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Something Is Off About Your App. How Can You Fix It?

App Development

Jan 2022
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something is off about your app. how can you fix it
Alright, so you’ve read our older articles and you have finally decided that you want to create an app for yourself.
It’s no surprise that apps are ruling our lives today and if you’re able to make even a small dent in the market then a huge fortune will be yours.
More power to you, my friend! Glory and money and a ton of hard work await you in near future. Oh yes, I am not lying. Hard work is definitely going to be there. Be ready for sleepless nights and extra work for your app if you don’t do these things that we mention in this article.
The real question is, how can you make your app the best performance mobile app?
Listen, I get it. App development can take a lot of time. But would you rather work on these problems after you get bad reviews? No right? So, get your notebook, start taking some notes, and let’s tackle the monster that is app development together as a team!

a) Is Your App Safe? No, Like “Really” Safe?

Do you have enough funds for a courtroom battle? Why I am telling you this is because we live in an era, where lawsuits are filed left and right regarding the sensitive issue of privacy.
So, you got to have enough dough.
And as security issues are ongoing processes, keeping an app safe is the most difficult part of app development. Great, we are starting off with the worst of the bunch.
As a developer, you need to make sure that your app is safe from bugs and malware. Be sure to keep the server communicating with the app in the clear by encryption. This can help you solve some of the security issues that you might face in the future.
There are many tactics and strategies that you can use, including
  • Database encryption via a VPN.
  • Symmetric -Cryptography which includes hard-coded keys.
  • Using Cyphered Local Storage Plugin to encrypt your local data.
And then there is the talk of hackers. The bane of humans.
You need to make sure that your app cannot be broken down. This way you can protect your app from being reverse-engineered and safe from hackers. Create codes that can confuse a potential hacker. But yes, this can act as Damocles’ sword as in the future, if you need to change the app then it will pose problems.
This is just one part of creating an app though. If you want to make the best performance mobile app then there is a lot more to do.
And always, always make sure to test the product or app before launching it.

b:) Is Your App Device Compatible?

Here’s a trick question, do you know what was the android aspect screen ratio ten years ago? How about 5 years ago?
Is your app compatible with the latest model and its looks? Have you noticed the changes in phones that are taking place right now in front of us all?
You have to make sure that your app is responsive to all the changes I have just mentioned. And for the record, the android screen had a 16:9 aspect ratio before. Right now, it’s about 20:9 As an app developer, you need to be aware of all the industry trends that are happening or that might happen in the future.
This will allow you to create your app in a flexible way that won’t make you feel like sacrificing a lamb when it’s time to update it. Now we are going somewhere on your journey of creating the best performance mobile app.
Creating an app like that can improve your user experience and give you better reviews online. In fact, user experience can be one of the most critical parts of app development. Look at most of the apps and their reviews. If it’s bad, then it’s almost always about the user experience.
Do you what that means? If your app provides even decent UX, then it will automatically be considered amazing. You will dominate your competition by simply keeping things simple!
Be sure to focus on UX during the planning phase itself.

c:) What Is Your Target Audience? Seriously

“What does it mean by the target audience?”
“It means a group of people that are most likely to buy your product based on certain characteristics.”
“Yes, but what does it mean…exactly?”
“It means a group of people that are most likely to buy your product based on certain characteristics”
“Yes, but what does it mean exactly?”
And the cycle repeats itself till infinity.
Here’s the thing, no one cares about your product. For you to make other people care about your product, you need to connect with the people. And in order to do that, you need to see what are the values on which people buy what they buy.
But here’s the thing, as people are different from each other for many reasons including age, region, gender, education level, etc, you can never create a product that will attract everyone from the get-go.
Did you know, 80% to 90% of users abandon their apps after the first go because they don’t connect with what they see
These are all the things you must research and workaround if you want your app to make a difference.

d:) What About Platform Compatibility?

Earlier we discussed device compatibility. Now we need to make sure our app is also flexible enough to be used on different platforms.
A lot of MMORPG games fit neatly in this criterion. If you can work around this, then you can create the “almost best performing mobile app.
Is your target audience mainly iOS users or Android users?
Different platforms require different processes and languages. This is why here too the demographic target audience check can work.


There is no doubt that in the era of updates, the app rules supreme. Sure app development can take a lot of work, but remember, if you face any challenges then that is not the end of the world.
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