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The App Store experienced a record setting year and there are no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Forecasts predict that mobile apps will gross over $160 billion this year and app developers and top app development companies are experiencing all of the benefits of this rapid growth

Gaming is indeed the most popular category of mobile app development across all devices and demographics. In fact, it is the number one usage of mobile phones that has taken the app industry by storm. All over the world, people spend at least 40 percent of their time playing games. As it seems, the gaming industry is still making significant returns in revenue. 

Basically, mobile apps are designed to be employed in mobile operating systems which are mainly designed for portable devices like smartphones and tablets. Expectedly, thorough planning is highly required to effectively organized projects and keep them on schedule with their development projects, as is the case with traditional PC and server application development.

Except you are an N.G.O or a government agency, you sure want to and should be making money directly or indirectly from your mobile application. As easy as everyone make mobile app building sou

Mobile technology and app development have changed the way marketing is done. In days gone by, marketing to customers used to be done via newspapers, magazines, classified columns, cold calling, and door-to-door marketing. While these methods haven’t become altogether obsolete there are more sophisticated ways of doing things today. 

Google data as at 2016 estimates smartphone users to be around two billion, with the number increasing rapidly by the day. Mobile applications are the main base of all the basic and complex functionalities of the smartphone. From tasks as easy as typing using 'Notepad' apps to tasks as complex as making a video call across the world, mobile apps have undoubtedly evolved the dynamics o

There are two classes of apps most business enterprises develop, the first being apps dedicated for internal use (i.e., employee-facing apps), the second class of apps are dedicated to the customers (i.e., customer-facing apps). In building applications in both categories, there are certain similar and unique challenges. This article focuses on the most evident barriers faced by organizations

To put it in the simplest form, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the intelligence being exhibited by inanimate objects. It is when inanimate objects mimic the cognitive functions of living creatures. This artificial intelligence allows machines to take decisions on their own. It makes them func

Of late, the number of people considering tablets and smartphones as their computer of choice has been on the increasing side. As a result, app developers are left with no other choice but to grapple with a whole new outlook particularly those who are used to PC-sized apps. While some developers are still trying to get along with the program, it is good to know that many have already made the

Privacy is an important factor that needs to be respected as far as human interaction is involved. App developers have tried as much as they can to protect our data so as not to betray the trust of users, for any reason whatsoever.   Apple, for instance, has created

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