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Amazon has begun its approach to the streaming party with the declaration of new third generation digital media player and a microconsole at $100 called fire TV to gratify all your watching and entertainment needs. It is built to stream digital Audio/video content to a wide screened and high definition television. This device provides the facilities to play video games with a remote control specially designed to play video games. It is definitely a rival for Apple TV, Roku, and Chromecast. But here are somethings that you should know about Amazon Fire TV.
Amazon chose strong three points where it's competitors Roku Player, Apple TV and Chromecast do wrong which is optimized search, the performance of Apps and closed Ecosystem. As explained earlier, It is a device which you need to connect to a television which gets activated on an open Android System and comes with various apps such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, Pandora and much more. We can sum up everything in one word about this amazing Amazon Fire TV and that is “Easy”. Everything starting from searching, watching your favorite shows to playing video games and so on is so easy that you'd love to use it again and again.
Let's have a look on some of the interesting specifications of Fire TV
This little black box comes with a quad-core processor and its very own exclusive GPU. Its Mimo dual-band Wifi and 2GB RAM boost it three times the rapidity of Roku player, Apple TV and Chromecast. 1080P streaming and Dolby digital surround sound out through HDMI out are some of the specifications that it supports. The design of this Fire TV is insanely thin and sleek which looks amazing while using it.

Fire TV has voice search feature. It works so well and quick. When you say for example “Taylor Swift” then it will show everything that this artist has done insanely quickly.
It streams down the photos from your mobile device to the attached TV. Which is also a nice feature but not different from the competitors. Fire TV has another interesting feature called X-ray, that tell you everything about the actors and movies you are watching through IMDB on your Phone or tablet.
Now let's talk about the most fun feature of this TV which is Karaoke display. It shows the lyrics right on your TV of every song and you can happily sing the song along with the music.
Another best part of Fire TV is its gaming experience. It has introduced some amazing games from EA, Disney and much more. You can play the game with a dedicated remote to which purely designed to play video games which also look like your old console controller. You can get 1000 Amazon coins along with the purchase of that remote which is sold at $40 by Amazon.
This device works on “Mojito” 3.0 version of the Android-based OS which is well matched with Android Jellybean 4.2.2 version. That will surely make simpler for Developers to launch their Apps & games and run on this Fire TV. We at Hyperlink Infosystem are fully capable of making amazing apps and games for this truly fascinating device. All the best work by us will surely amaze you. Contact us to give us a fair chance to work with you. 

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