Google Saves Half Of Your Time Survey By Top App Development Company Hyperlink Infosystem

Google Saves Half Of Your Time Survey By Top  App Development Company Hyperlink Infosystem


At Hyperlink Infosystem, we conducted a campaign globally and outcome with the startling result that Google is one the best and top search engine that saves half of our time. Undoubtedly, Google is one of the uncontested winners which is sequenced by Yahoo and Bing. If anything goes wrong or if people are questioned with any queries, the one voice amongst the crowd would be “ Google it!”. This popularity it has gained over years where people are becoming the slave of it. From morning till the bed we analyzed that Google is the word that people might come across multiple times.



The survey was advised by digital marketing team of app developers from India Hyperlink Infosystem which includes various questions, activities, contest and MCQ's. According to the survey statistics, we concluded that 95% of the global population considers Google as time saver while the rest 5% population fails to consider Google as a time saver. The details of the campaign insight us with below facts and points:

• Google returns the huge amount of results when we are searching for a particular search query.

• Google tends to select the best possible links that closely matches your search query and positions the most relevant one on the top in less than a second.

• Searching nearby restaurant, booking movie tickets, finding and navigating to unknown places, getting latest news updates, instant messaging, Email, developing presentations and professional documents all these has become easy and on the tap with Google tools.

On this Occasion, CEO of Hyperlink Infosystem Mr.Harnil Oza Says: “Google – The word itself is a brand. It has made its presence omnipresent and leverages us with everything that hardly any search engine can offer us.

As the Google is the invention that has made people dependent on it, let's watch out how its upcoming algorithms and upgradations reshape the future of the world.


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