-versed with source control skills, developers are also likely to be better at working in teams.


All your apps will interact with the internet in one way or another. Your iOS developers must know how this is going to happen and ways to maintain it. You must hire iPhone app developers who can send and receive data through networks. It's done through JSON or a Java-Scripted Object Notation, which most developers know.

Time with Unit Testing

A unit test determines the success of your app. The iOS developer must know how to test their final app so that they can find any issues that you may not have pointed out. Good unit tests are exceptionally localized. They are quick and small. Furthermore, you can also check each parameter bit by bit or all on its own. For instance, if you consider a social media app and add a feature that tells you how long you've spent on someone's profile, then that's data that you may write the code and test to see if it works. You would want to test the code immediately before you can move on to the next one to ensure it works.
Unit tests are the easiest methods to ensure no major bugs in your coding. Each function must have a specific functionality, and these tests can inform the developer when that functionality is met, and they can move on.

Grand Central Dispatch

It's also known as GCD but only involves using things concurrently or all at once. It makes multitasking possible in apps. Thus, they can run several tasks in whatever way they want. It is important because apps generally conduct a lot of work in one go, and without this GCD, apps are bulky and useless.
A GCD creates a central unit where several tasks can occur simultaneously without major crashes. It's important if your app design requires several functions to occur at once. GCD ensures that any heavier tasks can occur in the app's background, so the overall user experience doesn't turn sour. GCD makes sure that high performance occurs at all times.

Understanding Storyboards

Storyboards is a term that's quite common, but with iPhone app developers, these storyboards are a diagram showing the UI screens that developers will create in the app and their connection with each other. Each panel of the storyboard will inform you about what the user can see and the segue objects that show how you're transitioning from one state to another.
Your developers must know how to tailor the app to the storyboard provided to them. These boards can help them understand the appearance and flow of the user interface so that if any problems pop up, they can face them. Storyboards are some major instructions you would give to your developers; thus, understanding them is of grave necessity.

Types of iOS Developers You May Hire- Levels of Experience

We know what technical skills an iOS developer needs now, but the real question remains on how to find and hire these iOS developers. You must have an idea of the kind of iOS developers you're looking for, and the way you know this is by knowing what kind of app you're working on. A business must be clear about the work they want to do and accomplish; otherwise, it might hire the wrong person overall.
types of ios developers
An important step to consider when finding and hiring iPhone app developers is knowing their degree of experience. There most common levels are junior, mid, and senior iPhone app developers.

Junior iOS Developers

This developer doesn't have a lot of experience. Their experience may be anywhere from 0-2 years. They're figuring out a lot of what they're doing as they go along, which could mean that the project you get from their end will seem incomplete and lack finesse. These individuals have a theoretical idea of their work and have some prior understanding. Still, they don't have much information on creativity, connection, and customization in iOS app development. They may have gotten their knowledge from formal education or one of the online courses, but they still have some ways to go before they're properly prepared.
They cannot handle the entire responsibility of a single project independently and are better suited to work in a team. If hiring these developers, you're better off hiring them as in-house members so they can learn from the people around them. You may also hire junior developers from a well-reputed iOS app development company, as they may work under senior and mid-level developers who can help them out. It takes Junior iOS developers anywhere from three to five years to get to a mid or senior-level position, but it depends on the amount of time spent on craft.
Junior iOS Developers Skills:
  • Experience of 0-2 years
  • Familiarity with Swift and Objective C.
  • Knowledge of iOS frameworks such as core animation, core data, and core graphics.
  • Information on Mobile Development Life Cycle
  • Capable of using standard libraries and APIs

Mid-Level iOS Developers

Mid-level iOS developers have been around for a bit. They will also have an ample amount of projects under their belt. Mid-level iOS developers have anywhere from 2-4 years of experience in their repertoire. Thus, they can handle the project independently from start to finish. It means that you can task them with greater responsibilities. They have information about UX and UI and ways to implement them. They should know how to create apps using Swift 3.0 and Objective-C programming language. They must also have information regarding SQL, Core Data, and offline caching logs. Concurrency and all the other technical skills mentioned above are information they must possess.
Mid-Level iOS Developers Skills:
  • Experience working with Swift User Interface
  • Industry Experience of 2-4
  • Reactive programming
  • Testing Frameworks
  • Information on Objective C

Senior-Level iOS Developers

For senior-level developers, you will generally look for someone who's been working in the field for more than five years and knows the entire scenario facing the current industry. They must have handled quite several projects in their time and, thus, can handle projects independently. Senior Developers must also know how to manage junior developers and concisely share knowledge. The number of senior iOS developers you hire depends on how much expertise you need and can pay for. If your company's prime focus is creating iOS app development, you must have more than one senior-level hire.
Senior-level iOS developers are also extremely organized and have exceptional skills that allow them to have potent leadership skills. They primarily handle the bulk of complex tasks in the company, and even when they're not dedicated to programming, they can manage a project's coding and ensure that it's in line with what you want.
They take most any key decisions concerning app architecture and challenging features as they have the expertise to do so. They can advise you regarding decisions in the app and hire junior and mid-level iOS developers to help with app coding. You can also trust them to develop job descriptions, roles, and deadlines so that your company's iPhone app development department is well-versed in its function.
Furthermore, we suggest hiring most senior-level iOS developers either in your in-house team or as outsourced professionals, as they are much more reliable and can advise you soundly. Freelancers with a reputation to protect are also useful; getting advice from them makes your app more insecure to intellectual theft. Thus, you must remain careful before you hire iOS developers.
Senior-Level iOS Developers Skills:
  • Information on MVC, VIPER, and MVVM architecture patterns.
  • 5+ Years of industry experience
  • Knowledge of Design Patterns
  • Networking and Data Persistence Patterns Awareness
  • Use of Cocoapods and Carthage for Dependencies
  • Reactive programming with reactive cocoa and Rxswift

How to Find an iOS Developer?

There are several ways that you may find iOS developers. The internet has opened up opportunities for hiring managers to get the best individuals for a job. We have mentioned several ways you may find an iOS developer:
  • Clutch: This platform has several companies that house many different employees. You can find employees who have worked in the software industry as well. These companies have niches and a plethora of employees to choose from.
  • GitHub: Designed specifically for developers, you can get all sorts of employees here for the most part, but you may not be able to hire directly from this platform.
  • Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer: For freelancing projects, these are the best places to get employees. 
  • LinkedIn: Many employees use LinkedIn to land dream jobs, which employers can use to their benefit. If you want to hire an in-house team, then LinkedIn is the best option. Most iPhone development companies also have a LinkedIn page that you may look to.

Factors to Consider Before Hiring iPhone Developers

Before you hire iPhone developers, you must be extremely clear about certain parameters. You don't want to hire iPhone app developers or an iPhone app development company only to find out that they're not doing their job correctly because you haven't provided the correct definitions. Here are some factors to consider before hiring iPhone developers.
factors to consider before hiring iphone developers


We mentioned that there are different degrees of experience that your developers may have, namely, junior, mid-level, and senior. You must account for this experience when hiring iPhone app developers. If you need people who have more experience, then you must state that in the job listing. People with experience in the tech industry will better understand what you need than people who don't.


To measure an iOS developer's technical skills, you must see the projects and coding they have executed in the past. Doing so will give you an idea of their expertise and how well they have completed their previous projects. You can check out apps that they have developed previously and learn more about their proficiencies and how detailed their outlooks are.
Their portfolio will also give you an idea of the responsibilities that they have previously held and the companies that they have worked with. It helps you decide if their expertise can be useful to you. The portfolio can also tell you about their preferred style and the apps they know more about.

Soft Skills

Regardless of how great an app developer is, they will be useless to you if they have no idea how to work as a team and create better results - finding iOS developers with the same values as your company would be better. Finding people who can collaborate well with each other is also necessary. Doing so will ensure that any management misunderstandings are curtailed, and you can get the most out of your team.
Soft skills in an iOS developer are exceptionally important as large projects involve working with teams and knowing how to communicate with them. Soft skills are necessary as they inform you how well a candidate can manage their work.

Critical Thinking

You want to hire developers who think critically about the problems and can put their best foot forwards while doing so. Developers may face many roadblocks when designing the program and should be up for that challenge in every possible capacity. If they lack critical thinking skills, they may not arrive at a rational solution without your help, which may be annoying. You must hire people who can think on their feet and are solution-oriented.


Any problems can arise when working in a company, but your iOS developers must be team players and adaptable. They should be concerned with getting the job done through the resources provided. Otherwise, there can be all sorts of problems during app development that they may not be completely prepared for, overturning the company's profits. One of the biggest examples of adaptability includes people who could shift to a remote model after spending years working in-house during the pandemic.

When is it Best to Outsource an App Development Company?

If you're less on time and have a clear budget, then outsourcing an app development company is the best choice that you can make. It limits the stress on your plate, and you can let professionals deal with making the best app for your business. We did mention some of the major reasons earlier, but we shall look at hiring outsourced app development in detail here.

You Need Increased or Specific Areas of Expertise

You can surely get more people who know what they're doing when you hire an external app development company. You can look at their projects and see if you're looking for a similar one. If you are, outsourcing allows you to hire people who know more about the area of expertise you're only now penetrating. They can offer you expert advice and ensure the competitiveness of your app. They have the scale and the latest technological tools to give you the desired response.
Bringing some of the best talents around may be challenging as you need help managing. Yet, you can bring some of the best talents from worldwide when outsourcing professionals. You will have a broader knowledge base that you can gain and access due to the experts.

You Require Access to the Latest Tools and Technology

One reason to outsource professionals or hire a professional iPhone app development company is that they come with all the latest tools and technology, so you don't have to worry about paying extra for these. It restricts your app development time and ensures that it is up-to-date and perfect. You don't have to worry about providing them with the tools. Thus, your resources will not likely go to waste. They provide a comprehensive understanding of these tools and technology, so you don't have to waste time explaining it to them or trying to understand it on your own.
Outsourcing prevents you from making optional investments that will cost you more in the long run. They also save you a tonne of time as better technology is quicker and more efficient.

Organized App Development Flow

One of the major reasons to outsource iPhone developers is that it limits the stress going into app development and makes the work more streamlined. When you have an organized app development flow chart, you know how you can stay on top of things. Outsourcing professionals means that they will take care of app development. You don't have to focus on managing the flow; instead, you can focus on your core business and ways to improve it. However, if your core business is app development, then it would do you well to invest in an in-house team instead. However, if app development is a simple side quest, hiring someone outside is one of the smartest paths.

Faster Project Completion

When outsourcing work, you can write up an exclusive contract with the app development company, including money and deadlines. Thus, if you want a project to be completed in a specific time frame, it may be smarter for you to hire help from outside. When working with professional app development companies, you have access to expertise. These experts have years of experience, which allows them to be prepared for any pitfalls that may emerge during app development. Thus, they're much more capable of completing their projects on time.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire an Outsourced iPhone Developer from Different Countries?

When looking at the cost of hiring outsourced iPhone developers in different countries, there are vast differences depending on the current economy of the place that you're hiring from. When hiring, there are a variety of factors deciding the cost.
When hiring professional companies in the US, you may be spending nearly 100K dollars. Most iPhone app developers could request anywhere from $150-$250 per hour.
In the UK, you may be spending anywhere near $90K, so that's a whole $10K less, and many people admire the work ethic used by UK developers. However, there may be some cultural clashes since the UK and US have different communication styles. UK iOS developers could cost you $100-$120 per hour.
In Western Europe, with countries like Germany and France, there are much higher chances of iOS developers being cheaper than in the UK. You can expect to pay anywhere from $ 75-$120 per hour.
Many people prefer eastern Europe as they have very reasonably priced services, and you don't have to worry greatly about the complexities of payment. The services offered are some of the best, but you would only have to pay anywhere from $30 - $50.Thus, it's economical beyond all measures.
In Asia, the costs are even less, with you only paying $15-$30 per hour for services. You will find a large population of IT experts in India or China that you can hire for their expertise. India has a large population that concerns itself with app development, and the IT sector in the country is massive, so you can also get all sorts of expertise. There may be some communication issues and timing, but the cheap rates make up for it.
Country/Continent Rates for iOS Developers
USA $150 to $250 per hour
UK $100 to $120 per hour
Western EU $75 to $120 per hour
Eastern EU $30 to $50 per hour
Asian Countries (India, Thailand, Vietnam) $15 to $30 per hour

Factors to Consider Before Opting for iPhone App Development

You will not know how to hire the best iPhone app developers for your next project if you don't know what you're looking for. Building iPhone apps for your business is one of the best things you can do for scalability and growth. However, you must ensure that the app is something that can gain you more resources instead of wasting the money that you have at hand. To ensure that you have a good app, you must hire the best iPhone app developers for your next project. Some of the ways to look out for the best iPhone App Developers are as follows:

Know the Purpose of Your App

If you're not defining the purpose of your project, you're not going to get people who can facilitate you. Understand the project needs so you can communicate these to the team you wish to hire. When you know project needs, you know the level of experience that you'll need from whom you're hiring. You can simplify your hiring process and lower the number of CVs you have to shuffle through.

Understand Business Goals

Business goals are necessary when you're creating an app. You're not just creating an iOS app for fun; you're doing it so it sets in motion a business move. Know how the current app will tie into your business goals and do your best to get there. Business goals also inform the developer what you're working towards so that they can make decisions in app development that will help with your business. When you have business goals, you know the kind of people you would have to hire to achieve said goals, so it will narrow down your requirements for a developer and aid you in finding a specific person for the job.

Know Your Target Audience

If you know whom you're making the app for, you can hire people with experience with the said premise. For example, if you're creating a gaming app, it's wise to hire someone with knowledge of gaming software. They will already know what bugs can come up and the issues they may have to handle. Knowing your target audience means that you will have to conduct a fair amount of market research before you hire iOS developers. But it also means that you're handing the developer a plethora of knowledge so they can make your app better.

Know Platform and Monetization Model

When creating an iOS app, you know it will work for the iPhone, but you often have to ask yourself if you can automate it for the iPad too. iPads and iPhones have very different dimensions, so you need to make the necessary changes in app design.
Furthermore, you would also need to configure how you will monetize your app. For instance, you could have a free app that works through ads or a paid one with a one-time or monthly charge. Having this information will inform how the developers create your app.


Companies hire iOS developers or outsource iPhone app development companies for several reasons. The most important reason remains that iOS apps can help you target the right audience for your business, allowing it to grow exponentially. However, you must hire the right developers to create the app according to your guidelines.
There are several platforms you can look towards to hire specific developers, but the first step is understanding the type of app you want to build and what you want to gain from it. If you don't hire the best developers in due time, you'll find that your relevance in the particular business will reduce as other competitors will hire the developers to stand out.
When hiring iPhone developers, you must ensure that they're the "best" according to you. Every business has different goals and aims that they're looking for, and you must know yours when hiring iPhone developers.
At Hyperlink InfoSystem, our team of dedicated professionals helps you with all App development. Our services include app development, game development, blockchain development, and even Salesforce solutions. For more information on our services and what you may expect, you can visit our website, and contact us.


1) What is an iPhone App Developer?

An individual who can create apps on the iPhone majorly through iOS development. They must also know how to maintain, employ and update all the different apps they have built. There are several levels of developers, starting from the junior level up to the senior level. Their level depends on the number of projects they have completed, their formal education, and the number of tech industry experience they possess.

2) How Can I Hire an iPhone App Developer?

To hire iPhone app developers, you can reach out to top app development companies and hire app developers. As they hold the proficiency and expertise to fulfill every custom app development requirement of global clients.

3) Are iPhone App Developers Expensive?

iPhone App Developers are likely to charge as per their expertise. Depending on their location, iPhone app developers may have high or nominal rates. India is one of the best countries to offer reasonable iPhone app development rates.

4) Is it Wise to Hire iPhone App Developers?

There are many benefits to hiring iPhone app developers. They know a fair deal about iPhone app development and have the technical skills to ensure that your business has a competitive app.

5) Should I Hire an App Development Company?

App development companies provide you with a lot more relief than hiring individuals. They employ developers with expertise, so you don't have to scan the employees as rigorously as you would have to do in individual hires. They have different levels of experts who will provide you with a much more holistic app for your business.

6) What are the Features of an App Brief?

Preparing an app briefly before hiring an app development company would be best. The brief has the following features:
  • An idea summary
  • App navigation ideas
  • Priority functions
  • Functional details.

7) What Must You Do Before Hiring App Developers?

Your company must make some decisions before hiring app developers. We have listed them below:
  • Prepare an app brief
  • Research mobile platforms for the app
  • Decide on the programming language you want to follow
  • Maintain a budget

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