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The use of mobile devices continues to grow: there are more mobile devices connected to the Internet like smartphones and tablets than there are people on earth. The rate of use of mobile applications is also growing and is completely dominated by the use of mobile Internet. Burst reports that mobile applications accounted for 86 percent of the average user's mobile time users, which is m

With the high rate of technological development over the years, different app stores have been created. But it is important to note that each of these application stores has its own stringent quality requirements outlining what is acceptable or rejected in their app store.  

The rate of technological development has lead to massive growth in the number of app business startups. In fact not since the dot-com era has there been so many tech startups as is the case in the last few years. App development companies are sprouting up every day. The rise of mobile app technologies and innovations like cloud computing to name a few have lead to this recent round of techno

Android app development involves more than just code-generating. Very few people know the amount of work that is put into developing and updating Android apps. One good thing about app developers India is the many technical skills they possess that ar

In recent times when app development has taken over many industries, a lot of companies have felt the need to use apps for their enterprises. As nobody wants to be left in the dark, keeping customers well-informed of new products or features has become more than a trend. This is a trend that is here to stay.  

Both Android app development and iPhone app development have come a long way. With much gratitude to app developers, formerly cumbersome tasks have been made less stressful, with the time for carrying them out cut down by half or more. It has been proven that with the use of apps for mobility enterprises, productivity increases and returns double.

The impact of mobile apps on businesses is becoming wider and wider. Sometimes one may wonder how people were able to live or do business without mobile apps years ago. Right now, any retailer who is yet to have his mobile app is already losing a lot of customers.   

As an app developer, you want to create an app which would not only give users a great experience but would fetch you money also. With the rise in Android app development and iPhone app development, a l

The insatiable desire to save time and money and to effectively organize daily routines has triggered a lot of technological advancement. Having to do house chores daily could be herculean and an unpleasant task for some people. Grocery shopping simply worsens the situation.   

Mobile applications have numerous impacts in human lives and these impacts are becoming more numerous. There is virtually no part of human lives that mobile applications technology has not touched. The app development world is becoming bigger and more app developers are emerging every day. There is one funny trend in the app development world. The more app developers emerge the higher the dem

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