Top 5 Gains Every Startups Should Know Before Beginning up With Andorid App Development

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Google states that there are 1.5B+ active Android users globally, downloading 2 billion apps every month. Now You can assume what market scope you are losing out if you have not jumped into the Android market. Android is a huge market giving us great opportunity to get in touch with millions of worldwide users in a single go. With the great app, you can gradually increase and sum up huge revenue to your business. Your opponents either already possess their own Android app, or have hired trustworthy Android Application Development Company to build a serene and bug free app for their business. Here is the list of top 5 advantages that startups can get by building an application with the help of Android app services.

Benefit #1: Vast Market

Android users figures exceed than a billion and daily millions of applications are being installed by the users. Your application can be one of those installations if you go with android application. With the application, you can touch base those worldwide users and can sell or market your services as well as products that adds more in your income. Your application idea can be one of those innovative and multimillioner ideas.

2) Benefit #2: Low Barrier to Entry

Understanding that startups consist of bounded capital, Android proposes less entry hurdles. Payment for the license is quite nominal. What you need to do is get your app developed, tested and deployed inside the App store. If your application is smooth then it satisfies the client requirements. So, just do not worry! Relax and earn dollars!

3) Benefit #3: Ideal Platform for Companies New To Mobile

Android apps are coded in Java using powerful set of libraries. In the mobile application development market, you will be able to hire android developer at affordable rates. Hence, its the best time to expand your business at affordable rates.

4) Benefit #4: Diverse Distribution Channels

Android mobile apps can be distributed amongst various channels. As per your set of proiorities and preferences, you are able to use N-number of third party Google Play Store, app stores and are also capable of creating your own distribution channel.

5) Benefit #5: Open and Free Platform

Android platform provides you with the best platform for inter-app and inter-process architectures. Moreover, the architecture of the Android SDK is open-source and makes it easy for you to watch upcoming releases – that offers better powers for developers.

So hope that now you understood the importance of andorid app development and will begin with the development. Hyperlink Infosystem is one of the best app development companies that have finet android developers that crafts your app idea into reality. Contact us now to develop your app.


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