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To make your app successful, it is essential for developers to follow best app development practices. An app is an experience that you provide to your users. A good mobile experience will result in loyal customer base for your app while a bad experience will undoubtedly degrade your retention and engagement rate. So, every time a user chooses to engage with your app, make sure your app provides the best user exp

Today, almost every industry, entrepreneurs, and newcomers are experiencing an amazing period of time as far as mobile app development is concerned. The increasing popularity of smartphone devices and its dominance over the technology market has benefitted those who invested a huge amount of their time and resources in mobile app development. The benefits can be noticed in the form of high profitable return that business gains from the app

Today, the majority users are engaged with their smartphone for some or the other activity. The mobile app offers an incredible chance to various brands and entrepreneurs to get connected to customers. A mobile app is the best channel to boost brands and drive more ROI for the business. However, many apps fail and especially the most reputed ones. Most of the applications are developed while keeping users in min

Mobile technology and the worlds of Android App Development and iPhone App Development are progressing at a pace that is almost too rapid to be fathomed by the average observer. App developers are now left to consider the important of mobile security, as increased connectivity comes with an increa

Over the years, mobile app marketing has grown and continues to do so. Today, many business marketers interact with audiences in extraordinary ways, incredible features, support, and distribution. A recent study revealed that over 80% of marketers consider mobile apps a vital tool to their content marketing strategy. What's more, an even higher percentage of consumers spend more of their time on the mobile a

App developers should be aware of the fact that there is a point in time during the life of an app that it is ready to get scaled up. How can a mobile app development company know when it gets to the right moment? How can they tell it is time to invest money in their app to take it to the next level? App development involves crea

The average American in 2016 made less than $50,000 in all of last year. Most of these people have regular expenses. These expenses are necessities for life and keeping a job. Rent or mortgage, food, clothing, water, electricity, gas, phone payments, car payments and maintenance, student loans, medical co-pays and their subsequent bills are required expenses for most working people in America. O

The dream of having devices that help us in intellectual ways in the palms of our hands and small enough to take with us has long ago come to fruition. We are to the point where we no longer discuss the structure of the hardware. We are more interested in what they will and will not do for us as we travel. This is of great importance. American people do not care if the apps they use have Indian

Today, around 90% time of the consumers is spent in accessing mobile applications. The speed at which mobile app market is exploding its wings pushed Indian app developers to implement a more iterative approach to mobile app development. As mobile app development process differs from that of a website, developers need to call in mind screen size, OS, device type during designing and testing stage. Traditional we

With the world adopting mobile first hymn, it has become inevitable for mobile app developers to make every efforts to highlight their apps. Earlier, Indian app developers were focusing on developing best quality apps. But, the current app market is so competitive that inclusion of marketing strategies to improve app retention rate has become mandatory. Just developing an app idea, creating some social accounts

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