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How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Fitness App Like Strava?

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Feb 2024
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how much does it cost to develop a fitness app like strava
Strava is a popular fitness software noted for its impressive monitoring and community capabilities. As businesses consider creating fitness apps similar to Strava, it's critical to understand the costs associated with Strava app development.
When thinking of creating a fitness app similar to Strava, we need to look at the app's profitability as well as its level of success. For any size company or young startup, knowing how much it will Strava app development cost is essential to organizing a profitable debut into the fitness software market.

What Is Strava?

Since app launch in 2009, it has developed into a platform that integrates fitness tracking, social networking, and community building. All athletes, including cyclists, swimmers, and runners, have access to Strava.
Strava stands out for emphasizing friendly competition and camaraderie. You can develop a feeling of motivation and community by taking part in challenges, joining clubs, and following friends.
It's well known that Strava makes routine workouts enjoyable. By segmenting routes into competitive chunks, features like Strava segments motivate users to compete for the best timings and rankings.

Fitness Application Market Statistics

So, in 2023, the global fitness app market was worth about $1.54 billion. Now, experts think it's going to grow by roughly 17.7% each year from 2024 to 2030. You know, the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and everyone started locking down and keeping their distance.
With smartphones becoming a thing everywhere, fitness apps are booming. I mean, the Mobile Economy Asia Pacific 2020 report says that by 2025, about 3.0 billion people will be rocking mobile phones worldwide. More smartphones mean more folks wanting fitness apps – it's just the way things are going.

Key Features for Apps Like Strava

Let's explore some essential features for a running app like Strava.

1) Calorie Burned Tracking

Include a feature that helps users track the calories they burn during their activities. This not only adds to the app's usefulness but also boosts users' confidence in their fitness journey. You can go a step further by integrating features like sleep tracking for a comprehensive experience.

2) GPS Tracking

Include a strong GPS feature that shows users their routes, speeds, and details in real-time. This is essential, especially for activities covering long distances. Whether you're making the app for Android, iOS, or something else, make sure to have a reliable GPS tracking system.

3) Compatibility with Multiple Devices

Ensure that your app syncs seamlessly with various devices and fitness trackers. This compatibility adds significant value to your app. While developing apps like Strava, it's advisable to seek expertise from a mobile app development company to navigate the challenges in incorporating this feature.

4) Business Analytics

Give users detailed analytics to help them improve their workouts. Businesses can utilize this information to provide personalized recommendations, making the app more user-friendly. Analytics are vital for improving the app and keeping customers satisfied.

5) Versatile Activity Tracking

Allow users to track various activities beyond running, cycling, or the specific sports Strava focuses on. Incorporate features that monitor vital signs during workouts and provide users with insightful data. This versatility can cater to a broader audience and increase the app's success.

How to Develop an App Like Strava?

1) Understand the Market

Begin by researching the market to learn what users desire and how other apps are performing. Find distinctive features that will set your app apart and suit the needs of your target audience.

2) Decide on Features

Plan your app's features based on research. For example, if you're developing a healthcare app like Strava, consider incorporating GPS monitoring, social networking, challenges, and competitions. Clearly outline how your app will distinguish from others.

3) Choose the Right Technology Stack

Select the appropriate technology stack for your app, considering factors like scalability, performance, and development expertise. Strava, for instance, relies on GPS technology and mobile development frameworks.

4) Design User-Friendly Interface

Craft an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Pay attention to the design of workout tracking, social features, and other essential elements. Strava's success lies in its clean and user-centric design.

5) Integrate GPS Tracking and Analytics

Implement GPS tracking for accurate workout data and analytics. This is a critical feature for fitness apps like Strava, allowing users to monitor their performance and set new goals.

6) Incorporate Social Features

Create a social network within your app where users can connect with friends, join clubs, and take part in challenges. Social elements improve user engagement and motivation.

7) Testing and Iteration

Conduct rigorous testing to identify and fix any bugs or issues. Gather feedback from beta testing and make necessary improvements. Continuous iteration is essential to enhance user experience and ensure app stability.
By following these seven steps, you can lay a strong foundation for fitness app development similar to Strava. Keep user experience at the forefront and stay adaptable to market trends for sustained success.

Cost to Develop a Fitness App Like Strava

The features, complexity, and development location of an app that is similar to Strava may affect the development cost. The price of a feature-rich fitness app usually ranges from $100,000 to $300,000 or more, though this might change depending on the app's features, development site, and team expertise.
Speak with an experienced healthcare app development company for a more precise pricing estimate, particularly when building an app. They can provide you with more precise estimates that account for your needs and financial constraints in addition to useful project details.


Ultimately, the price of developing fitness software that is comparable to Strava will rely on its features, level of complexity, and development location. Having an experienced team for fitness app development helps understand the expenses and create a personalized approach for building a successful app that attracts users in the competitive fitness app world.
Knowing the cost to develop a fitness app like Strava is vital in the healthcare app development field. A skilled development team for fitness apps is crucial for understanding costs fully and creating a personalized plan to make a profitable app that effectively engages users in the ever-evolving fitness app industry.
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