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Ruby on Rails vs JavaScript: Which One Offers Better Scalability for Your Web Projects?

Web Development

Jun 2023
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ruby on rails vs javascript: which one offers better scalability for your web projects
Ruby on Rails vs JavaScript is the well-recognized framework and programming language for developing web applications. Many developers may be confused between Ruby on Rails vs JavaScript. Which one will be more convenient for using and developing web applications?
In this article, we will examine the differences between Ruby on Rails vs JavaScript. Our objective is to highlight two advanced technologies useful in developing web applications. We delve into all information including benefits, drawbacks, and use cases. We'll also examine numerous comparative metrics to see which is best.

Ruby on Rails: What Is It?

Ruby on Rails (RoR) is a Ruby language framework for server-side development of online and desktop applications. The Ruby framework can be used by a programmer since it is a kind of skeleton for website creation that gives some basic structure and optional elements that can be included and removed.
The Ruby on Rails framework is designed to be user-customizable, with a focus on portability, extensibility, simplicity, and productivity. Gems are libraries and modules of Ruby programmes produced in a standard format for installation and use as plug-and-play in the Ruby on Rails framework.
Ruby on Rails is a Ruby-based framework that is used to construct server-side web applications. The main reason Ruby on Rails is popular among developers is its fast app development pace and novel features such as seamless database table creations, migrations, and view scaffolding. Other useful features of Ruby on Rails include the CoC (Convention over configuration), DRY (don't repeat yourself), and active record pattern. Rails are especially useful when constructing large-scale apps.

JavaScript: What Is It?

JavaScript is a well-known programming language. JavaScript is a foundational technology of the World Wide Web. It is a necessary component of web apps used to create client-side websites. Furthermore, several web browsers execute JavaScript using a distinct JavaScript engine.
Why do people use JavaScript development services regularly, and why is its name well-known among technology enthusiasts? This is due to features such as curly bracket syntax, dynamic typing, prototype-based object orientation, and the first class of functions.
JavaScript is a dynamic, high-level, object-oriented programming language. It is compiled and executed using interpreters, which immediately execute JavaScript code without the overhead of an intermediate language. JavaScript is an interpreted language that may be run directly from a web browser without the need for a server. Most modern web browsers natively support JavaScript, allowing developers to use it as a programming language to construct applications or add interactivity to existing websites.
JavaScript is mostly utilized in web browsers and web-based applications. It is, however, also utilized for web servers, software, and embedded hardware controllers and has a relatively low learning curve. Many companies use JavaScript for front-end website development.

What Are the Benefits of Ruby on Rails?

  • Reasonable Cost

The open-source Ruby on Rails framework is completely free and operates on Linux. It's also simple to deal with from a developer standpoint. There are many gems (plugins) accessible, which can save a lot of developers time and effort, which is a huge advantage of Ruby. It is simple to construct and maintain a website without investing more money to ensure higher quality, performance, or scalability.
  • Easy to Manage Changes

The Ruby on Rails framework simplifies the process of modifying current code or adding new features to the site. Following the launch of your site, future improvements to your site (such as large changes to the data model) are straightforward and quick to make. This framework is best suited for long-term projects because of its stability and predictability.
  • Secure

Certain security features are built into the framework and enabled by default. Following the secure development lifecycle may be a difficult security assurance strategy when using Ruby on Rails. The rails community works hard to find and fix new vulnerabilities, and the framework is thoroughly documented both officially and unofficially.
  • Increase Productivity

The most remarkable aspect of RoR is that it is both short and expressive. And when the RoR development company combines it with the numerous accessible third-party libraries, it aids in the rapid creation of features. As a result, RoR is one of the most productive and simple programming languages for developers.
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The Downsides of Ruby on Rails

  • Lack of Adaptability

RoR is an opinionated framework that comes with a lot of hard dependencies and modules. To get the project started, your engineers should configure routing, database migrations, and other framework modules. These preset modules are useful if you want to build an app with some standard functionality, but they can backfire if you want to develop something unique. In this case, tailoring RoR to the needs of your product may be more difficult.
  • Runtime Performance and Speed

One of the most common criticisms levelled at RoR is its slow runtime speed, which makes scaling your RoR applications difficult. While other top environments and frameworks (Node.js or Django) are slightly quicker than RoR, performance constraints are unlikely to occur unless your application has a user base equivalent to that of Twitter.
In most circumstances, performance issues with your RoR application will be caused by the server or database architecture, as well as the skill of your engineering team, rather than by RoR itself. However, performance issues should not be overlooked. Twitter, for example, struggled to enhance RoR's performance, which had decreased as the social network grew in popularity.
  • Documentation

Finding trustworthy documentation can be challenging. Particularly for less popular, particularly arises that heavily rely on mixins. You'll notice that the test suite frequently serves as documentation, and you'll rely on it to understand behavior. This isn't always a bad thing because the test suite should represent the most recent version of the system. However, having to go into code when written documentation would have been much faster can be unpleasant.

What are the Benefits of JavaScript?

  • Popularity

JavaScript has grown in popularity among developers due to its ability to be utilized to create cross-platform applications, desktop web applications, and server-side development using Nodejs. It is one of the most popular and favored solutions among developers for creating various types of online apps.
  • Versatile

JavaScript is well-known among developers because it is a universally interpreted language that can be used to create many types of client-side and server-side web applications. JavaScript is considered adaptable because programmers can use top Javascript frameworks, tools, and libraries with it.
  • Reduced Server Load

JavaScript can execute client-side code directly in the web browser without returning data to the server. Because JavaScript is an interpreted language that validates data before committing it, this client-side code execution is conceivable. This feature decreases server load and makes the website or web application more scalable.

The Downsides of JavaScript

  • Security Constraint

Because the code on the web is always accessible to the client side, it is exposed and open to malicious activities, the risk of data breaches, and the threats of leaking sensitive information from the webpage.
  • Complex Debugging Process

Debugging in JavaScript is challenging because anything incorporated directly into a web browser makes debugging and problem-solving difficult. Furthermore, the number of tools and suites available is limited. Though the problem is getting smaller with time, there is still a long way to go.
  • Inconsistency in Browsers

It's more of a compatibility issue than a problem that needs to be evaluated and attempted over time. In some cases, JavaScript is read differently for web development from browser to browser and even between platforms or devices such as mobile phones or tablets. The user experience might have a detrimental impact on your company's reputation.

Difference Between Ruby on Rails and JavaScript

difference between ruby on rails and javascript

1) Coding Speed

When comparing coding speeds for Ruby on Rails vs JavaScript, we should keep the following in mind: Backend development is done with Ruby on Rails, while frontend development is done with JavaScript. Furthermore, Ruby on Rails, with its high development speed and code simplicity, employs cutting-edge IT tools. Ruby on Rails offers a large library that makes development easier and hence enhances the development process. Ruby on Rails developers can also tackle any problem in the best method possible.
JavaScript, on the other hand, has a somewhat modest development speed because of the language's additional functionalities such as event queues operators, grammar, and HTTP queries. JavaScript is asynchronous, allowing code to be executed at the same time. The main reason JavaScript is slower than Ruby on Rails is that there are no simple solutions to problems encountered by developers, and they must attempt all ways to find the best potential answer.

2) Security

When comparing the security of Ruby on Rails with JavaScript, you can state that Ruby on Rails is more secure than JavaScript. Ruby on Rails is an open-source framework that includes features to protect web applications from cyber-attacks. JavaScript is not very secure because it is easily infiltrated by cyber-attacks such as XSS assaults.

3) Community

To compare JavaScript vs Ruby on Rails in terms of community, you must first understand where each is used. Overall, you may conclude that JavaScript has a larger community because it is used to create nearly 95% of websites. Ruby on Rails has its community and is well-known on GitHub. Because JavaScript is older and more efficient than Ruby on Rails, it has a larger community.

4) Threading Support

On the one hand, Ruby on Rails can handle several jobs concurrently to some extent. However, utilizing the multi-threading functionality has a negative impact on the application's performance, resulting in a drop in the overall performance of complicated programs.
JavaScript, on the other hand, does not even support multi-threading. As a result, we may conclude that both JavaScript and Ruby on Rails do not explicitly enable multi-threading. However, there are a few techniques to implement Multi-threading in JavaScript, but they are less efficient than the one with true multi-threading capability.

5) Learning Curve

When comparing the learning curves of Ruby on Rails with JavaScript, keep in mind that while JavaScript has superior documentation, it is not immediately understandable by all developers. However, the Ruby on Rails framework is more user-friendly than JavaScript, and developers may readily understand the development process thanks to extensive documentation.
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Ruby on Rails and JavaScript: What are the Use Cases?

ruby on rails and javascript use cases

There are several use cases of Ruby on Rails vs JavaScript. Let’s see;

Use Cases of Ruby on Rails

The Ruby on Rails framework divides code and performs numerous functions, which makes it popular with startups and reputable businesses. There are millions of websites that use Ruby on Rails, and here are a few examples:
  • E-commerce Website Development
RoR includes several capabilities that are useful for online retailers that demand high-end web development as well as accounting and security technologies. Shopify and Groupon are using Ruby on Rails to develop e-commerce websites.
  • Development of Complex Software
The RoR Convention over Configuration approach for web development allows you to work with classic programming standards, simplifying the process and reducing errors. For example, GitHub and Zendesk. These companies utilize Ruby on Rails for software development.
  • Platforms for Entertainment
The business's rapid development and demand necessitate quick, high-quality coding, and RoR is an ideal alternative for this. Companies are drawn to the framework due to the availability of microservices and the ability to connect internal security systems. Ruby on Rails is useful for many entertainment platform development such as Netflix, Hulu, and more.

Use Cases of JavaScript

With its unique ability to function as both the backend and frontend for application development, developers can access a wide range of language-related applications. Let's have a look at some of the applications it can serve:
  • Web-based Applications

React is an open-source front-end JavaScript toolkit that is commonly used to create webpages and other UI elements. Netflix and PayPal utilize the development application.
  • Game Development

JavaScript and HTML5 aid developers by allowing them to simply create web-based games. The Easel package in JavaScript contains the rich graphics required for a high-quality game.
Minecraft,  HexGL, and more companies use JavaScript.
  • Mobile Application Development
JavaScript codes in smartphone mobile apps enable developers to run basic client-side functionality. Many people use this language because of its robust front-end platform and offline support. Many companies use JavaScript including Tinder, QRReader, Google Earth, and Uber.

The Cost of Hire Ruby on Rails Developers vs JavaScript Developers

Both of these languages have a significant development cost. As a result, the employment cost is unavoidably increased. According to market standards and research, the cost to employ a Ruby on Rails developer ranges from $25/hr to $80/hr, whereas the cost to hire a JavaScript Developer ranges from $25-100$, and this is not the final cost; it can increase depending on the developer's expertise and skill set.

Final Words

We hope this article has helped you better understand the distinctions between the two technologies. Using Ruby on Rails for the backend and JavaScript, you can construct strong and performant software.
Ruby on Rails is superior for backend development whereas JavaScript is superior for frontend development when it comes to web app development. Hire Ruby on Rails developers who can deliver a completely functional web project if you need a backend web application.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Hiring a top web app development company can provide several benefits for your business. Top web app development businesses often have an experienced and dedicated team of expert developers who are knowledgeable in a range of frameworks and technologies. There is a streamlined development procedure in place at web app development businesses. They have expertise in effectively managing projects, which helps to save time and money.

Both JavaScript and Ruby on Rails are capable of horizontal scaling, which entails introducing new servers or instances to manage growing traffic. Ruby on Rails offers technologies that enable horizontal scaling, including load balancers, caching systems, and database sharding. In particular, when used in conjunction with tools like Docker and Kubernetes, which enable effective resource distribution across numerous instances and containerization, JavaScript may scale horizontally.

The best web app development companies frequently have a skilled and committed team of developers who are proficient in a variety of frameworks and technologies. Web app development companies have a streamlined development process in place. Hyperlink InfoSystem is a company believer in open communication with customers. They communicate progress reports, offer regular project updates, and respond quickly to client questions.

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