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Know why you should prefer a proper backend as a service- BaaS & move for perfect BaaS

06 Apr 2016    Author :     Jalja Mehta

Every top app development companies must concentrate to choosing an proper backend as a service -BaaS. Read by to make your next great move for selecting the right BaaS.   Just like any other software app, Mobile Applications do require an effective area to store all the data and information at one point.   Also developing ask-after mobile applications, the industry inclines towards finding the proper Cloud services for having the data reliable at the back end. ..

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Want to make a powerful Enterprise Mobile App: Know the cost behind the whole enterprise mobile app development

05 Apr 2016    Author :     Nirali Shah

 Mobility comes in all forms and frames. The “frames of mobility ” is referred as the schema of a mobile app. Hence, the call for enterprise flexibility application has grown to never-before seen success. And at this level of the play, you can ensure that your business requires several types of mobile apps to keep up with the changing time in the market.   Though finding right developer that does it development using appropriate tools it is also equally import..

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To select an effective e-commerce platform is an essential decision: Know "Magento" VS "WooCommerce"- What is advanced!

05 Apr 2016    Author :     Gayatri Patel

There are several options, Magento and WooCommerce are on the head of the list.   Let’s know better about these popular e-Commerce Softwares. ECommerce includes a huge market now and has been developing new trends every day.   Though online businesses manage various reviews of their websites to get them better for users and visitors, an essential thing under consideration is taking a higher performance platform for best-in-class purchasing cart system, conten..

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Know Some of the Best Testing Strategies that will boost up your mobile app performance

04 Apr 2016    Author :     Khyati Shah

 The gradual increase in espousal of mobiles , ipad, tablet and other mobile accessories has oil-fired the growth of mobile app development India in current few years. Mobile has become on of the basic medium of interaction with customers and big gang of business and development of mobile apps drive big role to make this interaction a possibility.       To a greater extent , development of mobile apps is one of the greatest boon to the human civiliz..

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PHP 5 is being Popped out by PHP7 : Know the perks earned that switched php5 with php7

04 Apr 2016    Author :     Harnil Oza

 PHP 7 is one of the most major updations being spotlighted in the world of web development .you can also consider it as an renewed version of php. This major update highly focus on improvement of speed, uniformity and should be performance-oriented.   Though php5 is fortuned with some newcomer features but in that case php7 cannot be overlooked and to be precise by the entrepreneurs for their growth. PHP development has its long journey to go in future. So, if you are in se..

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Develop awesome logistics mobile app: Know Some of the outstanding features & model of the application to be developed

03 Apr 2016    Author :     Khyati Shah

We know that we want the mainstream and that our opponents are quickly outpacing us mainly on the ground of technology.   This is one of the most repeated factors which makes the idea of investigating to a possible mobile application for logistics to boost the common OS every transportation and logistics company usually execute.   The perception gives by an IDC report saying that the current adoption rate of Enterprise app stores is only 30% more highlights this fac..

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Tizen is on its way for Development :Know how you can develop the best "smartwatch" apps with the use of "Tizen"

02 Apr 2016    Author :     Harnil Oza

Becoming a smart watch app developers is an excellent idea, but what if you are an HTML developer! Will you be ready to understand your vision without changing to a totally unique platform!   Do you have to leave all of your HTML experiences and begin all over again? Do not worry. Tizen becomes to your performance. Tizen is an OS of the Linux line, marking a chain of devices from smartphones to the smart watch and many more.   Though Tizen is a project in the Linux..

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Know the Reasons Why mobile business applications break down and How to make your application a big venture of success

01 Apr 2016    Author :     Nirali Shah

Yes, the data discovered is scary: In Accordance to the study of 2015 45% of the mobile app bugs are not highlighted by developers but they are being highlighted by the end users using those business applications.           According to the bold verdict of the Gartner an approx of 250 billion mobile applications are expected to be downloaded in users smartphone by the termination of the year 2018 and of-course, you are looking around large..

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Android Wear VS Apple Watch: Trending to begin as a "Killer" element for Your Wrist!!!

31 Mar 2016    Author :     Gayatri Patel

Technology has actually reached our hands now; wearable technology is quickly beginning to be placed at the latest big thing in the market. We have seen health trackers growing high and gaining a lot of demand, following other accessories and starting place for smart jewellery though the large brands are all watching upon this technical trend.     Smartwatches are more becoming the hottest trend all over the globe though they are absolutely becoming fashionable and ..

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Are you in Surge To do Transaction ? Then Learn How to Integrate Brain tree “An Payment Gateway API “ into our Swift Application Development

30 Mar 2016    Author :     Harnil Oza

Nowadays , In the world encircling with mobility and Smartphones all around us Performing transactions are the standard and the significant aspects any websites or the mobile application could think off. Probably almost each and every websites are affiliated with one or the other payment options in order to make feel to the customer rich user Experience.           As We can see the 80% Online trend is being channelized with E-commerce W..

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