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Why Do You Need To Build A Customized App For Apple iWatch?

 How Can You Transform The Way Of Communication With Apple iWatch?

Apple iWatch is the most talked devices available in the market right now. The device integrates fitness tracking and health-oriented abilities as well as collaboration with iOS and other products of Apple. This device is available in three collections. 1) Apple Watch 2) Apple sports watch 3) Apple watch edition. As we all know that Apple watch is a device which is connected wirelessly to your iPhone to perform many of the functions. It is compatible with iPhone 5 and later versions only with the use of Bluetooth and WiFi.
There are several default Apple Apps are there and all of them are developed by Apple itself. An Apple WatchKit is a software framework with the iOS Software Development Kit which permits third-party developers to build WatchKit Apps for the Apple iWatch.

Apple Watch and it's paired iPhone
An Apple watch needs the presence of an iPhone to run third party Apps. To build Third-party apps a developer will need to separate sets: A WatchKit App (runs on Apple Watch) & A WatchKit Extension (run on paired iPhone) When you decide to launch your App on Apple Watch, the WatchKit Extension on your iPhone runs in the background to upgrade the user interface and be responsive to user interactions. There are total three opportunities that WatchKit provides to extend your iPhone app to Apple Watch. 1) WatchKit Apps 2) Glances 3) Actionable Notifications
1) WatchKit Apps 
WatchKit App provides the full user interface and allows the developer the develop Apps for Apple Watch. Users can easily launch, control and interact with your Applications. Your Watchkit Apps and Watchkit Extension work in the cycle to execute your app's interface. WatchKIt App gives the pathway to view and manipulating or interact with the data. 
2) Glances 
When the user connects with your app on Apple watch, your WatchKit App selects the appropriate scenes through your storyboards to manage that interaction and with the collaboration between WatchKit Apps and WatchKit extension that scene can be scene on Apple Watch and that is also called watch glance where all the interaction are done. You can serve your users with quick read only timely information – a rapid and light view of your App. A Glance is a nonscrolling screen so the information or the data should be fit on a single screen.
3) Actionable Notifications
Actionable Notifications can be provided to users to take action on the same from time to time bases. If iOS app supports notification, Apple watch will show it on your wrist at an appropriate time. First, the watch will show the shortened version of the notification and when a user wants to have a full look, he/she can tap on the screen or if not then can dismiss the same.
Apple has recently launched the new update 1.01 and watchOS2. Apple watch just became so very interesting device with the new announcement of a real & true native App SDK. There are so many exciting improvements have been hoped with the arrival of native app SDK by the iWatch App Developers.
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