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Everyone knows what is Apple TV but still let's start with a small introduction of this super gadget. Apple TV is an amazing product by Apple Inc., which is a third generation digital media player and a microconsole. It is a small and handy network appliance and a device which entertains everyone to the core. This device receives digital data and information from various sources and to play on the big screen it streams to a capable TV.
This Apple TV is kind of a set-top box which is connected to a high definition wide screened television through an HDMI cable to the TV's HDMI port. Everything is controlled by an Apple remote control or by a “RemoteApp on your iOS devices like the iPhone, iPad, iPod or Apple watch. Wifi plays a vital role when we talk about Apple TV . Because it receives digital content from iTunes store or iTunes Apps using AirPlay. You can also play your favorite shows directly from Netflix, iTunes Store, Youtube etc., So it is a great entertainer for everyone.
We, Hyperlink Infosystem is here to give you a complete guide for Apple TV . Below are some answers of some Frequently Asked Questions for this device.
1) How to set up your new Apple TV manually?
By following some easy steps you can set up your new Apple TV.
First, connect your Apple TV to the Television. Select the language you are comfortable with. Than you can select your wireless network from the options given. Enter the correct password of the same and submit it. Once you are connected to the Wifi, you will be asked whether you'd like to collect data in order to improve their products. You can now see the main screen and you can start using it as you want.
2) If any App I installed unexpectedly stops than what should I do?
For Example, your Facebook is not working. You can follow the below steps.
# Close your App and open it again. Or
# Turn your device off and restart it. Or
# Make sure that you are using the latest version of that App and if not than check for the available latest updates and update it there and then. Or
# Delete the app and download the same app again.
3) Are third party Apps are coming for Apple TV?
Apple has very much promised to launch SDK for third party apps for Apple TV. Earlier also Developers had installed SDK for testing purpose so that they can develop games and other apps as they are making for iPad, iPhone and iWatch. So Apple TV can be one of the gadgets for which developers are curious to build Apps.
4) Is there anything specific for windows users need to do or know before using Apple TV?
The Apple TV is specially designed for both Apple MAC and windows Operating System by utilizing iTunes. To use Apple TV by Windows users, they just have to meet the requirements for running Apple TV.
5) What channels do I get with Apple TV?
Technically, Apple TV doesn't have any TV channels. But rather there are content providers such as Apple, any iOS app which supports AirPlay, Netflix, Flickr, HBO, YouTube, Vevo, Vimeo etc., Through all of these you can anytime enjoy your favorite shows, games and much more using your Wifi.

6) How to check for software updates on Apple TV, Manually?
Go to the main menu and click on settings. Now click general. After that scroll down in the list and press the “Software Updates” option. Now click on update software. If there is any update available than you can install it and if not that they will show the message as “Your Apple TV is up to date” So these were some FAQs related to Apple TV. This device seems very promising. They have launched the updated version too with very innovative and improved features in it. We at Hyperlink Infosystem are very much ready to build third party apps for Apple TV. Feel free to contact us for your free quote.

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