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How Much Does It Cost To Create An E-commerce App Like Noon?


Dec 2022
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how much does it cost to create an e-commerce app like noon
In the swiftly growing global economy, eCommerce is developing as a critical component of corporate strategy and a potent driver of economic progress.
It may be advantageous for a variety of businesses, from start-ups to major brands to small and medium-sized businesses, to operate an online store where they may offer their own goods and services. These platforms allow customers to browse a large variety of goods, which is how successful e-commerce businesses expand.
Even though consumers increasingly conduct research and make purchases on the move using a range of displays, their favorite online shopping tool remains their smartphone. Mobile transactions are rapidly expanding, while PC usage is dropping.
However, the cost to the proprietors of producing such E-Commerce apps is considerable.
E-commerce apps like Noon are quite popular in the Middle East and the United Arab Emirates. Many tiny, regional e-commerce businesses serve customers worldwide.
Do you want to grow your business by utilizing a Noon clone program that has been customized to enter the e-commerce market? Learn what noon is and how much it would cost to develop an E-commerce app that is similar to the Noon app.

Noon - An Ecommerce App

The Noon e-commerce platform, valued at $1 billion, is acknowledged as the most popular online retailer worldwide, particularly in the United Arab Emirates. It has gained worldwide recognition for its flawless accessibility and very user-friendly user interface.
Noon's E-Commerce catalog includes goods in the categories of fashion, baby, sports, household, technology & gadgets, groceries, and other lifestyle items. Promoting such merchandise could be challenging if the app developers don't apply the finest app design and structure.
One of the most popular lifestyle and e-commerce apps in the UAE is Noon. The company offers services in several additional nations in addition to the UAE and offers free delivery options.
Its partnership with the top mobile app development company is not what sets this platform apart; rather, it is its purposeful and proactive focus on supply chain and back-end logistics solutions. Because Noon ensures on-time delivery, the bar for On-demand app development has been raised. If businesses want to learn how to create comparable apps, they must first understand how Noon works.

How Much Does It Cost To Create An E-commerce App Like Noon?

1) Register and Sign Up

Users must register before using the app. Users can access the app by logging in using their login credentials if they have already registered. Users may sign up for the app using their social network accounts and email addresses, and after the authentication process is over, they can log in. The user profile must then be created using the user data.

2) Home Page

The homepage of your app is the main feature that attracts users' attention after onboarding. The mobile app can have a home page with links to other social networking sites and search engines. Similar expenses can also be incurred while building a website; the cost ranges from $1000 to $2000.
Make sure it includes the information that your readers will find most intriguing to boost its impact. Because it receives a lot of traffic from many sources, the website must be interesting. You may, for example, advertise enticing deals, savings, or the most recent software upgrades.

3) Search Bar

You must also make it simple for clients to do product searches. The search feature is essential since customers can discover the item they're looking for fast by putting its name into the search area. You may include a potent voice search tool if the project's cost restrictions let it.
By using filters, users may look up goods by color, size, cost, and other characteristics. Searching may be categorized and tailored to each user's preferences. The price of these upgrades might range from $2K to $4K or more.

4) Product Details

Your app's throbbing heart is its product catalog. This is part of the app's content. A product catalog is necessary for an E-Commerce program. The most popular methods of categorizing products are clear photos, product descriptions, names, and prices. Work along with a photographic team to take care of these app development duties. You usually find great bargains.

5) Cart

After making their selections, customers may check out by adding the items they want to purchase to their shopping cart. Most e-commerce websites and apps have this option, allowing customers to add their chosen products to the basket. They must fill out their name, address, phone number, and payment method in order to proceed. They are not required to buy the merchandise immediately. When it becomes available, they can purchase it in more detail by using the best cash or transactional amount. The user's order will be executed after pressing the "order" button.

6) Ratings and Reviews

Users frequently provide ratings for the many products that are offered on e-commerce sites. The value of a particular product is easier for new customers to understand as a result of these product assessments and customer feedback. With the help of this feedback, other users will be able to learn more about the items and determine whether or not to buy them. The shortcomings of the items and the delivery service are open for user critique. Therefore, it is a crucial element.

7) Order Status & Tracking

Users want to track their order till it gets to where they are. They can contact the delivery executive depending on the live status in the case of a plan change or a personal matter. They assume that a live tracking feature would be available on an e-commerce app like Noon. Access to their order status and tracking data is made available through the app.


The e-commerce industry offers so many opportunities for development that now is the best moment to start your business and invest in a tool like Noon.com to support your expansion. Contacting an eCommerce app development company or an app developer's team with years of expertise working on e-Commerce projects is the simplest method to reduce such costs to a minimum. For improved collaboration, the team needs management and client-handling abilities.
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