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Building a career in UI/UX design can be frustrating. This is because many people erroneously think that User Interface and User Experience are the same concepts. Although these two are closely related, they are quite distinct fields. For instance, a top-notch UI designer may have a hard time understanding UX design, the same way a UX designer would with photoshop or sketch. 

It is a common fact that starting a business of any kind can be difficult. What most people fail to realize is that growing and expanding on that business is even twice as hard. Considering how saturated the market is, it is important that you learn how to expand your web development company effectively.   

Creating a mobile app with a set of amazing features is one thing: making your mobile app stand out of millions is something entirely different. This is why you need to do everything you can to make your app flawless and satisfactory. This means

No other group understands the importance of email marketing and the vital role it plays in elevating a business than web and app developers in India. So, in a way to remain on top of the game and to stay updated, the ever-changing Webmaster guidelines provided by Google must b

WordPress is a free content management system (CMS) with open source software. WordPress is installed and used on a web server, which is part of the Internet hosting service or a network host. The first case may be, for example, such as, and the s

Smartphones and tablets are becoming more popular - a fact that is still alive on IT giants, such as Google and Facebook, who currently prefer sites and pages that support different mobile design for flexibility and convenience. But app development companies have to pay attention to new platforms that work wel

In every app development project, prototyping is essential. It is a vital aspect of app development. This stage is used to determine the direction of the software. Irrespective of how important it is, most businesses still make the mistake of releasing products to the market without, first, releas

In today's world of technology, you must have a thriving business application for the growing business. Smartphones are the most commonly used devices, both for personal and professional use. The two main platforms that run smartphone is Android and iOS. Often, the business owner faces a dilemma when choosing a platform for enterprise application development. One needs to consider Android, iOS and their advantages, b

Due to the advent of mobile strategy for business, the usage of desktop and laptop has been on the decline. This has also gone further to increase the demand of mobile app development companies. The growing craze of mobility is no doubt, transforming the way people communicate and do business.   

Your website design, like your logo, is one of the first representation of your business. To be more specific, your website is the online representation of your business. These days, a prospect is most likely to ask to see your website before anything else. An

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