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Of late, the number of people considering tablets and smartphones as their computer of choice has been on the increasing side. As a result, app developers are left with no other choice but to grapple with a whole new outlook particularly those who are used to PC-sized apps. While some developers are still trying to get along with the program, it is good to know that many have already made the

Privacy is an important factor that needs to be respected as far as human interaction is involved. App developers have tried as much as they can to protect our data so as not to betray the trust of users, for any reason whatsoever.   Apple, for instance, has created

The use of mobile devices – smartphones and tablets – is increasingly growing among consumers almost everywhere in the world. For everything from fitness, health, and utilities to gaming and commerce, the market is experiencing a thorough re-transformation

App building is no longer the complicated science that it used to be. Thanks to free courses you too can learn how to build your own apps today. Or better yet, outsource your app development to app developers around the world.    Many people, especially busines

It is common knowledge that technology is constantly evolving. App development companies have upped the ante in android app development. In May 2016 at the Google’s I/O, it was disclosed that Android Instant apps have found their way back into

Yes! You have put in endless resources into creating that killer app. It took you a lot to bring together great app developers and designers to bring your app ideas into reality. All this you did after you had painstakingly undertaken studies and made decisions on what niche you want to develop.   

Mobile technology has improved the way business is done in many ways. The most popular and beneficial application of mobile technology is mobile app. Mobile apps have numerous advantages and that is why Indian app developers are highly sought after all over the world right now. Advanta

There seems to be a rapid evolution and expansion taking place right now in the field of mobile health application usage. In the past, much of the work done in this field was focused on assisting clinicians in the care of patients with chronic illness or disease

Mobile app developers have grossly changed the course of living. The need for the mobility of information cannot be talked down on, and have now been integrated into our lives eventually.    The last decade has brought about a stiff competition amongst

Technology has taken over every sector. Technology advancement comes with more and more convenience and that is why everybody embraces any one that comes. Several decades ago, all you needed to sell your products and services was a physical store. All the best retail outlets all operated on the physical terrain. People ordered either by going to the store physically or by making an order thro

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